Troubleshooting. Epson WORKFORCE AL-M300DTN, WorkForce AL-M300D, WorkForce AL-M300DN, WorkForce AL-M300DT

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Troubleshooting. Epson WORKFORCE AL-M300DTN, WorkForce AL-M300D, WorkForce AL-M300DN, WorkForce AL-M300DT | Manualzz

Epson Network Guide

Chapter 4


General Problems

Cannot configure the network interface or cannot print from the network.


The printer settings or network settings may be wrong.

What to do

First, check to see if you can print a status sheet, as described in “Printing a Network Status Sheet” on page 55. If you can print a status sheet,

check the network settings; otherwise, set the interface mode of the printer’s control panel to





Cannot print even if you have assigned the IP address to the computer and the printer.


You have assigned an IP address to the computer manually, but you assigned the IP address to the printer by Automatic Private IP

Addressing (APIPA).

What to do

Assign the printer’s IP address so that it belongs to the same segment of the computer. Use EpsonNet Config and the printer’s control panel.

Unable to start EpsonNet Config.


You have added or deleted protocols after installing EpsonNet Config.

What to do

Uninstall EpsonNet Config and then reinstall it. See “Installing

EpsonNet Config” on page 38.



Epson Network Guide

The message “EpsonNet Config cannot be used because no network is installed.” appears when you start EpsonNet Config.


Both TCP/IP and IPX/SPX are not installed on the computer.

What to do

Install the TCP/IP or IPX/SPX protocol.

TCP/IP is installed on the computer, but its IP address is not set correctly.

Set a correct IP address for the computer.

The message “Could not complete communicating configuration data” appears when you send settings to the network interface.


This may happen when using a dial-up router.

What to do

Run Command Prompt from the computer on which EpsonNet Config is installed, and then enter the following command:

Format: >ROUTE_ADD_the IP address of the network interface_ the IP address of the computer (the under bar represents one space)

Example: >ROUTE ADD

Unable to start EpsonNet Config with Web Browser.


You have not set the IP address for the network interface.

What to do

Set the IP address for the network interface using EpsonNet Config for

Windows or Macintosh, the printer’s control panel. You can check the IP address on a status sheet. See the EpsonNet Config User’s Guide.



Epson Network Guide

The Model Name and IP Address do not appear in the EpsonNet Config dialog box.


If the valid IP address is not set, the items indicated in the dialog box mentioned above may not appear.

What to do

Set a valid IP address.

Refresh the status by selecting


from the View menu.

Increase the length of time before a timeout. To do this, select


from the Tool menu, and then select


. Note that doing so can cause EpsonNet Config to run more slowly.

Printing a Network Status Sheet

Before you start configuring the network interface, be sure to print a network status sheet that contains important information such as the current configuration and the MAC address of the network interface.

To print a network status sheet, follow the steps below.


You cannot print a status sheet using the steps below if your printer does not have an LCD panel. See the

User’s Guide on how to print the status sheet.

1. Press the


button on the printer’s control panel once to enter the SelecType mode. The LCD panel displays

Information Menu


2. Press the



3. Press the


button until

Network Status Sheet

appears on the LCD panel.

4. Finally, press the


button to print a network status sheet.


You cannot print a status sheet in the following cases: the printer has started printing, it is offline, or it is not ready to print.

See the User’s Guide for more information on the printer’s control panel.




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Key Features

  • Laser
  • 1200 x 1200 DPI
  • Printing colours: Black
  • A4 35 ppm
  • Duplex printing
  • Ethernet LAN
  • LCD Built-in display
  • Maximum duty cycle: 100000 pages per month
  • Total number of input trays: 3 Total input capacity: 500 sheets Total output capacity: 150 sheets
  • Internal memory: 128 MB 600 MHz

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