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APPENDIX. ERNITEC DigiOpG2 EDNS3000 Series | Manualzz

DigiOpG2 Digital Video Recorder




Sensitivity Setting

Motion Detection and Motion Detection Recording

Motion detection is to quantitatively calculate the movement of objects in a series of video images from camera and to determine if it is over user-defined threshold (motion sensitivity). In motion detection recording, an image with small movement will be skipped and not be recorded while an image with big movement will be recorded without skip. If motion sensitivity is set to a value below 100, then recording mode will be changed into ‘Motion Detection Recording’ to activate this feature.

Continuous Recording

When motion sensitivity is set to 100, the recording mode is changed from motion detection recording to continuous recording. In this mode, every motion and camera noise will be saved regardless of the quantity of the motion.

Conversely, the required storage space per hour increases at least 2~3 times, compared with motion detection recording, and the total recording period is decreased to that extent. Therefore, be cautious with settings for important camera channels so that no motion is skipped.

Noise Detection

AGC (Auto Gain Control) circuit amplifies the output signal of CCD in dark light when the AGC feature of the camera is turned on (normally selected as ‘on’). At this time, the thermal noise of CCD is amplified as well, displaying numerous small, insignificant red and blue spots.

Due to the high frequency nature, such CCD noise decreases the compression efficiency and, consequently, leads to increased byte size per image. The size is almost 2~3 times bigger than that with high motion image at daytime. Besides, since the distinction between real motion and noise is practically impossible, motion detection algorithm can save unnecessary images of no real motion, but noise, resulting in continuous recording. As a result, hard disk will be filled with unnecessary images with noise.

To decrease such unnecessary fill-up of storage with noisy images at night, noise detection feature is included in the motion detection feature. It makes it possible to skip the images of no motion but noise.

The lower the motion sensitivity setting is, the higher the efficiency of the noise detection is. In order to set the motion sensitivity to 90, the use of cameras with high CCD sensitivity is recommended.

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DigiOpG2 Digital Video Recorder

The table below indicates recording-related trend of each item according to the motion sensitivity setting.









Continuous recording

Motion detection recording



Saves all

Saves images of small motion

Saves if there is motion

Daytime Storage


Much storage space is required due to continuous recording

Less than half of continuous recording, but still high storage space is required

Normal storage space is required

If the setting is too low, even big motion will be skipped

Required storage space decreases as the value decreases

Effects of Night


Saves all

Saves almost all due to high setting

Frequently skips due to low setting

Skips due to low setting

Nighttime Storage


Reaches the maximum of byte size if noise is high

Required storage space decreases if skip happens. If not, saves as continuous recording

Considerably small storage space is required due to frequent skipping

Required storage space decreases as the value decreases

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