Instruction Sheet 1041-603 [English, 79 KB, 8/24/2007]

Instruction Sheet 1041-603 [English, 79 KB, 8/24/2007]
S&C Battery Chargers BC-8-24 and BC-8-36
Operating Instructions
One S&C Battery Charger can charge up to eight Gates Monoblock batteries. The BC-8-24 charges 24 Vdc batteries, and
the BC-8-36 charges 36 Vdc batteries. Batteries are charged
at the appropriate temperature-compensated rate, and can
be left connected to the charger indefinitely, to maintain a
full charge.
Nominal operating voltage:
Operating voltage range:
17” x 6” x 4”
8 pounds
120 Vac
100-140 Vac
No charging voltage is supplied to a battery connector
until a battery is plugged into that connector. Other
connectors will have no voltage until a battery is
connected to them.
The battery must have the minimum chargable voltage
stated below before charging voltage will be supplied
by the battery charger.
Charging Instructions
1. Plug the ac power cord into a 120 Vac power
2. Connect the red and black battery lead to a
corresponding lead from the battery charger. Eight
batteries can be connected to one charger.
3. When a battery with at least the minimum chargable
voltage is connected, the red LED next to the corresponding AMP connector (J4 through J11) blinks.
4. A battery at minimum chargeable voltage will take
approximately three days to fully charge.
5. Batteries may be continuously connected to the
charger, and will maintain full-charge.
Minimum Chargable Voltage
• A 24 Volt battery must have an output voltage of at
least 21.0 Vdc to be recharged by the BC-8-24.
• A 36 Volt battery must have an output voltage of at
least 32.0 Vdc to be recharged by the BC-8-36.
Battery Maintenance
For more information on battery care and maintenance,
see the S&C 5800 Series Automatic Switch Control
Operating Instructions.
Figure 1. S&C BC-8-24 or BC-8-36 Battery Charger.
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Instruction Sheet 1041-603
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