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9-5. Wiring of Variable Speed Control Switch

Insert each cord into the terminal 1 and terminal 2 of the speed control switch as shown in Fig. 14 and tighten the screw [tightening torque: 0.6 0.2 N

• m (6 2 kg

• cm)]. Insert each lead wire (black) coming from plug (B) into the terminals M1 and M2. Insert each lead wire (black) coming from the noise suppressor into the terminals C1 and C2. After insertion, pull each lead wire slightly to check the lead wires do not come off. To disconnect the lead wires, insert a small flatblade screwdriver into the slots near the terminals and pull out the lead wires

(Fig. 14).

Cord (black or brown)

Cord (white or blue)

Noise suppressor (black)

Plug (B) (black)

Noise suppressor (black)

Plug (B) (black)

Fig. 14

9-6. Insulation Tests

On completion of reassembly after repair, measure the insulation resistance and conduct the dielectric strength test.

Insulation resistance: 7M

or more with DC 500 V Megohm Tester

Dielectric strength : AC 4,000 V/1 minute, with no abnormalities 220 V - 240 V (and 110 V for U.K. products)

AC 2,500 V/1 minute, with no abnormalities 110 V - 120 V (except U.K. products)

9-7. No-load Current Values

After no-load operation for 30 minutes, the no-load current value should be as follows:

Voltage (V)


120 220 230 240

Current (A) Max.






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