Troubleshooting - Audio. TDK Velocd

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Troubleshooting - Audio. TDK Velocd | Manualzz


Can read only the last session of a multisession CD-R or CD-RW disc.


1. "Import previous session" or a similar feature was not enabled when the multisession disc was created.


1. Use CD-R or CD-RW mastering software to import session(s).

Such features may vary in name depending on the software being used. Please refer to the appropriate manual regarding this feature.


When playing an audio CD, you do not hear sound even though everything appears to be functioning normally.

Low sound level from veloCD drive.



1. Soundcard volume too low.

Mixer settings for soundcard set too low.

Needs a soundcard.

Needs an audio cable connection.

Soundcard not properly configured.

1. Improper audio cable connection between veloCD drive and soundcard.

2. Low levels from audio mixer.


1. Each soundcard has a different setting for each input source, including one for CD-Audio. Run your soundcard’s mixer program and verify that the volume is turned up and not muted. You can do this by double-clicking on the speaker icon on your computer’s task bar.

Check your system configuration to see if the soundcard settings (such as IRQ, memory, etc.) are conflicting with other devices on the system.

Check if all the necessary drivers and multimedia devices required by your soundcard are installed.

Make sure the audio cable is properly connected between veloCD and your soundcard.

1. Check the cable connection from veloCD to soundcard.

2. Check the master, CD, and line levels of all audio mixers.

SECTION 5 : Maintenance and Troubleshooting



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