Instant Music Configuration. Asus T2-R

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Instant Music Configuration. Asus T2-R | Manualzz


5.4.1 Instant Music Configuration

Instant Music Option

Instant Music [Disabled]

Disable/Enable Instant

Music feature.

Instant Music [Disabled]

Allows you to enable or disable the Instant Music feature in BIOS.

Configuration options: [Disabled] [Enabled]

• When Instant Music is enabled, the PS/2 keyboard power up feature is automatically disabled. See page 47 for details on the

Instant Music feature.

• The following item appears only if you enable the Instant Music option.

Instant Music CD-ROM Drive [IDE Secondary Master]

Allows you to select the optical drive that you wish to use for the Instant

Music CD playback. Set the Instant Music optical drive to

[IDE Secondary Master].

Chapter 5: BIOS setup


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