3.1.3. DRIVER INSTALLATION. Gigabyte GV-R92128TE

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3.1.3. DRIVER INSTALLATION. Gigabyte GV-R92128TE | Manualzz

3.1.3. Driver Installation

The following is the step-by-step installation guide.

Step 1: New Hardware Found

After GV-R92128TE is inserted into your computer at the first time, the windows will automatically detect a new hardware in the system and pop out a "New Hardware Found" message.

Please select "Do not install a driver" and press OK.

Step 2: Update Device Driver Wizard: Standard PCI Graphics Adapter(VGA)

1.Click "Next" icon.

MDon't click "Cancel", because the

system will hang if you press it.

Step 3: Update Device Driver Wizard: Finish

At this time, system will ask for your Windows CD in order to complete the VGA driver installation.

If you don't have the CD, you can press C:\Windows\System directory.

Step 4: System Setting Change

2.Click "Finish" icon.

GV-R92128TE Graphics Accelerator - 12 -


12 2003/6/30, 下午 04:12

3..Click "No" icon.

After the system has finished loading, insert the GV-R92128TE driver CD disk into your CD-

ROM, and then you can see the AUTORUN window. If it does not show up, please run "D:


Step 5: Driver Setup

(Pictures below are shown in Windows XP)

1. Click "Windows XP Drivers (Radeon

9200 Series)" item.


2.Click "Next".


- 13 Software Installation

2003/6/30, 下午 04:12

3.Click "Yes".

4. Click "Express" or "Custom" icon.

5. Click "Finish" to restart computer.

GV-R92128TE Graphics Accelerator - 14 -


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