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Aeware in.k600, a premium keypad designed for hot tubs, empowers you with the ultimate spa experience right at your fingertips. This advanced device seamlessly integrates with Aeware's in.xm™ system, granting you effortless control over various spa functions.

Key Features

  • Stunning design with a low profile and large LCD display
  • Streamlined interface for intuitive navigation
  • Full control of all in.xm™ functions directly from the spa side
  • Comprehensive display of time, temperature, and spa status
  • Dedicated keys for quick access to essential functions like pumps, lights, and temperature adjustments
  • Programmable settings for personalized spa experiences
  • Economy mode for energy efficiency
  • Smart winter mode for freeze protection

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Frequently Answers and Questions

Can I use the in.k600 keypad to control all aspects of my spa?
Yes, the in.k600 keypad provides full control over all in.xm™ spa functions, including pumps, lights, temperature, and programming.
How do I install the in.k600 keypad?
The in.k600 keypad can be installed as a low-profile unit by cutting out a rectangular opening and gluing it in place using the provided gasket.
What is the purpose of the 'Economy Mode' on the in.k600 keypad?
The 'Economy Mode' helps conserve energy by optimizing the filtration cycle and reducing unnecessary heating.
Can I adjust the temperature using the in.k600 keypad?
Yes, the in.k600 keypad allows you to easily adjust the spa temperature to your desired level.