Make Sure the Drive is Recognized. TDK Velocd

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Make Sure the Drive is Recognized. TDK Velocd | Manualzz


After installation, make sure the veloCD ReWRITER and other IDE peripherals are recognized by your computer. To check whether they are recognized:

On a PC with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/NT 4.0:

1. Turn the computer ON. After the computer boots up, you should see the Windows display.

2. Open Windows Explorer and ensure there is an icon for the veloCD ReWRITER, the hard drive, and other CD-ROM drives, if present. The veloCD ReWRITER may be D: or E: or another designator.

3. If you do not see the veloCD ReWRITER recognized in Windows, reboot the computer and use your computer’s setup program to enable the BIOS to recognize it.

Use the setup program to set up IDE master and slave designations as needed for your configuration.

If a master or slave is set to "disable" or "none", change to "enable" or "auto" as appropriate.

4. Save and exit your CMOS setup to restart your computer with the new settings.

5. In Windows, click the Start button, then Settings, then Control Panel, then System, then Device

Manager. Click the “+” sign next to the CD-ROM icon and look at the veloCD drive underneath the

CD-ROM icon.

6. If you do not see the veloCD drive icon, or if it has a yellow diamond with an exclamation point (!), contact your PC or motherboard manufacturer to get the appropriate IDE controller driver.

NOTE: Refer to the computer’s documentation for information on how to run the setup program.

SECTION 2 : Installing Your veloCD ReWRITER



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