5. For Best Reception

5. For Best Reception

3. Before Use

Check the movement of the second hand

The second hand is moving at 1-second intervals.

The second hand is moving at 2-second intervals.

Button (A)

OK: Reception successful

RX: Receiving

NO: Signal reception failed

Charge the watch sufficiently by placing it in direct sunlight as indicated in “Guide to

Charging Time”

(p. 40).


Check the reception status by pressing lower right button (A).

The second hand indicates a reception status of OK

The second hand indicates a reception status of NO

The second hand is moving at 1-second intervals.

Your watch is correctly receiving the standard time radio wave.

It is ready to use.

Refer to “On Demand

Reception” (p. 18) to perform the radio wave reception.


[Checking the Reference Position]

Before using the watch, check that the hands are aligned with “0”, similar to when setting weighing scales


The reference position may become misaligned when the watch is exposed to strong magnetism, static electricity or impacts.

Even if radio waves are received, the correct time will not be indicated unless the watch hands are aligned to the correct reference position. Check that the hands are properly aligned with “0”.

Examples of magnetic products that can affect the watch.

• Health products (for example, medical necklaces and waist bands that have magnetic fields)

• Refrigerators (magnetic part of the door)

• Electromagnetic cookers

• Bags (with magnet fasteners)

• Mobile phones (speaker part)

Keep the watch away from items similar to those above.


Correct reference position


Button (B)

Crown i

Check that the reference position aligns correctly in the 12:00:00 position.

1. With the crown in the normal position, press the upper right button (B) continuously for about 5 seconds.

2. Release the upper right button (B) when the second hand begins to move.

The hands will move rapidly, stopping at the reference position recorded in the watch memory.

Check the reference position

Reference position is correct


The hands are aligned with the 12:00:00 position.

Press the upper right button (B), or leave the watch for 2 minutes, and the hands will return to their normal movement.

Reference position is incorrect


The hands are not aligned with the 12:00:00 position.

Pull out the crown and correct the reference position. (p. 30)


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