Primary and Secondary IDE Master/Slave. Asus T2-R

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Primary and Secondary IDE Master/Slave. Asus T2-R | Manualzz

5.3.4 Primary and Secondary IDE Master/Slave

While entering Setup, BIOS auto-detects the presence of IDE devices.

There is a separate sub-menu for each IDE device. Select a device item then press Enter to display the IDE device information.

Primary IDE Master

Device : Hard Disk

Vendor : Maxtor 6Y080L0

Size : 81.9GB

LBA Mode : Supported

Block Mode : 16 Sectors

PIO Mode : 4

Async DMA : MultiWord DMA-2

Ultra DMA : Ultra DMA-6

SMART Monitoring: Supported


LBA/Large Mode

Block (Multi-sector Transfer)

PIO Mode

DMA Mode

Smart Monitoring

32Bit Data Transfer








Select the type of device connected to the system.

The values opposite the dimmed items (Device, Vendor, Size, LBA Mode,

Block Mode, PIO Mode, Async DMA, Ultra DMA, and SMART monitoring) are auto-detected by BIOS and are not user-configurable. These items show N/A if no IDE device is installed in the system.

Type [Auto]

Selects the type of IDE drive. Setting to Auto allows automatic selection of the appropriate IDE device type. Select CDROM if you are specifically configuring a CD-ROM drive. Select ARMD (ATAPI

Removable Media Device) if your device is either a ZIP, LS-120, or

MO drive. Configuration options: [Not Installed] [Auto] [CDROM]


LBA/Large Mode [Auto]

Enables or disables the LBA mode. Setting to Auto enables the LBA mode if the device supports this mode, and if the device was not previously formatted with LBA mode disabled. Configuration options:

[Disabled] [Auto]

Block (Multi-sector Transfer) [Auto]

Enables or disables data multi-sectors transfers. When set to Auto, the data transfer from and to the device occurs multiple sectors at a time if the device supports multi-sector transfer feature. When set to

Disabled, the data transfer from and to the device occurs one sector at a time. Configuration options: [Disabled] [Auto]

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