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Started Guide
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Your Getting Started guide
Congratulations on your new purchase!
Your Getting Started Guide tells you everything you need to know to
get trueCall up, running and protecting you against nuisance callers.
If you want go further, and use some of trueCall’s advanced
features, then look at the trueCall Reference Guide.
Before using this guide there are a few things you need to know:• trueCall works best if you have Caller Identity service (Caller ID)
from your telephone operator *
• trueCall protects a single phone, or a cordless phone with multiple
• trueCall takes your messages for you, so you don’t need an
answering machine or the answering function built into your
Let’s get started - it will take you less than 5 minutes to set up
What you will need
• Your trueCall unit
• Your telephone, or cordless
phone base unit
• A free mains socket near your
• trueCall’s mains adaptor
* Caller ID is a service that forwards the caller’s number to you with each
call. It is available from most telephone companies. You might be familiar
with this from your mobile phone. To register for Caller ID contact your
telephone operator by dialling 150 - it is often available free (for more
information see page 11).
© trueCall Ltd 2009
V 3.2 14/6/09
Using trueCall - a quick overview
• trueCall answers your phone automatically. It asks the caller to
say their name - we call this their ‘Whisper’. If they don’t say their
name, your phone doesn’t ring.
• trueCall rings your phone, and when you pickup, introduces the
caller using their Whisper. You can choose to take the call, reject
the caller, or get trueCall to take a message.
• If you choose to take a call from a salesman but during
the call you find that he won’t take ‘no’ for an answer,
you can ‘Zap’ him. trueCall will play him a polite
message asking him not to call again, and will then
hang up on him. If you have Caller ID, trueCall will
recognise him if he calls again, and will reject his call
without ringing your phone.
• If you have Caller ID, you can put your friends and
family on your Star list. When someone from your Star
list calls, trueCall recognises them and rings your
phone straight away, bypassing the Whisper message.
• You can ‘Zap’ a caller by pressing the hash ( # ) key on your
telephone keypad at any time during an incoming call.
• You can put a family member or friend on your Star list at any time
by:- pressing the key on your telephone keypad at any time
during an incoming call
- adding to the number you dial when you call them
You can also Star callers in the Setup Menus (see page 19 of the
Reference Guide), or at your Internet Control Panel.
When you first set up trueCall we recommend that you put all the
people who regularly call you on to your Star list.
Callers prefer to hear announcements made in your own voice, as it
confirms to them that they have got through to the right number. We
strongly recommend that you record your own personal greeting trueCall will automatically ask you for this when you first set it up.
Setting up trueCall
Don’t make any calls until you have completed steps 1 - 5 below!
Broadband splitters
trueCall can operate from any telephone socket in your house. If you
have a cordless phone system, locate it near the base station,
otherwise install it close to the phone you use most often - you want
to be able to easily check trueCall to see if you have any messages.
Unplug your telephone’s lead from the wall socket (or the telephone
lead from your cordless phone base station), and replace it with
trueCall's telephone lead. If you have broadband on your home
phone line, you must plug trueCall’s lead into a broadband splitter.
Plug your telephone’s lead (or the lead from your cordless phone
base station), into the socket at the back of trueCall. trueCall takes
messages for you, so disconnect any answering machine or switch
off your phone’s answering facility.
Plug the mains adaptor into the power socket at the back of trueCall
- the LEDs will all flash for about a minute and will then stop with just
the green LED and blue button lit.
Wait by your phone for a minute and trueCall will ring you. Pick up
the phone and follow the instructions to record a short personal
greeting so that your callers know that they have got through to the
right number. If trueCall doesn’t ring, then you can record these
through the setup menu (see Change your Personal Greeting in the
trueCall Reference Guide page 18).
You are now ready to go!
Setting up trueCall
Your telephones
trueCall will work with a wide range of telephone equipment including
corded and cordless phones. It protects all the phones that are
plugged into it. If you need a number of extensions in your house we
recommend that you use a modern multi-handset cordless phone
system so that trueCall can protect all your phones.
Once you have installed trueCall we recommend that you don’t use
phones plugged into other extension sockets in your house. These
may give a short ring when calls from unknown callers are received,
and won’t ring when the caller is put through.
trueCall was designed for use in the home - it shouldn’t be plugged
into office switchboards, lines that are shared with a fax machine, or
anywhere you need to dial ‘9’ for an outside line.
trueCall will work with some Voice Over IP telephones. You can set
this up in your Internet Control Panel. (see Internet Control Panel
Guide page 10).
Some phones automatically check the 1571 network voicemail
service at regular intervals and display a ‘Message waiting’ light.
These are called 1571 phones. We recommend that you do not use
1571 phones with trueCall (see page 16)
Your telephone network supplier
In the UK, if your telephone service is provided via a Cable service
provider then you need to set trueCall’s line type to Cable mode (see
the trueCall Reference Guide, page 22).
Answering machines/answering services
trueCall provides Message Manager, its own powerful answering
machine - If you have a separate answering machine, disconnect
it, or switch off any answering facilities provided by your
trueCall will work co-operatively with most network voicemail
services (see the trueCall Reference Guide, page 13).
All of your answering machine messages and settings are kept safe,
even when trueCall is switched off.
Other equipment
You may have other equipment plugged into your telephone line alarm systems, set top boxes, digital TV boxes, etc. These mustn’t
be plugged into the back of trueCall, but can be plugged in alongside
trueCall using a 2 way telephone adaptor (or plugged into any other
phone socket in your home).
We recommend that you don’t plug trueCall into a wireless phone
line extension box, as these don’t forward Caller ID.
trueCall features
Using trueCall
How trueCall handles incoming calls
When a call arrives, trueCall checks the calling number (if you have
the Caller ID service, and the number is available).
If the caller’s number is on your Star list, your phone will ring and
you can answer the call as usual. If the callers number is on your
Zap list, the caller will be played a polite message saying that you
are not interested in their call and don’t want them to call you again.
If the caller’s number isn’t on either your Zap or Star list, or isn’t
available, trueCall answers them (without your telephone ringing)
and plays them your personal greeting. Anyone who has misdialled
or called a wrong number will hear your personal greeting, realise
their mistake, and hang up without disturbing you.
trueCall asks unrecognised callers to say their name (we call this
their ‘Whisper’) and then puts them on hold. Most telemarketers
hang up when they are asked to leave a Whisper - they know that
you are unlikely to accept their call.
Your telephone only rings if the caller says their name. When you
pick up your phone, trueCall announces the caller by playing you
their Whisper. Having heard the caller say their name, you can
choose to either accept the call, send the caller to Message
Manager (trueCall’s built in answering machine), or play the caller a
message saying that you are not interested in their call and don’t
want to hear from them again.
Whisper means that you only have to speak to people you choose to
speak to. It protects you against malicious calls, pranks and hoaxes.
If you accept an incoming call but decide that you don’t want to
continue with it (telephone sales people can be very persistent) you
can Zap the caller!
Press the hash key on your telephone keypad ( # ) at any time
during the call. trueCall will ask you to confirm, and then you can
hang up. trueCall plays a polite message to the caller, telling them
that you are not interested in their call and don’t want them to call
you again. By law a cold caller must take you off their calling list &
not call you again.
Using trueCall
Zap&Star lists (if you have Caller ID)
trueCall holds two lists of phone numbers and names in its memory
- a Star list and a Zap list. Zap&Star list features are only available if
you have Caller ID from your telephone company (see page 11).
• Star list for your family and friends
Your Star list is for people who you want to speak to - your friends
and family. When someone on your Star list calls they get straight
through to you.
It’s easy to put someone onto your Star list. When you call them
next using trueCall, just add to the end of the number you dial;
or when they call you press the star key ( ) on your phone at
any time during the call.
• Zap list for unwelcome callers
Your Zap list is for anyone you don’t want to speak to again. When
someone on your Zap list calls you, trueCall will answer the call
without your phone ringing and play them a polite message saying
that you are not interested in their call and don’t want them to call
you again.
It’s easy to put someone onto your Zap list. When they call you
just press the hash key ( # ) on your telephone keypad at any time
during the call.
There are other ways of putting numbers onto your Zap list and Star
list (see trueCall Reference guide page 9), and don’t worry if you’ve
got lots of friends - your Zap and Star lists can hold up to 500
numbers each!
Other Intelligent Call Screening options
If you have special requirements - if you are receiving malicious
calls, calls at night, large numbers of silent calls, etc - trueCall
offers a range of other intelligent call screening options that allow
you to control exactly who can get through to you.
Shield all
Standard Shield
Anonymous caller rejection
Starred callers only
Code access only
Screen all unrecognised callers
‘Not at home’
Block international calls
Call recording (optional)
Using trueCall
You can find a detailed description of each of these features in the
trueCall Reference Guide (pages 3 - 9).
Call recordings (optional)
‘Not at home’
Screen all unrecognised
Code access only
Starred callers only
Anonymous caller reject
Standard shield
Shield all
Personal greeting
Wrong numbers
Calls to recycled numbers
Silent calls at night
Offensive or threatening calls
Prank & hoax calls
Silent calls
Nuisance text messages
Unwanted sales calls
Persistent sales agents
Recorded message calls
Market research calls
Fax scanning calls
Calls from overseas call
Calls from people you are
‘not at home’ to
Using trueCall
Making telephone calls
trueCall doesn’t change the way you make outgoing calls, but it
keeps a log of the numbers you called, the time and date, and the
call duration. You can view this information at your Internet Control
trueCall takes messages for you
As well as protecting you from unwanted calls, trueCall’s Message
Manager takes messages for you while you are out (or if you are in
but don’t want to be disturbed!).
Message Manager has been designed with a number of advanced
privacy features, making it one of the most secure answering
machines available.
Accessing your messages
Message Manager lets you know that you have new messages
waiting by flashing trueCall’s red LEDs. The number of flashes tells
you how many new messages and missed calls you have.
There are three ways to play back your messages • Playback from your telephone handset - Pick up your
telephone. When you hear the dial tone press Zap Star ( # ).
Message Manager will then play back your messages. It will give
you detailed information about the message - the exact time and
date that it was left, and the caller’s telephone number (if
available). You can also ring back the caller at the touch of a
• Quick playback through the speaker - Just press trueCall's
centre button, and Message Manager will play back your
messages through its speaker. Press the left button to save the
message, or the right button to delete the message.
• Checking your messages when you are away from home When you are away from home just dial in, and when trueCall
answers your call, press Star (). Message Manager will ask for
your PIN, and then play back your messages. trueCall comes
already set up with a PIN - this is the last four digits of the serial
number printed on the underside of the unit. You can change your
PIN at any time (see the trueCall Reference Guide, page 19).
Using trueCall
Working with your 1571 network voicemail service
trueCall works alongside 1571 network voicemail services. If you are
engaged on a call when a new call arrives your 1571 network voicemail
service will take the message. After each call you make or receive
trueCall checks, and if a new message has arrived, it rings your phone
and tells you. trueCall works with most, but not all voicemail services.
Call screening
When trueCall plays you a caller’s Whisper, you can choose to send
them to Message Manager to leave a message even though you are at
home. If you then press the centre button on the unit, you can listen to
the caller leaving their message through the speaker. You can hear
them, but they can’t hear you, and they don’t know that you are
screening them. If you decide that you do want to speak to them, you
can pick up the phone to get connected, otherwise, if you have heard
enough, you can press the centre button again to switch off the
speaker, and trueCall will continue taking the message.
All about Caller ID services
Most telephone operators provide a caller identity (Caller ID) service on
their networks. This service transmits the telephone number of the
person who is calling you along with their call. If your telephone has a
display screen you can see who is calling you before you pick up. You
are probably familiar with this sort of service from your mobile phone.
In the UK some operators provide the service free - but you have to
contact them to switch it on. Other operators may charge a small
monthly fee.
trueCall works best when you have Caller ID switched on, as it allows
you to use Zap&Star and it gives you detailed caller information in the
setup menu, your Internet Control Panel and Message Centre.
Phone the operator (normally 150) to get Caller ID
services switched on for your phone line and take advantage of
trueCall’s powerful Zap&Star features!
Note: Phone lines supplied via a cable TV service in the UK use a
different mechanism for delivering Caller ID to the method used on
standard lines. trueCall is initially set up for standard phone lines, so if
you have Caller ID delivered on a Cable phone line, you will need to
change trueCall’s line type (see the trueCall Reference Guide, page
Using trueCall
trueCall tells you what it’s doing
You can tell what trueCall is doing by looking at its LEDs.
trueCall is on and is protecting your
telephone line. Your phone is ready and
free for you to make or receive a call.
You have new messages waiting.
An incoming caller is being checked by
You have a call - trueCall is ringing your
An incoming or outgoing call is in progress.
A caller is leaving a message.
For a full listing of all trueCall’s LED patterns see the trueCall
Reference Guide, page 25.
Using trueCall
Personalising trueCall
While trueCall will work just fine when you first plug it in, you can
tailor it to meet your exact personal requirements.
Security options
Set security level, change PIN, disable remote access
Message taking
Set ring duration, audible alert, speaker volume, call
screening, missed call reporting, record a personalised
‘not available’ announcement
Intelligent call
screening options
Record personal Whisper, Zap, and Shield announcements, switch ON or OFF Zap&Star, Whisper, Shield,
Anonymous caller reject, Night Shield, Screen all
unrecognised callers
Edit Zap&Star lists, listen to messages and recordings,
delete messages and recordings, set system date,
change line type (standard or cable), record personal
greeting, listen to system information, reset to factory
You can personalise trueCall either in the setup menu from your
telephone, or on the internet through your optional Internet Control
Accessing the setup menu from your phone
The setup menu gives you options to tailor the way that trueCall
works to suit your own personal requirements. Voice prompts tell you
what options are available, so there are no complex codes to
To access the menu, pick up your telephone and press Zap Star
( # ) on its keypad. trueCall first plays back any messages - you
can skip these by pressing ‘0’. It then asks you to enter your PIN. It is
initially set up with a 4 digit PIN that is the last 4 digits of the serial
number printed on the underside of the unit. This gets you into the
setup menu where you hear a list of options. When you hear the
option you want to select, just press the key - you don’t have to listen
to the full description of all the options.
For full details of your setup menu options see the trueCall
Reference Guide, page 18.
Using trueCall
Using the trueCall’s Internet Control Panel
Some people prefer to change their trueCall settings at their Internet
Control Panel.
Your Internet Control Panel is a secure web page on the internet
that you can access using your own personal user name and password. It allows you to:• See a call history of the phone calls you have made and received - you can use this to see who has been calling while
you were out or check your phone bill.
• Set up your Zap and Star lists on the internet - simply type in
your family and friends’ details, or copy and paste them from
your contact database (eg Outlook).
• Change your trueCall settings, giving you access to additional
special features.
• Order upgrades and additional features when they become
An annual charge is made for use of the Internet Control Panel, but
all trueCall users get their first year’s usage free!
To use your Internet Control Panel, go to the trueCall web site
( and click on Log In. Register your unit using
its full serial number (printed on the bottom of the unit).
For full details see the Internet Control Panel and Weblink guide.
Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions
Can I use any telephone with trueCall?
trueCall will work with a wide range of telephone equipment cordless DECT phones, cordless analogue phones, text message
phones, even Mickey Mouse phones! It works best with a cordless
DECT base station with multiple handsets, or just a single phone.
While trueCall works well alongside a 1571 service, we recommend
that you don’t use phones with the built in 1571 feature (see page
Does trueCall work with answering machines?
trueCall includes Message Manager, its own powerful answering
machine. If you have a separate answering machine, unplug it or
switch off any answering facilities provided by your telephone to
prevent conflicts.
Which network providers does trueCall support?
trueCall will work on standard domestic telephone lines from any of
the main telephone providers. In the UK, if your phone service is
delivered to your house as part of a cable TV service ) then you must
set up trueCall’s line type for Cable operation (see trueCall
Reference Guide page 22).
trueCall was designed to be connected to a domestic exchange line.
You should not plug it into a company switchboard, or anywhere you
have to dial ‘9’ for an outside line.
Where should I locate my trueCall?
You can plug trueCall into any telephone extension socket in your
house. If you have a cordless phone system, trueCall must be
located with the base station, otherwise, as trueCall is also your
answering machine, put it in a convenient place for checking your
Will trueCall work on my broadband
trueCall will work happily alongside your
broadband connection - just make sure
that its telephone cable is plugged into a
broadband splitter.
Broadband splitters
Frequently asked questions
I have tried to Star a caller, but trueCall won’t let me
trueCall’s Zap&Star feature only works if you have the Caller ID
service from your network operator, and the caller has passed on
their calling number (see page 11).
Help! - I have accidentally Zapped someone I meant to Star
Don’t worry - trueCall has an automatic UnZap feature! All you have
to do is ring your friend, and trueCall will automatically remove them
from your Zap list.
Help! - I have accidentally Starred someone I meant to Zap
You can go into the setup menu and add their number to your Zap
list (see trueCall Reference Guide page 18), or use your Internet
Control Panel.
I pressed the Zap key during a call, but trueCall didn’t respond
Zap&Star is only active on incoming calls so you can’t Zap or Star
someone during an outgoing call.
What if there is a power cut?
trueCall doesn’t prevent you making or receiving phone calls if you
have a power cut, though it won’t intercept incoming calls.
trueCall’s red LED flashes every 30 minutes
Some telephones check your 1571 network voicemail service for
messages on a regular basis – these are called 1571 phones. They
automatically pick up the line a few moments after the end of each
call, and then every 30 minutes during the day and night. trueCall’s
red LED is there to tell you that your phone line is in use, so a 1571
phone will make this light up at regular intervals. We recommend
that you don’t use 1571 phones with trueCall.
When I receive a call, the phone attached to trueCall rings, but
my extension phones don’t ring
trueCall is designed to protect the phones plugged into it from
nuisance calls. If you have additional phones plugged into extension
sockets, these will not ring if trueCall has intercepted the call.
Can I use Call Waiting with trueCall?
The Call Waiting service from your telephone company will work
with trueCall, but if you are already engaged on a call, trueCall isn’t
able to classify the incoming caller or log their Caller-ID - there is a
chance that you might speak to a zapped caller.
Frequently asked questions
I’m not receiving the telephone numbers from some of my
There are a number of reasons why you may not be receiving a
caller’s number:•
Your telephone company may not be passing it on to you Caller ID is available on most networks and can be a free service.
We recommend that you ask your network provider to switch it on
as trueCall gives you maximum control over the calls you receive
if you have a Caller ID service.
Check that your unit is set for the right line type - Lines
supplied by Cable operators use a different format of Caller ID
message to standard telephone lines, so check that trueCall’s
line type is set correctly (see trueCall Reference Guide page 22).
The calling number is withheld - The caller may have chosen
to withhold their calling number to protect their own identity.
trueCall will tell you that the number was withheld, and gives you
the choice of accepting or rejecting the call.
The calling number is not available - The caller’s number may
have been ‘lost’ in the telephone network - this is not the fault of
the caller. It happens with some domestic calls and most
international calls.
trueCall can take advantage of Caller ID whether or not your
telephone handset has a screen to display the caller’s telephone
How will trueCall handle automated messages that I want to
receive - for example from Neighbourhood Watch?
Just put the phone number of the line that sends you these
messages onto your Star list, and trueCall will put the calls straight
through to you (see trueCall Reference Guide page 18).
I can’t get trueCall to play back my messages from my handset
Be sure that you have dialled ‘Zap Star’ rather than ‘Star Zap’!
You can play back messages from phones attached to
trueCall, but not from phones plugged into other extension
sockets in your home.
Frequently asked questions
Help - I’ve forgotten my PIN!
trueCall comes already set up with a PIN - the last four digits of the
serial number printed on the underside of the unit. If you have
changed your PIN and have forgotten it, then you can check it at
your Internet Control Panel (see the Weblink and Internet Control
Panel guide).
In extreme circumstances you can reset your PIN to its original
value, but to preserve your security, all your messages will be
deleted. To reset your PIN, pick up the handset and dial
# # 2 0 0 0 #.
WARNING: If you have set your unit to operate in High Security
mode, resetting your PIN will reset your unit to its factory settings your configuration settings will be lost, your Zap and Star lists will be
deleted and your log file will be cleared. You will still be able to
access your call history at your Internet Control Panel because this
has a separate password.
I sometimes get a short ring on an extension phone when I
receive a call
trueCall is designed to protect the phones plugged into it from
nuisance calls. If you have additional phones plugged into extension
sockets they may tinkle. If you can hear your main telephone ringing
all around your house, just set your extension phones to ‘Silent ring’.
How much power does trueCall use?
trueCall uses less than one percent of the power of a standard light
bulb! It is an Energy Star certified product - products that have
earned the Energy Star certification perform much more efficiently
and use about one-third of the energy of conventional products.
Energy Star is a joint programme of the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy helping to
save money and protect the environment through energy efficient
Will trueCall work with my SMS phone?
Some modern phones can send and receive text messages (SMS
phones). trueCall will allow your phone to send and receive text
messages if you have Caller ID set up on your phone line.
Frequently asked questions
trueCall doesn’t respond to commands from my extension
trueCall responds to commands from the telephones plugged into it,
including cordless phone systems with more than one handset. You
can still make or receive calls from other extension phones in your
house that are not connected via trueCall, but they won’t have
access to the special trueCall features like Whisper introductions,
Zap&Star, message retrieval or the setup menu.
Weblink sometimes fails
trueCall’s top priority is to allow you to make and receive telephone
calls, so if you pickup your phone to make an outgoing call while a
Weblink session is in progress, trueCall will abandon the Weblink
session and allow you to make your call. You can restart Weblink at
any time.
Note that because 1571 phones check for messages every 30
minutes or so, they can even interrupt Weblink sessions in the early
hours of the morning, so we recommend that you don’t use 1571
phones if you use trueCall.
If I am not at home, my calls are picked up by my 1571 network
voicemail service, not trueCall’s Message Manager
When I try to listen back to my messages I just hear a long tone
that lasts about 12 seconds
Both these situations are caused by trueCall and your 1571 network
voicemail service each trying to pick up your messages at the same
If you use a 1571 network voicemail service we recommend that you
set trueCall’s Ring Duration to 9 seconds (see trueCall Reference
Guide page 19). To test that it is working OK, put the number of your
mobile phone on your Star list, dial into your home phone line from
your mobile and wait for trueCall’s Message Manager to pick up. If
your 1571 network voicemail service picks up the call, then you need
to reduce trueCall’s ring time.
I receive messages on my answering machine saying “press 1
to accept the call, hash to zap the caller …”
trueCall has its own built in answering machine, so you must turn off
the answering facility of your phone, or disconnect your answering
Frequently asked questions
When I turned on trueCall it didn’t ring me to ask for my
personal greeting
trueCall will only ask for your personal greeting if it is turned on
between 7am and 10pm, and is plugged into your phone line. If
trueCall doesn’t ring you, then you can setup your personal greeting
through the setup menu (see trueCall Reference Guide page 18).
I picked up the phone to make a call and was connected to a
If you pick up your phone at the exact moment a call arrives, you will
be directly connected to the caller without them being screened.
This will very rarely happen. If you pick up the phone to make a call
while a caller is being screened you will hear the message ‘incoming
call - please hang up’.
I can hear a faint buzzing sound when I am talking on the
Some cordless phone base stations are not properly shielded and
can sometimes cause interference. Move your trueCall unit a few
inches away from your phone’s base station to reduce the
During a call I was asked to confirm whether I wanted to Zap or
Star someone, but hadn’t pressed the hash or Star key
Like most telephone devices, trueCall does it’s signalling using
tones. In rare circumstances trueCall can mistake music, high
pitched voices or background sounds as a tone during a call.
trueCall seems to be interfering with my broadband service
trueCall will work happily alongside your broadband connection but
it is essential that you plug it into the telephone wall socket via a
broadband splitter (sometimes called a microfilter) - see page 4. You
will almost certainly already have one installed.
I’m not able to Star a regular caller from abroad
Few international calls arrive with their Caller ID, they normally just
give an indication that they are international. As you don’t have the
caller’s number you can’t Star them. If you want to allow all
international calls through, you can turn on ‘Star all International
callers’ at your Internet Control Panel, but be aware that this will let
through calls from international call centres.
Frequently asked questions
Can I use trueCall with a Voice over IP service?
trueCall can work with some Voice over IP devices. Voice Over IP
systems tend to send Caller ID in the American format rather than
the UK format, so you need to turn on VoIP Caller-ID in your Internet
Control Panel.
Can I remotely access my messages from overseas?
You can remotely access you messages from anywhere in the
world! Just dial in, and when trueCall answers, press the key and
enter your PIN.
trueCall’s red LED comes on even though I’m not making a call
This may be because another attached device - a Sky box, a 1571
phone or an alarm system - is making a call.
Will trueCall work with pendant alarm systems?
trueCall is compatible with many pendant alarm systems, but we
recommend that once you have installed trueCall you must check
that your alarm system is still working correctly.
Can deleted messages be retrieved?
No - once a message is deleted you can’t retrieve it.
I have a fax machine that I use at home, but it keeps on picking
up calls
If you use a fax machine on the same line as trueCall, you must
switch off the fax machine’s Auto Answer feature.
General information
• The power supply should be plugged a standard 3 pin socket
outlet. The trueCall unit must be installed near the socket-outlet
and must be easily accessible. Only use trueCall’s power supply,
any other power supply will invalidate your guarantee and may
cause damage.
• Simply clean trueCall with a damp cloth. Do not use chemicals
or abrasive cleaning products.
• Do not open trueCall as there are high voltages inside the unit.
• Do not touch the plug contacts with sharp or metal objects.
• trueCall is intended for indoor use only.
• Do not submerge any part of trueCall in water and do not use it in
damp or humid conditions, such as in bathrooms.
• Do not expose trueCall to fire, explosive or other hazardous
• There is a slight chance that trueCall could be damaged by an
electrical storm. We recommend that you unplug the power and
telephone line cord for the duration of the storm as such damage
is not covered by the guarantee.
Optional Call Recorder
trueCall Call Recorder & Message Centre
trueCall Call Recorder allows you to make audio recordings of some
or all of your telephone calls. It also allows you to save any
important answering machine messages.
Why would you want to record calls?
• It is easier to resolve disputes over ‘who said what to who,
and when’ relating to products or services you have bought
• Banks and insurance companies keep recordings of calls for
their own protection in case of a dispute - why shouldn’t you
have access to the same information?
• If you receive malicious calls, this information may make it
easier to take legal action to stop them.
• You can keep a record of harassment by debt collection
• Keep a record of what you have agreed to in case of
mis-selling and slamming
trueCall Call Recorder is an SD Card - the same sort of memory
card that is used in many digital cameras. It comes with trueCall
Message Centre software that allows you to copy your call
recordings and messages you your PC where you can store,
annotate and manage them.
trueCall Call Recorder cards are available in various capacities, and
can store up to 140 hours of telephone
conversations and messages!
trueCall Message Centre software
requires a PC running Windows XP or
Windows Vista, or an Apple Mac
running OSX with PC emulation such
as Parallels.
Your computer needs an SD card slot,
or a spare USB socket (using the
supplied USB/SD card adaptor).
trueCall Call Recorder & Message centre can be ordered from
our website
Need more help?
If you need further help setting up trueCall and really, really
don’t want to read the trueCall Reference Guide then try our
website ( If you’re still stuck then email
us, or phone through to trueCall Customer services for help
with problems, or advice on how to get the most out of
: trueCall Ltd
Knights Hall
Knights Hill
London SE27 0HS
E-mail :
Phone : 0844 804 4000
trueCall Ltd
Knights Hall
Knights Hill
London SE27 0HS
Disposal instructions
© trueCall Ltd 2009
Waste electronic equipment should be
separated from your normal household
waste and taken to your local recycling
centre for disposal, or back to where
you bought the equipment.
Proper recycling of electronic equipment will help the
environment and conserve natural resources.
Packaging material
is recyclable
Patent Pending
trueCall and Zap&Star are
trademarks of trueCall Ltd
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