Data Sheet MediCap USB200
Medical Imaging
Made Easy
Medical Video Recorder
Records from your endoscope, arthroscope,
MediCap USB200
The MediCap USB200 is the medical
industry’s easiest full-featured video
recording solution. Your videos and still
images are recorded directly to a USB
flash drive or optional hard drive. The
recorded videos are DVD-quality, but
without all the hassles of DVD disks.
surgical camera, ultrasound, etc. Saves to a
flash drive or hard drive that can be accessed
from any computer on your network.
Intuitive Use
It’s so easy, most users never look at
the manual. Just plug it in and go.
You’ll be recording videos within minutes
of opening the box.
Medical Grade
With its steel case and fluid resistant
front panel, the MediCap is built to
withstand the rigors of the OR, and it’s
so compact it will fit on any cart.
Powerful Options
compatible – versatile - affordable
MediCaptm USB200 Specs
USB Hard Drive
USB Keyboard
Perfect for archiving
Input patient data to
100+ hours of video
organize your photos
on a single device
and videos
Network Adapter
Foot Pedals
Turn your USB200
Connect your USB200 into a mapped drive
to your scope’s trigger
on your network
or to a foot pedal
Device Type
Medical Video Recorder
Records video and still images
from standard medical video
sources to a USB flash drive or
optional USB hard drive
Rugged metal case with highimpact plastic faceplate
LCD Monitor
2 1/2”, full color (for navigation
only, not for diagnosis)
200Hz-15kHz, 1W, (for audio
confirmation only, not for
B uttons
Sealed membrane, fluid resistant
Video In/Out
PAL or NTSC format using
S-video or composite BNC
Audio In/Out
Standard 3.5mm stereo phone
USB Support
USB2.0, high speed, 1 front connector, 3 rear connectors
(all powered)
Hands-free capture
Standard 3.5mm mini jack
Size: 240 x 200 x 63mm /
9.5 x 7.9 x 2.5”
Weight: 1.7kg / 3lb 12oz (appx.)
Storage: -40° to +85° C
Operating: -20° to +40° C
AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
3-prong AC jack
USB flash drives or
external USB hard drive
Image Formats
Image Size
Also Available...
Ethernet T10/100 connection
via Network Upgrade Kit
1024 x 768, 800 x 600,
640 x 480 pixels
Video Format
MPEG2 (DVD-quality)
Audio Format
MPEG1 L2, 2 channels
UL Medical, CE, FCC, FDA
Class 1, RoHS
Kit Contents
MediCap USB200
USB flash drive
Video cables
Power cable
User guide
MediCapture, Inc.
MediCap USB170
The same features as the USB200, but made
for surgeons who need still images only — at an even more affordable price.
580 W. Germantown Pike, Ste. 103
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462 USA
(888) 922-7887
(503) 445-6935
Design by
© 2008 MediCapture, Inc. USB200-DS01-E-081107-MC
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