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Safety Precautions
Never expose this unit, amplifier, and
speakers to moisture or water for preventing
electric sparks or fires.
Only connect the unit to a 12-volt power
supply with negative grounding.
Please don't change the fuse on the power
cord without professional guidance, using
improper fuse may cause damage to this unit
or even cause fire.
Never install this unit where the operation &
condition for safety driving is restrained.
Please power off this unit at once and send it
back to the after-sales service center or the
dealer /distributor you purchased from if one
of the following symptoms is found:
Never use the video display function in the
front when driving to prevent the violation of
laws & regulations and also to reduce the
risk of traffic accident except using for rear
view video camera.
(a). Water or other obstacle enters the unit;
(b). Smoking;
(c). Peculiar smell.
To ensure safe driving, please adjust the
volume to a safe & comfort level in case of
emergency situations.
Safety Precautions
Safety Precautions........................................ 1
Features........................................................ 3
Panel Controls............................................... 4
Remote Controls........................................ 5-6
Basic Operations........................................... 7
Disc Operations........................................ 8-11
Tuner Operation..................................... 11-12
Map Card and USB Operation.................... 13
Bluetooth Operation............................... 13-15
Other Modes................................................ 16
DVD Setup............................................. 17-18
System Setup.............................................. 19
Device Connections............................... 20-21
Electrical Connections................................. 22
Installation Guide......................................... 23
Troubleshooting........................................... 24
Specifications.............................................. 25
Operate the unit correctly according to the
manual instruction to prevent unnecessary
This product is a CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT.
Use of controls or adjustments or performance
of procedures other than those specified
herein may result in hazardous radiation
exposure. Do not open covers and do not
repair yourself. Refer servicing to qualified
Two laser products
Wave length: CD: 780nm DVD: 650nm
Laser power: No hazardous radiation is
emitted with safety protection.
To reduce the risk of fire electric shock, and
annoying interference, use only the included
Caution of disc using
1. DO NOT use irregular shaped disc.
2. Disc Cleaning. Use a dry, soft cloth to
wipe the disc from center to edge, only neutral
detergent can be used.
3. When playing a new disc. New disc may
have some rough spots around the inner and
outer edges. If such a disc is used, remove
these rough spots with a pencil or ball-point
pen, etc.
DVD-R/RW compatibility
Button Operation Explanations
It is possible to playback DVD-R/RW discs
recorded with the video format and Video
Recording format.
Touch panel key operation
It is possible to operate this unit by using
touch panel key.
Video CDs featuring PBC
Some frequent operations
1) Move cursor
It is possible to playback Video CDs featuring
PBC (playback control).
WMA and MP3 compatibility
It is possible to playback WMA and MP3 files.
About WMA
2) Confirm
The Windows Media™ logo printed on the
box indicates that this unit can playback
!Windows Media and the Windows logo are
trade marks or registered trademarks of
Microsoft Corporation in the United States
and/or other countries.
!This unit maynot operate correctly depending
on the application used to encode WMA files.
Touch the top left corner of TFT screen under
playing mode.
About MP3
Touch screen
Due to the touch screen, you can fulfill most
functions not only by pressing buttons but also
by touching the options you desired.
Supply of this product only conveys a license
for private, non-commercial use and does not
convey a licensen or imply any right to use
this product in any commercial (i.e.revenuegenerating) realtime broadcasting (terrestrial,
satellite, cable and/or any other media), broadcasting/streaming via internet, intranets and/or
other networks or in other electronic con-tent
distribution systems, such as pay-audio or
audio-on-dem anda pplications. An independentlicense for such use is required.For details, please visit http://www.mp3licensing.
Panel Controls
button (8) to open the panel.
VIDEO 2 IN (Yellow)
AUX 2 IN-L (White)
AUX 2 IN-R (Red)
Press POWER button (6) to turn on/off the unit.
1. - Touch panel
2. - Remote sensor
3. - Mute
4. - Select the following sources:
>Disc (when disc inserted)
>USB (when USB connected)
>AV1 (rear AV in)
>AV2 (front AV in)
5. - Navigation
6. - Turn the unit on/off
7. - Press to adjust volume level.
8. - Open the panel/Close the panel
- Hold it to access panel menu:
>Open the panel
>Eject the disc
>Close the panel
>Adjust the panel angle (TILT+/-)
9. - Reset
10. - AUX 2 in jack (on the right side
of the panel)
11. - Map card slot (SD/MMC card)
12. - Disc slot
13. - Indicator:
It will light up when you slide the
panel down.
14. - Eject disc (when disc inserted)
- Reset the mechanism (press 2
Safety Notes:
The DVD video display of the in-dash unit will not operate while the vehicle is moving. This is a
safety feature to prevent driver distraction. In-dash DVD video functions will only operate when
vehicle is in Park and the parking brake is engaged. It is illegal in most countries for the driver to
view video while the vehicle is in motion.
Remote Controls
1. - Select the following sources:
>Disc (when disc inserted)
>USB (when USB connected)
>AV1 (rear AV in)
>AV2 (Front AV in)
2. - Disc eject
3. - Menu (DVD)
4. - Title (DVD)
5. - Goto search
6. - Radio band
- Video system PAL/NTSC/AUTO
7. - Sound/display setting
- Setting menu (long press)
8. - System setup
9. - Close the panel step by step
10. - Open the panel step by step
11. - Zoom (DVD/VCD)
- Dial/Receive call
12. - Enter
13. - Menu cursor
14. - Stop/Return
15. - Digit area
16.- Enter source menu
17. - Power on/off
18. - Angle (DVD)
19. - DVD subtitle
20. - A-B repeat
21. - Repeat
22. - On screen display
23.- Track random play
24. - Radio tune
- Track skip/seek
25. - Call off/cancel
- Program
26. - Volume
27. - Play/Pause
28. - Mute
29. - DVD audio
- VCD audio L/R/ST
Remote control operating range
The remote control can operate within a
distance of 3~5m.
The remote control sensor is located to the
left of POWER button.
to turn on/off the unit.
Remote Controls
Replacing the lithium battery of remote control unit
When the range of the operation of the card remote control becomes short or no functions
while operating, replace the battery with a new lithium battery. Make sure the battery polarity
replacement is correct.
1. Open the back cover of the remote control unit.
2.Insert the button-type battery with the stamped (+) mark facing upward.
3. Close the back cover.
•Store the battery where children cannot reach. If a child accidentally swallows the battery,
consult a doctor immediately.
• Do not recharge, short, disassemble or heat the battery or dispose it in a fire.
• Do not expose or bring into contact the battery with other metallic materials. Doing this may
cause the battery to give off heat, crack or start a fire.
•When throwing away or saving the battery, wrap it in tape and insulate; otherwise, the battery
may give off heat, crack or start a fire.
Basic Operations
Turn on/off the power
When parking brake applied
1. Press POWER button to turn on the unit.
he unit goes back to the last status after
power on.
2. W
hen on, press POWER button to turn off
the unit.
1. I f 'PRK SW' cable is connected to hand
brake switch, the video display of the TFT
monitor will be controlled by driving status,
system setup and input video sources.
2. W hen the car is moving ahead, if the
video disc is played, the screen appears
"WARNING!! Engage Parking Brake to
View Video", and blank screen. The above
warning screen will prevent the driver
watching images. The passengers at the
rear seats can watch normally.
to cut the sound.
• P
again or adjusting volume will
release muting.
• MUTE appears on the TFT during muting.
Adjust the volume
Press VOL +/- to increase or decrease the
volume level.
The adjustable range of volume is 0 to 39.
Playing source selection
Method 1:
Press SRC button on the panel or remote
control to cycle through all the available
Method 2:
Open the 'SOURCE MENU' by touch SRC at
the top left corner of the TFT or press MODE
button on remote control, and then touch the
option you desired or select the option by
moving the cursor and then confirm.
• W
hen some devices are not ready, they
cannot be selected.
• You should stop switching when the playing
source you desired has been selected and
wait for some seconds, the unit will auto
enter the playing source mode you have
Disc Operation
Insert a disc
on the panel to slide down the panel.
Insert a disc into the slot, and the unit will
change to disc mode automatically.
A - Turn to main source menu
B - Display on screen control menu
• Please confirm whether there is a disc in
the unit before you insert another one.
• The unit will exit current playing source and
enter DVD mode when one disc is inserted.
• S ome recorded discs, such as CD-R,
DVD+RW cannot be played back because
of different recording status. Otherwise,
the discs without being closed could not be
played back.
Disc Playback
1. When disc inserted, display shows READ.
For MP3 or disc with mixed files, reading
time may exceed 1 minute.
2. ERROR will be displayed if error found in
disc operation.
3. For VCD/CD, VCD or CD icon will appear
on the display.
4. While MP3/WMA files playback, MP3/WMA
icon will appear on the display.
5. F or DVD, DVD icon will appear on the
display and TITLE appears. Press
Eject the disc
Method 1:
on the panel to slide down the panel.
(EJECT) to eject the disc.
Method 2:
File type supported
on the panel more than 2 seconds
to enter panel menu, and touch EJECT on the
TFT to eject the disc.
Audio file: MP3(*.mp3), WMA(*.wma)
Video file:
MP4 (*.avi, DIVX3.11/4.0/5.0/6.0 /7.0)
MPEG 2 (*.vob)
MPEG 1 (*.dat)
Picture file: JPEG (*.jpg)
MP3 file:
ISO 9660 or ISO 9660 + Joliet format - Max.
30 characters.
Max. nested directory is 8 levels.
The max. album number is 99.
The max. length of each track is 99 minutes
59 seconds.
Supported sampling frequency for MP3 disc:
8KHz to 48KHz (44.1KHz preferably).
Supported bit-rates of MP3 disc are: 32 - 320
kbps (128 kbps preferably).
Method 3:
on the remote control to eject the
• After ejecting the disc, the unit reverts to
SD card mode automatically if you have
inserted one SD card, or the unit reverts to
radio mode.
• You can eject a disc when the unit powered
off. The unit remains off after the disc
• I f the disc is not removed from the unit
within 10 seconds, the disc will be reloaded
to prevent accidental damage.
Disc and file NOT supported
Using the touch screen controls
*.AAC, *.DLF, *.M3U, *.PLS, MP3 PRO files
and files with DRM.
Open session discs.
The touch key areas for CD/VCD/DVD
playback are outlined below:
Disc Operation
Stop playback temporarily
-During playback, press
to pause
- The sound will be muted.
-Display "PAUSE " in the TV screen.
again to continue playback.
T o r e s u m e n o r m a l p l a y , r e p e a t t h e
During playback, press REPT once or more.
- RPT icon will appear on the display.
- For VCD/CD: Display appears RPT ONE
- For DVD: Display appears RPT CHAPTER
- For File disc: Display appears RPT ONE
Stop playback entirely
During DVD, VCD, CD, MP3 playback:
key on remote control once
1. P
stopping the playback and the relevant
location on the disc is saved, press
resume the playback from the saved disc
2. Press twice to cease the playback. Press
to start the playback from the very
beginning the Title page of the DVD or the
first track of VCD / CD.
If you do not select RPT on, when the entire
disc or TITLE playback has finished, the
system will stop. If no other control, after 5
minutes the unit will turn into standby mode.
Repeat A - B
Select desired passage to repeat playback.
-Press REPT A-B once to select starting point
Display shows REPEAT A.
- Press REPT A-B again to select ending point.
Display shows REPEAT A - B, and selected
passage start to replay.
-Press REPT A-B once again to exit. Display
shows A - B CANCELLED.
Select desired track
- Press or to skip to the next track.
-Use 1-9 and 0, 10+ buttons on the remote
control to select desired track number.
Fast forward/backward during
Goto desired track/chapter or time point
Press GOTO button on the remote control,
track or DVD Title/Chapter and time display on
top of the screen. Current item is highlighted.
Use / to select desired item. Use digit
button to select number. Press ENTER to
Press or for more than 2 seconds once or
more to select X8 to fast backward or forward
track during playback.
- D uring the fast forward or backward
operation, press briefly to playback again.
- D
uring the fast forward or backward
operation, the volume will be muted.
Intro (for CD/VCD only)
You can play the beginning of every track for
15 seconds in sequence.
1. During playback, press INT once.
INT ON/OFF will appear on the display.
2. Press INT again to select the current track.
Random track playback (for CD/
VCD/MP3 Only)
You can play all the tracks in random order.
1. During playback, press RDM once or more.
- RDM icon will appear on the display.
2. P
ress RDM again to select normal
Disc Operation (continued)
DVD Playback Menu
-Press PROG to enter program list. Use
/ or / cursor and digit button to enter
For DVD and File disc, select title and
chapter number.
For VCD and CD, select track number.
to play, or move the cursor to
select "PLAY" and press ENTER to play.
-If you want to delete the list, move the
cursor to "CLEAR", press ENTER to delete
all the list set before.
- Press PROG again to exit program play.
While playback touch the center of the screen:
DVD Audio Select
Press AUDIO or R/L to select audio language
to listen if the DVD has multiple audio
Touch the icon to access desired function.
1. Display source menu
3. Stop
4. Track skip/seek
DVD menu left/right
5. Display Select Menu
6. Audio select
7. Subtitle select
8. Play/Pause/Enter
VCD Audio Select
Press R/L to select audio channel to listen.
DVD Subtitle Select
Video CD Playback Menu
Press SUBTITLE to select the subtitle
language to show if the DVD has multiple
language subtitles.
While playback touch the center of the screen:
DVD Title Select
Press TITLE to display title or chapter list, use
/ or / cursor or digit number to select,
press ENTER to play.
DVD Angle Select
Press ANGLE to select different angle to view
if the DVD has multiple-angle views.
Press ZOOM button, the picture will be
zoomed accordingly.
Touch the icon to access desired function.
1. Display source menu
2. Track intro play
3. Audio select
4. Stop
5. Track skip/seek
6. Display select menu
7. Repeat play
8. Random play
9. Play/Pause
Disc Operation (continued)
Tuner Operation
CD Playback Menu
Radio Menu
While playback touch the center of the screen:
Touch to access desired function:
1. Display source menu.
2. Select previous/next preset station.
3. Touch to tune automatically.
Press more than 2 seconds to tune
4. Touch to select preset station 1-6.
5. Display select menu.
6. Hold it to scan preset stations .
7. Auto search and store stations.
8. Band switch:
Touch the icon to access desired function.
1. Display source menu
2. Track intro play
3. Stop
4. Track skip/seek
5. Display select menu
6. Repeat play
7. Random play
8. Play/Pause
RDS Basics
RDS service availability varies with areas.
Please understand if RDS service is not
available in you area, the following service is
not available.
AF Mode
AF (Alternative Frequency): When the radio
signal strength is poor, enabling the AF
function will allow the unit to automatically
search another station with the same PI
(program identification) as the current station
but with stronger signal strength.
Touch to access desired function.
1. Display source menu
2. Back to upper folder
3. Track up/down
4. Display playback info
5. Stop
6. Track and ID3 display
7. Track skip/seek
8. MP4/MP3/PHOTO select
9. Track select / Folder select
10. Display select menu
11. Repeat play
12. Random play
13. Play/Pause
Source menu -> SETTING menu ->RDS
Setting menu -> AF ON/OFF
AF ON: AF function is activated.
AF OFF: AF function is disabled.
Remark: AF indicator on LCD will flash until
RDS information is received. If RDS service
is not available in your area, turn off the AF
Tuner Operation
TA Mode
REG Mode
Some RDS FM stations periodically provide
traffic information.
TP (Traffic Program Identification)
Broadcasting of traffic information
TA (Traffic Announcements Identification)
Radio announcements on traffic conditions
Source menu -> SETTING menu ->RDS
Setting menu -> REG ON/OFF.
REG ON: AF function will implement the
regional code (of the PI) and only stations in
the current region can be tuned automatically.
REG OFF: AF function will ignore the regional
code (of the PI) and stations in the other
regions can also be tuned automatically.
Source menu -> SETTING menu ->RDS
Setting menu -> TA ON/OFF.
When TA mode is turned on, the TA indicator
will blink.
When traffic announcement is received, the TA
indicator will display. The unit will temporarily
switch to the tuner mode (regardless of the
current mode) and begin broadcasting the
announcement at TA volume level. After the
traffic announcement is over, it will return to
the previous mode and volume level. When
TA is turned on, SEEK, SCAN, AMS function
can only be received or saved when traffic
program identification (TP) code is received.
EON (Enhanced Other Networks)
When EON data is received, the EON
indicator lights and the TA and AF functions
are enhanced.
TA: Traffic information can be received from
the current station or stations in other network.
AF: The frequency list of preset RDS stations
is updated by EON data. EON enables the
radio to make fuller use of RDS information.
It constantly updates the AF list of preset
stations, including the one that currently tuned
into. If you preset a station around the area at
your home, you will later be able to receive the
same station at an alternative frequency, or
any other station serving the same program,
EON also keeps track of locally available TP
stations for quick reception.
Source menu -> SETTING menu ->RDS
Setting menu -> TA SEEK/ALARM.
If the TA (Traffic Announcements) is turned on
and there is no traffic program identification
code received in the specified time, no TA/TP
will display and either TA ALARM or TA SEEK
will be activated.
TA ALARM mode: Alarm is turned on.
TA SEEK mode: TA SEEK is automatically
Source menu -> SETTING menu ->RDS
Setting menu -> TA VOL
Source menu -> SETTING menu ->RDS
Setting menu -> RETUNE L/S
RETUNE-S or RETUNE-L is time length
selection of TA SEEK retune interval.
RETUNE-S: Short, TA SEEK retune interval is
45 seconds.
RETUNE-L: Long, TA SEEK retune interval is
180 seconds.
REMARK: RETUNE mode functions for TA
during TA SEEK mode only.
Bluetooth Operation
Map Card and USB Operation
Using Map Card (SD/MMC Card)
For your safety, avoid talking on the phone as
much as possible while driving.
1.T o open the panel first, press the
button on the panel. Insert a map card into
the corresponding slot, the unit will load
the map and switch to navigation mode
automatically, then navigating by the touch
2.To remove the card, you should first select
another source, in order to avoid damaging
the card, then slide down the panel, press
the card slightly, and take off the card after
it popped out.
Note: You can control the panel using
the touch panel control, refer to previous
section: “Panel Control”.
*The panel cannot close if the map card was
not fully inserted or did not remove after
popped it up.
Bluetooth is a wireless transmission way
for short distance. The built-in Bluetooth
can connect with the mobile phones having
Bluetooth function.
After connecting, you can control your mobile
phone through the unit.
Use this function to establish a connection
between the unit and your mobile phone.
Press the SRC button repeatedly on the panel
or touch BT on the SOURCE menu to enter
BlueTooth mode.
Using USB device
1.Connect your USB device to the USB cable
which you placed in the dashboard or glove
box during installation of the car radio.
When connecting a USB device, the unit
will read the files automatically.
2.T o remove the USB device, you should
first select another source, in order to avoid
damaging the USB device.
appears on the TFT .
urn on Bluetooth function of your mobile
phone, keep phone within 3 meters to the unit
and start to search for Bluetooth devices.
After the name of the Bluetooth module “SUNBMA19” appears on the pairing list of your
mobile phone, select it. At this time, a pairing
code is required. Enter the pairing code
(“1234” by default) and the Bluetooth pairing
will process automatically. Some mobile
phones may instruct you to select connect or
disconnect, please select connecting.
After pairing successfully, the Bluetooth icon
stops to blink, “PAIR OK” will appear on the
USB Notes
USB functions (flash memory type) MP3 music play 1.USB flash memory 2 in 1 support 2. Fat 12/fat 16/fat 32 is possible - Fat 12/16 (dir: 200 support, file: 500 support)
- Fat 32 (dir: 200 support, file: 500 support)
3.File name: 32 byte/dir name: 32 byte /tag name:
32 byte 4. Tag (ID3 tag ver 2.0) - Title/artist/album: 32 byte support 5. USB 1.1/2.0 support (It can not support USB 2.0 speed. Just, get the
same speed with USB 1.1)
Not all kinds of USB devices are compatible with
the unit.
To stop pairing, press PAIR during pairing.
Bluetooth Operation
Exit Pair
A f t e r p a i r s u c c e s s fu l l y , i f y o u w a n t t o
disconnect, press PAIR button. The TFT of
the unit display “EXIT PAIR”, Bluetooth icon
it, and then input the pairing code (“1234” by
default). When music playback, touch
play/pause, and press
key on the
TFT or remote control to previous/next track (if
the options are available).
After pair successfully, touch
or press
key on the remote control to dial out the last
dialed number.
1.Input dial number by the number button on
or press
key on the
the TFT, touch
remote control to dial out.
or press
key on the remote
control to cancel.
BT MENU General Operation
Press the SRC button on the panel or the
touch key to enter SOURCE main menu,
touch SET to enter the unit system setting
menu, then touch BT to enter BT setting
Set the automatically pair on or off. If select
ON, the unit will pair automatically and
“WAITING FOR PAIRING” will appear on the
1.A fter pair successfully, if there is a call
incoming, the unit switch to BT mode
or press
key on the remote
control to receive.
or press
key on the remote
control to hang up.
Voice Transfer
Set the automatic connection on or off.
When CONNECT ON and Paired OK, if the
distance is over 10 metres, the connection
will exit. The Bluetooth technology will
automatically establish a connection between
the unit and the registered mobile phone when
the transmission distance is 10 metres or
When CONNECT OFF and Paired OK, if the
distance is over 10 metres, the connection
will exit. The Bluetooth technology will not
automatically establish a connection between
the unit and the registered mobile phone when
the transmission distance is 10 metres or
Whether the automatic connections is set ON
or OFF, when power is off then on again, the
unit Bluetooth will connect the mobile phone
(if the Bluetooth function turning on) which is
paired OK last time.
During talking, touch
to transfer audio
from the unit to your mobile phone, and touch
again to transfer audio from your mobile
phone to the unit.
Some mobile phones will transfer audio from
the unit to themselves once the incoming call
is answered.
BT Audio
(if the mobile phone has the A2DP & AVRCP
After pair successfully, in Bluetooth main
menu, open the audio player of your mobile
phone and set the transmission mode to
Bluetooth. At this time, the unit screen will
appear “MUSIC PLAYING”, and the audio will
be transferred from the mobile phone to the
unit. Some mobile phones may hint that to
connect with the unit. After found the Bluetooth
device name “SUN-BMA19” on mobile phone,
you should select to connect
Bluetooth Operation
General Notes for Bluetooth
Set the automatic answering a call ON/OFF.
When ANSWER ON and Paired OK, if there
is an incoming call, in 15 seconds, the unit
will answer automatically, and voice will be
transferred to the unit too.
When ANSWER OFF and Paired OK, if there
is an incoming call, the unit will not answer
automatically until you choose receiving or
1.For N7X, N9X, PHILIPS, Sony Ericssion,
SAMSUNG mobile phones, during our test,
after the mobile phones appear connection
successful, the unit still appear waiting for
pairing. At this time you must find the unit’s
Bluetooth module name “SUN-BMA19” on
the pairing list on your mobile phone and
select connecting in the submenu, then the
unit will appear pair OK. Otherwise, there is
no voice coming out when communicating,
though the mobile phone has already
displayed pair OK. Some mobile phones,
such as PHILIPS, when it playbacks A2DP,
you must find the unit “SUN-BMA19” in the
phone’s menu and reconnect (check your
mobile phone whether has the A2DP &
AVRCP functions).
2.When pairing, some types of mobile phone
hint that how to operate, for example, when
you make a phone call by the unit, if the
mobile phone voice doesn’t be transferred
to the unit, no voice comes out. The
SAMSUNG mobile phone hints that voice
should be transferred to Bluetooth device.
3.Depending on the mobile phone, if private
mode is selected, when you make a phone
call by the unit, or receive, the voice would
be transferred to the mobile phone. But
sometime the Bluetooth maybe disconnect
till the communication ends, then connects
your mobile phone to the unit automatically.
Some mobile phones maybe need pair
4.F or mobile phone, the Bluetooth device
name must be primary symbols or
numbers. Otherwise, some unpredictable
issues may occur during the Bluetooth
devices connecting and making phone call.
5.A fter paired OK, if no sound produced,
please check whether the Bluetooth stereo
audio on the phone switched ON.
Music Mode
A2DP is short for Advanced Audio Distribution
Profile. The mobile phones supporting this
function can transmit stereo audio, whereas
the ones not supporting this function can
transmit mono audio only.
AVRCP is short for Audio/Video Remote
Control Profile. The mobile phones supporting
this function can control the playback of a
Bluetooth audio player.
In the mode of the music player working, if
you want to make a phone call, you can press
the number keys on the mobile phone or on
the remote control, then touch
to dial. At
the same time the music player will stop. The
TFT screen will appear “DIALLING”, after the
call received, the voice will be transferred to
the unit. When the call end, the TFT screen
will appear “MUSIC PLAYING”. Some mobile
phone may instruct whether resume to
If there is an incoming phone call, the music
player will stop, and the TFT screen will
the call ends, the TFT screen will appear
“MUSIC PLAYER”. Some mobile phone may
instruct whether resume to playback.
side up
Other Mode
AV IN mode
External peripheral devices with RCA audio
and video outputs can be connected with the
For more details, please refer to < Electrical
NAV mode
Navigation system can be supported by the
MAP card connected with the unit.
For more details, please refer to <Navigation>.
GPS Antenna Installation Guide
You can mount the GPS antenna in the car or
out of the car.
• Fix the GPS antenna to a suitable position
on the dashboard behind the windscreen,
and ensure no obstacles to receive GPS
signals. When the satellites determine your
position, the navigation system can supply
instruction information. At the time the
satellites do not determine your position
completely, the navigation system can not
supply instruction.
GPS Antenna,
GPS Antenna,
signal receiving side up
signal receiving side up
• P
lace the GPS antenna on the top of the
car outside, no obstacles on the receiving
GPS Antenna,
signal receiving side up
DVD Setup
Press SETUP to display setup menu on the
to select setup items:
1. Press number button " 0000 " on the remote
control, then press the ENTER button to
2. P ress the desired 4-digit password, and
then press ENTER button to confirm.
3. Record the password and keep it in a safe
place for future reference.
If you forget the password, please
enter 0000 to reset a new password.
Setting Rating:
1 KID SAFE/2 G/3 PG/4 PG13/5 PG-R/6 R/
7 NC-17/8 ADULT
The rating of the disc is from 1 to 8:
(1) with the most limits when playing.
(8) with the least limits when playing.
Original setting: 8
TV System:
The rating can be selected only under the
password unlocked status, and the limits can
be worked only under the password locked
Select the output video format in the setting
Screen Saver:
Load Default:
The screen saver appears if disc stop last
more than 3 minutes. Original setting: ON.
If this item is selected, the unit will return to
original setting.
Video Output Mode:
Setting TV type:
Select TV type to watch wide screen movies.
4:3 Pan Scan: For 4:3 TV, left and right edges
will be cut.
4:3 Letter Box: For 4:3 TV, black bars will
appear on top and bottom.
16:9: For 16:9 wide screen TV.
DVD Setup
OSD Language
Select one language that you are familiar with
to display system menu.
Audio Language
Select one dialogue language that you are
familiar with when playing back DVD discs.
If the DVD disc has the audio file in the
selected language, the dialogues you listened
to will be in the selected language.
If the DVD disc does not contain the audio file
in the selected language, the dialogues you
listened to will be in the default language.
You can change the language by pressing
[AUDIO] key of the remote controller.
Setup the tonality with the
Subtitle Language
Select one language that you are familiar with
to display DVD subtitles.
If the DVD disc has the subtitle file in the
selected language, the subtitle will be
displayed in the selected language.
If the DVD disc does not contain the subtitle
file in the selected language, the subtitle will
be displayed in the default language.
You can change the language by pressing
[Subtitle] key of the remote controller.
Menu Language
Set the brightness of the video output with
Select one language that you are familiar with
to display DVD menu.
Set the contrast of the video output with
If the DVD disc has the selected language, the
DVD MENU / TITLE will be displayed in the
selected language.
If the DVD disc does not contain the selected
language, the DVD MENU/ TITLE will be
displayed in the default language.
Set the hue of the video output with
Set the saturation of the video output with
Set the sharpness of the video output with
System Setup
Sound Effect & TFT Setup
Touch SEL on the TFT, or press SEL button on the remote control to enter SELECT menu.
Touch the TFT or use remote control to adjust Audio/Video settings:
Audio: EQ sound effect(Flat-Pop-Rock-Clas.-OFF)/BASS/TREBLE/BALANCE/FADER
Source menu -> Setting menu -> Setup menu
Touch the adjust icon on left or right to select.
Touch the up/down icon to access next/previous
1. Display Source Menu
2. List up/down
3. Adjust
LOUD ON/OFF:P r e s s
to turn
loudness on/off.
BEEP ON/OFF:Press / to turn button
beep sound on/off.
12/24 HOURS:Press / to select 12
hours or 24 hours mode.
/AM/PM:Press to set hours and press to set minutes.
VOL LAST/ADJUST:Press / to choose VOL LAST, the turn-on volume level is the volume
level of latest power off.
Press / to choose VOL ADJUST, then set the turn-on volume level by
the next option.
A VOL:Press / to adjust volume level when VOL ADJ mode is active.
MIRROR ON/OFF:Press / to turn mirror mode on or off. While enter MIRROR IMAGE ON
mode, the video of camera is mirror image.
PARKING ON/OFF:Press / to turn rear parking attention on or off. At PARKING ON mode,
play video disc, the screen appears:
“WARNING!! Engage Parking Brake to View Video”, and blank screen.
Press / to turn subwoofer on/off.
SUB VOL:Press / to adjust subwoofer volume when SUB ON mode is active.
Device Connections
Notes of connection
• If an external power amplifier is connected,
please don't connect P.CONT lead to the
power lead of the external power amplifier,
otherwise, electric spark or other damage
may be resulted.
• T
his unit is designed to be used in a
vehicle with a 12-volt battery and negative
grounding. Before installing this unit to a
recreational vehicle, a bus, or a truck, make
sure the battery voltage is appropriate for
this unit to be used, otherwise, install a
transformer by professional to convert the
output voltage to 12V.
• N
ever ground the speaker output to prevent
the damage to the built-in power amplifier.
• T
he minimum rating of the speakers
connected to this unit is 45W with 4 to 8Ω
• T
o avoid short circuit in the electrical
system, ensure that the negative battery
cable is disconnected before installation.
• T
o prevent short circuit in the wiring and
damaging to this unit, secure all wirings
with cable clamp or adhesive tape. Route
the wirings in a secured, out of heating
place without touching any moving parts
such as gear shift, handbrake, and seat
rails to prevent the wiring insulation being
melted / wore off.
• N
ever pass the yellow power cord through
the installation hole into the engine
compartment and connect to the car
battery. Otherwise, a high possibility of
serious short circuit to the electrical system
may be occurred.
• R
eplacing a new fuse with 15A rating when
the old one is broken, using no fuse or fuse
with improper rating may cause damage
to this unit or even fires. If a proper fuse is
installed and electrical problems still occur,
please contact with any professional car
shops for inquiry.
• D
O NOT connect other equipments with
the car battery to avoid battery overheating.
• P
lease make sure all the wiring connections
& the cables of the Speakers are wellinsulated. Otherwise, this unit may be
damaged by short circuit.
• If there is no ACC available, please connect
ACC lead to the power supply with a switch.
Device Connections
Parking Brake Cable Connections
Reverse Driving Cable Connections
Electrical Connections
Wiring Diagram
SWC (to external device for
Steering Wheel Control)
GPS Antenna
External Microphone
AUX 1 IN-R (Red)
AUX 1 IN-L (White)
SUB.W (Brown)
VIDEO 1 IN(Yellow)
CAMERA IN (Yellow)
VIDEO OUT 2 (Yellow)
VIDEO OUT 1 (Yellow)
Radio Antenna in
PARKING (Green) -
ISO Connector
Fuse 15A
CAMERA (Pink) +
Telephone-mute (active low level)
Installation Guide
Important: Remove the two screws on the top of the unit before installation, otherwise, the
unit will not work.
1.If relevant, remove any other audio system from the car.
2.After unscrewing the four car radio attachment screws, insert the mounting sleeve into the
dashboard. Fix it firmly in place by folding down the metal tabs.
3.If this has not already been done, attach the brackets (2x) to the car radio.
In order to do this, use the supplied flat head screws (M5x6mm).
4.Perform the required electrical connections:
- If necessary, connect the hand brake wire to your hand brake contact in order to activate the
video display when playing a DVD (when the car is parked).
- Connect the wire that activates the reversing camera to the reversing sensor or to a reversing
light. If necessary, connect your reversing camera to the car radio’s reversing camera input
using a video cable (not supplied).
- Ensure that you now place the USB cable located at the back of the unit in such a way that it
comes out of the dashboard or the glove box.
Then check that everything works before installing the main unit in the mounting sleeve.
Note: if necessary, use the mounting screws and bolt rubber to complete installation of the unit.
5.Install the unit in the dashboard using the supplied flat head screws (M2, 6x5mm).
6. Turn on the unit and slide down the panel, then attach the outer trim frame.
If you are not sure how to install this unit correctly, contact a qualified technician.
*If you couldn’t fix the unit by folding down the metal tabs of mounting sleeve (as step 2), install
the unit by using the supplied screws (M5x6mm) after step 5.
* If you are not sure how to install this unit correctly, contact a qualified technician.
The following checklist can help you solve the problems which you may encounter when using the
unit. Before consulting it, check the connections and follow the instructions in the user manual.
Possible cause
Car ignition is not on.
Cable is not properly
The unit will not switch on.
Fuse is burnt.
Volume is set at minimum or
No sound
the mute function is on.
The unit or screen does
The unit system is unstable.
not function normally.
DVD mode
Turn your car key in the ignition.
Check cable connection.
Replace fuse with a new fuse of the
same capacity.
Check the volume or switch the mute
function off.
Press the RESET button.
Disc must be inserted with the label
The appliance will not play The disc is inserted incorrectly.
side facing up. Clean the disc and
The disc is dirty or damaged.
check for damage. Try another disc.
Adjust mounting angle to less than 30˚.
S o u n d s k i p s d u e t o Mounting angle is over 30˚.
Mount the unit securely with the
Mounting is unstable.
supplied parts.
TUNER mode
The antenna is not connected
Unable to receive stations.
Connect the antenna properly.
Poor quality reception of T h e a n t e n n a i s n o t f u l l y Fully extend the antenna and if
radio station.
extended or it is broken.
broken, replace it with a new one.
T h e b a t t e r y c a b l e i s n o t Connect the permanent live on the unit
Preset stations are lost.
properly connected.
to the permanent live on the vehicle.
The memory card or USB
Unable to insert USB
device has been inserted the Insert it the other way around.
device or SD/MMC card.
wrong way round.
Check that the USB disk file system
is in FAT or FAT32 format. Due to
The USB device or SD/ NTFS format is not supported. different formats, some models of USB
storage devices or MP3 players may
MMC card cannot be
not be read.
The SD/MMC card is not map
Using a map card.
Remote control
The remote control is not
working or does not work The batteries are low or empty. Change the batteries.
Power supply
12V DC (11V-16V)
Test voltage 14.4V,
negative ground
Maximum power output
45Wx4 channels
Continuous power output20Wx4 channels (4
10% T.H.D.)
Suitable speaker impedance 4-8 ohm
Pre-Amp output voltage4.0V (CD play mode:
1KHz, 0 dB, 10K
Dimensions (WxHxD)
- Chassis
- Nose
Aux-in level
Sub-out 4.0V
Disc Player
SystemD i s c d i g i t a l a u d i o
Frequency response
20Hz - 20KHz
Signal/noise ratio
Total harmonic distortionL e s s t h a n 0 . 2 0 %
Channel separation
Video signal output
Video output level
Video signal inputNTSC/PAL
Display resolution (dot)
Active area (mm)
Screen size (inch)
Dot pitch (mm)
Contrast ratio
480RGB(W) x 234(H)
154.08(W) x 86.58(H)
7.0 (Diagonal)
350 nits
FM Stereo Radio
Frequency range8 7 . 5 - 1 0 8 . 0 M H z
8 7 . 5 - 1 0 7 . 9 M H z
Usable sensitivity
Frequency response
Stereo separation
30dB (1KHz)
Image response ratio
IF response ratio
Signal/noise ratio
AM(MW) Radio
Frequency range522-1620KHz
Usable sensitivity
Machine screws M5x6 mm
Mounting bolt (50 mm) Wire connector
Trim plate
Operating Instructions
Rubber cushion Remote control
External microphone
Note: Specifications and the design are
subject to change without notice due to
improvements in technology.
PN: 127075002311
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