3.1.5. TASKBAR ICON. Gigabyte GV-R92128TE

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3.1.5. TASKBAR ICON. Gigabyte GV-R92128TE | Manualzz

3.1.5. Taskbar Icon

After installation of the display drivers, you will find an GBT icon on the taskbar's status area. Right-clicking this icon opens the GBT control panel, showing a menu composed of shortcute of the graphics card's enhanced and other functions.

You may click the "Display Properties" item, and then click Settings. Click "Advanced" after clickng Settings. Click the appropriate tab to change your display settings.

Right click the icon.

You can link to GBT website for updated information about the graphics card, latest drivers, and other information.

GV-R92128TE Graphics Accelerator - 18 -


18 2003/6/30, 下午 04:12

V-Tuner (Overclock Utility)

V-Tuner lets you adjust the working frequency of the graphic engine and video memory

(Core Clock and Memory Clock)

Display & Adjust Core


Min V-Tuner

Display Core Clock

Close V-Tuner

Display Memory Clock

Display & Adjust

Memory Clock

Help Description Close V-Tuner To system Tray



- 19 Software Installation

2003/6/30, 下午 04:12

VGA Information

VGA Info lists the relevant information about your card.

Color Adjust

Color Adjust allows you to make color adjustments, such as brightness, contrast and gamma values for each or all of RGB colors.

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20 2003/6/30, 下午 04:12

After installation of the display drivers, you will find an ATi icon on the taskbar's status area. Clicking this icon open the ATi control panel.

1.Using Single Display



and the Desktop Manager are activated whenever Windows




adds menu options to the ATI Icon.

Click on the ATI icon to access the application's features and help, or to unload the


Desktop Manager.



is primarily software designed for multiple monitor settings. RADEON 9200 graphic cards that have more than one display output can benefit fully from this software. A

RADEON 9200 with only one display output can still take advantage of the many features of




installation enables the Desktop Manager and creates a Windows


program group for HYDRAVISION

display management software.

- 21 Software Installation


21 2003/6/30, 下午 04:12


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