Troubleshooting - General. TDK Velocd

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Troubleshooting - General. TDK Velocd | Manualzz


VeloCD ReWriter drive not recognized by computer.

VeloCD does not respond

(lights or eject button).

Cannot eject tray.



1. IDE cable is not connected properly.

2. Drive or IDE bus is not enabled in the computer’s BIOS.

3. Jumper conflict.

4. Wrong cable with jumper set to

Cable Select.

5. Power connector is not attached to veloCD or does not work.


1. Ensure IDE cable is connected.

Verify that connectors on motherboard and drive do not have bent pins.

2. Ensure the IDE port is enabled and set properly in motherboard’s

BIOS. See "Make Sure the Drive

Is Recognized" on page 13 for more details.

3. Check jumpers for the veloCD drive and the other peripheral devices (hard drive or CD-ROM drive) on the same IDE cable.

Ensure the jumper for one device is set to master and the other to slave. Two devices on one cable cannot be set to the same setting.

4. Make sure that a CSEL-compatible

IDE cable is used if you want to use the veloCD with jumper set to

Cable Select.

5. Ensure the computer’s power cable is securely attached to the veloCD’s power connector.

When the computer’s power is

ON, confirm that the veloCD’s indicator LED is illuminated briefly, then is extinguished.

Connect a different power cable to veloCD.

1. No power.

2. IDE cable isn’t connected properly.

1. Ensure the power cable is connected securely to the veloCD’s power connector.

Try a different power cable.

2. Ensure that the IDE cable is securely inserted, and is not damaged.

Check the connector pins to ensure they are not bent.

1. IDE cable isn’t connected properly.

2. CD was not properly set into tray and is stuck.

1. Refer to Digital MixMaster manual for how to unlock the eject feature.

2. At the veloCD’s front panel, insert a thin object such as a paper clip into the emergency eject hole and eject the tray.

SECTION 5 : Maintenance and Troubleshooting



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