Sound Adjustment. Sony MHC-V11

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Sound Adjustment. Sony MHC-V11 | Manualzz

Using “SongPal” via


About App

You can control the system using the free App “SongPal,” which is available on both Google Play and the App

Store. Search for “SongPal” or scan the two-dimensional code below, then download the App to find out more about the convenient features.

Sound Adjustment

Adjusting the sound

To Do this

Adjust the volume

Generate a more dynamic sound

Set the sound effect

Press VOL +/–.

Press MEGA BASS repeatedly until

“BASS ON” appears on the display.

Press EQ repeatedly until desired sound effect is displayed.


• If the “SongPal” application does not work properly, terminate the BLUETOOTH

connection (page 23), then perform

the BLUETOOTH connection again so that the BLUETOOTH connection functions normally.

• What you can control with “SongPal” varies depending on the connected device.

• The specification and design of the application may change without notice.




Creating a party atmosphere


DJ EFFECT cannot be used while a microphone is connected to the unit. If a microphone is connected, remove it before using DJ EFFECT.

Use the buttons on the unit to perform this operation.


Press the following button to select the effect type.

• FLANGER: Creates a deep flanging effect that is similar to the roar of a jet plane.

• ISOLATOR: Isolates a specific frequency band by adjusting the other frequency bands. This is useful when you want to focus on the vocals.


Turn the VOLUME/DJ

CONTROL knob to adjust the effect level.

To turn off the effect

Press DJ OFF.


• The DJ EFFECT is automatically turned off when you:

— turn off the system.

— activate or deactivate the Party Chain function.

— connect a microphone to the MIC 1 or

MIC 2 jack on the unit.

• The DJ EFFECT does not affect the transferred audio files. Transferred audio files will be generated without the

DJ EFFECT even if you have activated it.

• You cannot use VOLUME/DJ CONTROL on the unit to adjust the volume when the

DJ EFFECT is activated. Press VOL +/– on the remote control to adjust the volume.





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