Dometic Sibir V110, V170 Gas and Electric Refrigerator

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The Dometic Sibir V110, V170 Gas and Electric Refrigerator is a versatile appliance perfect for keeping your vaccines and other perishables cool. It can run on both gas and electricity, making it ideal for various settings, including off-grid locations. The refrigerator includes a variety of safety features, including a flame safety device that automatically shuts off the gas supply if the flame goes out.

Key Features

  • Gas & electric operation
  • Safety features
  • Temperature control
  • Large capacity
  • Compact design

Pages: 56 Dometic Sibir V110, V170 Gas and Electric Refrigerator Operating manual

Brand: Dometic Category: Space heaters Size: 3 MB

Languages: English, Spanish, French

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Frequently Answers and Questions

How do I change the energy source between gas and electricity?
The energy selector, which is labeled 'E' on the control panel, can be set to 'I' for electricity, 'gas LP' for gas, or '0' for off. You'll find the control panel on the refrigerator's exterior.
What kind of gas should I use with this refrigerator?
The manual recommends using either propane or butane. It may be necessary to change the size of the burner jet depending on the type of gas you are using.
How do I defrost the refrigerator?
You can defrost the refrigerator by turning off the power and leaving the door and freezer compartment open. Remove ice with your fingers as soon as possible. Avoid using knives or sharp instruments. It's important to defrost quickly to prevent damage to the vaccine.
What is the flue baffle and why is it important?
The flue baffle is a component located inside the chimney of the refrigerator. It helps to ensure that the refrigerator operates efficiently and safely by directing the exhaust gases properly.
How do I clean the burner and burner jet?
To clean the burner and burner jet, first shut off the gas valve. Then, remove any cover plates that may be blocking access to these components. Unscrew the burner jet, which is located on the gas inlet side of the burner. Clean the burner jet carefully with alcohol or petrol, and blow it dry. Finally, clean the burner with a brush and blow it free from dust. Reassemble the parts.