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Jueapu GV40 is a GPS tracking device with advanced features for covert vehicle tracking. It supports multiple alerts, remote cut-off, and provides real-time location data. The device is designed for professional use, ensuring the safety and security of vehicles.

Key Features

  • Covert installation for discreet tracking
  • Multiple alerts for various scenarios
  • Remote cut-off to prevent unauthorized vehicle use
  • Built-in GSM and GPS antennas for reliable connectivity
  • SOS button for emergencies
  • IP65 water resistance for outdoor use

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Frequently Answers and Questions

How do I set the SOS number?
Send SMS command: SOS,A,number1,number2,number3 #
How do I set the center number?
Send SMS command: CENTER A.phone number#
How do I delete SOS numbers?
Send SMS command: SOS,D,1,2,3#
What is the default upload interval?
T1=10 seconds, T2=0 (no data uploaded)
What is the operating voltage range?
What is the operating temperature range?
20°C ~ 70°C