5. For Best Reception

5. For Best Reception

7. Receiving the Radio Signals

Automatic Reception


Place the watch in a stable location near a window where the radio signal can be easily received with the 9:00 position pointing towards the transmitter. The watch will receive the radio signals at 3 a.m. every day. If a signal cannot be received at 3 a.m., it will try again automatically at 4 a.m.

On Demand Reception

(Manual Reception)

Signals can be received at any time.

Use this function when automatic reception is impossible due to changes in the reception environment.

(Depending on the weather or noise conditions, reception can take up to 15 minutes.)

1. Remove the watch from your wrist and place on a stable surface near a window where the radio signal can be easily received, pointing the 9:00 position in the direction of the radio signal transmitter.


Button (A)

2. Press the lower right button (A) for more than 2 seconds and release it when the second hand stops at the RX position.

3. When reception is complete, the second hand will leave the

RX position and return to normal movement.

Referring to “Confirming the Reception Status” (p. 20), check the reception status.

The second hand stops at the RX position.

Recovery Automatic Reception


If the watch stops due to insufficient charging, expose the watch to sunlight to recharge it. When the watch is recharged sufficiently, it will automatically receive the radio wave once. Please remember to keep the watch charged to prevent this situation from occurring.


If the lower right button (A) is pressed for more than 2 seconds during reception, the reception will be cancelled and the hands will return to their normal movement.


Confirming the Reception Status


The reception status (reception successful or failure) can be confirmed.

1. Press the lower right button (A). The second hand will stop at the OK or NO position indicating the last reception status.


Do not press the lower right button (A) for more than 2 seconds. If you do this, the second hand will move to the RX position and on demand reception will begin.


OK indication

Reception was successful.

The watch has been set to the correct time.

* If reception was successful, but the time is not correct, refer to “Checking the Reference

Position” (p. 12), and “Correcting the Reference

Position” (p. 30).



NO indication

Unable to receive a signal.

Retry reception, either on demand reception or automatic reception.

2. Press the lower right button (A). The hands will return to their normal movement.

If the watch is left, the hands will return to their normal movement after 10 seconds.

<Even if the radio wave is received correctly, there could be a slight deviance from the correct time due to factors such as the radio wave reception environment and internal watch processing.>


Reception Area Guidelines

This watch can receive the standard time signal broadcast from Germany.

The map shows the approximate reception area. Suitable reception areas may vary according to changes in conditions for the signal due to factors including time, season and weather.

The reception area on the map is only guideline, and it may be difficult to receive the radio signal even within the areas indicated on the map.

Standard time radio signal


Radio signal transmitter

Mainflingen Transmitter, Southeast Frankfurt

The standard time radio wave this watch uses is broadcast almost continuously 24-hours a day, but may occasionally be interrupted for maintenance.

Even if reception of the standard time radio signal has failed, the watch will continue to be accurate to within ±15 seconds per month.


DCF77 (Germany) Mainflingen: 900 km radius from the transmitter


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