System Startup and Shutdown. ERNITEC DigiOpG2 EDNS3000 Series

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System Startup and Shutdown. ERNITEC DigiOpG2 EDNS3000 Series | Manualzz

DigiOpG2 Digital Video Recorder


System Startup and Shutdown


System Startup

After connecting all peripheral devices, connect power cord to EDNS-3000 series for system startup. The power will be turned on automatically within 5 seconds of power cord being connected. However, power will not be turned on automatically, if power button was previously turned off by user. In that case, the power button must be pressed again to restore power.


System Shutdown

To turn off the power, press the power button for proper shutdown of the system. Do not turn off the power by pulling the power plug.


In case the power plug is pulled off while the system is operating, the currently recording file may not be closed properly. In addition, even though Journaling File System is not damaged, index information required for quick file search may not be saved. Of course, Auto Recovery System will recover these files during the next booting. This process might take between a few seconds to a few minutes. Therefore, turn off system power by pressing the power button to prevent malfunction.


Countermeasures after abnormal shutdown

EDNS-3000 series has been designed to operate for long periods without a problem.

The operation of the system can be locked, when major parts (such as hard disk) function abnormally due to external electric shock, physical damage, or other various reasons.

The system stops operating during abnormal situations, and the internal watchdog circuit is activated in order to reset the system for rebooting within 2 minutes. The system will then recover normally. It will also automatically reboot even when there is power failure. However, if major parts (such as hard disk) are physically damaged, it is impossible to recover normally.

This will cause continuous rebooting by watchdog or deadlock without reset.

Countermeasures for abnormal discontinuation are as follows.


In case the power cannot be turned off, turn off by pulling the power cord.


Wait for about 10 seconds and reconnect the power. Ensure the system is functioning properly.


Consult your dealer if system is not functioning properly after reconnecting power.


Automatic file testing and recovery

By using Auto-Scan and Auto-Recovery, the files damaged due to abnormal shutdown will be recovered automatically.


Generally, when all files in the hard disk have been closed properly during normal shutdown, it will take only a few seconds to examine the files after rebooting. It will take few minutes or more to recover the files if recovery is required, however.

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