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Macrom M-DSPA.401 is a versatile car audio amplifier with advanced features that allow you to customize your sound experience. With its built-in DSP (Digital Signal Processor), you can adjust various parameters such as equalizer, crossover, time alignment, and gain levels to achieve the perfect sound for your car. The parametric equalizer provides precise control over the frequency response, while the crossover filter lets you set the cutoff frequencies for each speaker channel.

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What is the maximum power output of the M-DSPA.401?
The maximum power output is 150 Watts by 4 channels (76W RMS).
What is the operating frequency range of the M-DSPA.401?
The operating frequency range is from 20Hz to 20KHz.
What is the Signal to noise ratio of the M-DSPA.401?
The Signal to noise ratio is > 120dB.
What is the Dynamic range of the M-DSPA.401?
The Dynamic range is > 100dB.
What is the THD of the M-DSPA.401?
The THD is < 0.001% at 1KHz.
What is the Standby current of the M-DSPA.401?
The Standby current is < 0.1mA.
What is the Max current consumption of the M-DSPA.401?
The Max current consumption is 20A.
What is the Operation voltage range of the M-DSPA.401?
The Operation voltage range is from 9Volts to 15.5Volts.
What are the dimensions of the M-DSPA.401?
The dimensions are 195mm x 130mm x 38mm.
How do I connect the M-DSPA.401 to my mobile phone?
You can connect the M-DSPA.401 to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Download the M-DSPA.401 APP from the Google Play or Apple store, install it on your phone, and then pair your phone with the M-DSPA.401.