5. For Best Reception

5. For Best Reception

13. Characteristics of the Solar Powered



When the watch is insufficiently charged, the indication will be changed as follows:

[Normal indication]

The watch has been insufficiently charged because the watch face, which contains the solar cell, has not received sufficient light.

[Insufficient charge warning]

The insufficient charge warning (a 2second interval movement) continues for more than 2 days.

2-second interval movement

The second hand will begin a 2-second interval movement.


* 1. When the watch stopped due to insufficient charging

• It takes at least 30 minutes to recharge sufficiently to perform recovery automatic reception, even if the watch is being exposed to light.

After recovery, refer to “Guide to Charging Time” (p. 40) and sufficiently charge the watch.

* 2. If the watch failed to perform recovery automatic reception

• The time is incorrect even if the second hand moves at 1-second intervals, so after fully charging the watch, set the time manually or perform on demand reception.

[Recovery automatic reception]

The watch will stop due to an insufficient charging.

Sufficiently charge by exposing the watch face, which contains the solar cell to light.*1

When a radio signal has been successfully received*2

When the watch is recharged sufficiently, it will receive the radio signal automatically once.


Power Saving Function

If the watch face is not exposed to light for 7 days in succession, when the time reaches

12:00 midnight, the hands will stop and the watch will go into power saving mode.

• Even in power saving mode the watch will continue to keep time internally.

<Canceling the power saving function>

The power saving function will be automatically canceled when the watch face is exposed to light.

• When power saving function is canceled, the hands will return to their normal movement.

• If the watch is insufficiently charged, the second hand will begin the 2-second interval movement. Charge the watch adequately to restore normal movement of the hands.


• The power saving function cannot be canceled with crown or button operations.

Cancel the power saving mode by placing the watch in light.

• After the power saving mode has been canceled, press the lower right button (A) once to check the reception status.

If it is not showing the correct time, carry out “On demand reception” (p. 18) or “Setting the Time Manually” (p. 26) before using.

All hands stop at the 12:00:00 position.

36 37

Insufficient Charge Warning Function

The second hand’s movement changes from 1-second intervals to 2-second intervals to show that the watch is insufficiently charged.

The watch will stop due to an insufficient charging about 2 days after starting the 2-second interval movement.


During 2-second interval movement, automatic reception, on demand reception, time difference setting and manual time setting are unavailable.

2-second interval movement


If the charging insufficiency occurs during “Radio signal reception”, “Confirming reception status”, “Time difference correction” or “Checking/correcting the reference position”, the operation will stop automatically, the watch will return to the time before the operation, and 2-second interval movement will begin.

Regularly charge your watch so it does not become insufficiently charged.


Overcharging Prevention Function

Whenever the secondary battery becomes fully charged by exposing the solar cell to light, the overcharging prevention function is automatically activated to prevent the battery from being charged further.

No matter how much the watch is charged, it will not affect the secondary battery, timekeeping, functions or performance of the watch.


Guide to Charging Time

The charging time varies according to the model (including the color of the watch face).

The following data should only be used as a guideline.





Indoor lighting

60 – 70 cm (24 – 28 in.) beneath a

30 W fluorescent light

20 cm (8 in.) beneath a 30 W florescent light

* The charging time is based on continuous exposure.

For a 1-day movement charging time

Charging time (Approx.)

Time from stopping to resuming the 1second interval movement

Time for full charging

4 hours 20 hours –––

2 hours

40 minutes

9 hours

3 hours


190 hours


Cloudy sky 12 minutes 1.5 hours 60 hours

100,000 Direct summer sunlight 3 minutes 40 minutes 18 hours

* If the second hand is moving in 2-second intervals, refer to “Time for full charging” and fully charge.


For a 1-day movement charging time ... The charging time to run the watch for one day with normal movement.

Time for full charging ... The time for full charging after the watch has stopped due to an insufficient charging.


A fully charged battery will run the watch for about 6 months without further charging. The watch will maintain its accuracy for about 2 and a half years when running in the power saving mode.

Charge the watch every day, as it will take a long time to recharge it, as is indicated in the table, when it stops due to an insufficient charging.

Furthermore, it is recommended to charge your watch by exposing to direct sunlight for a long time once a month.


Handling Your Solar Powered Watch


Charging precautions

• Overheating while charging can cause the watch exterior to become discolored, the watch to deform or the movement to be damaged.

• Do not charge the watch in a high-temperature environment (about 60°C/140°F or more).


• Charging close to incandescent lighting, halogen lamps, or other lighting sources that easily become hot.

• Charging on surfaces that can easily become hot, such as a car dashboard.

• When charging with incandescent lighting, halogen lamps, or other lighting sources that easily become hot, place the watch at least 50 cm (20 in.) away from the source to avoid overheating.



Handling the secondary battery

• Do not remove the secondary battery from the watch yourself, unless unavoidable.

If you must remove the battery, store it out of reach of children to avoid accidental ingestion.

• If the secondary battery is ingested, consult a doctor immediately.


Changing the secondary battery

• Although the secondary battery should never need to be changed, in rare instances, the watch may be unable to be charged due to a problem with the battery.

If a problem occurs, have the watch repaired as soon as possible.


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