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The HELLER OIL9 is a powerful and efficient oil-filled radiator that provides warmth and comfort to any room in your home. With its adjustable thermostat, you can customize the temperature to your liking, and its three heat settings allow you to choose the perfect level of warmth. The large surface area of the radiator ensures that heat is distributed evenly throughout the room, while the built-in safety features, such as overheat protection and tip-over switch, provide peace of mind. Using the HELLER OIL9 is simple. Just plug it in, turn it on, and adjust the thermostat to your desired temperature. The radiator will quickly heat up and maintain the set temperature, keeping your room warm and cozy. Additional features of the HELLER OIL9 include: * Portable design with built-in wheels for easy movement from room to room. * Convenient cord storage compartment to keep the power cord tidy when not in use. * Durable construction with a sturdy metal body and high-quality components for long-lasting performance. To ensure optimal performance and safety, please read and follow the instructions in the HELLER OIL9 user manual carefully. The manual provides detailed information on the product's features, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. By following the instructions in the user manual, you can get the most out of your HELLER OIL9 oil-filled radiator and enjoy years of reliable and comfortable warmth.

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What safety precautions should I take when using the HELLER OIL9?
Ensure the cord is fully extended before use and accommodate it so that it is not in touch with any part of the heater. Keep combustible materials at least 50cm from the sides of the heater.
How do I assemble the castors on the HELLER OIL9?
Turn the radiator upside down and attach the castors between the last two panels on either end. Face the wheels up and secure them with the U-bolt and wing nuts provided.
What is the purpose of the thermostat on the HELLER OIL9?
The thermostat regulates the temperature of the heater. Turn it clockwise to the maximum position for the fastest warm-up and then adjust it to maintain the desired room temperature.
How do I operate the heat switches on the HELLER OIL9?
There are three heat settings: Position 0 turns the unit off, Position I provides minimum heat, Position II provides intermediate heat, and Positions I and II together provide maximum heat.
What is the function of the timer on the HELLER OIL9?
The timer allows you to set the heater to operate for a specific duration. Set the timer before turning on the unit or use the timer bypass switch to override the timer function.