Camera-Title & Schedule. ERNITEC DigiOpG2 EDNS3000 Series

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Camera-Title & Schedule. ERNITEC DigiOpG2 EDNS3000 Series | Manualzz

DigiOpG2 Digital Video Recorder


Camera-Title & Schedule

Set the title of the connected camera and recording schedule.

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Input the camera title of selected camera. Inputted camera title is displayed as OSD (On-Screen Display) and is also stored in the recorded files afterwards. Therefore, when the file is played in the system or remote site, the camera title will be indicated as that stored in the file during recording.

Default camera title is “CHn” where n is the channel number. It can be up to 16 characters maximum including letters, capital letters, numbers, or spaces. The screen below indicates a keyboard in which to input letters for Title.


Start & End

Set recording start and end time for the camera. Start time indicates that the recording is started on exact time (0 minutes 0 seconds), and end time indicates the images are recorded until the assigned time (59 minutes 59 seconds). Hour is displayed in 24-hour unit, default is “0~24”. That is, if it is recorded 24 hours every day.

It will record normally even if the start and end time is reversed. For example, if the schedule is set as “18~9”, it records from

18.00 to 09.00 the next day for every day.


Even if a camera is not set to record according to a schedule, it can record by means of sensor-activated recording.

Select the Record ‘Off’ in the “Camera-Record” when you want sensor-activated recording only.



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