SnapServer DX2 / SnapScale X2 Node Spare

SnapServer™ DX2 / SnapScale™ X2 Node
Spare Fan Instructions
This document describes how to remove and replace a fan in a
SnapServer DX2 appliance or SnapScale X2 node from
Overland Storage.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of electric shock or damage to
equipment, always remove any power cords while working
with the unit.
AVERTISSEMENT: Pour réduire le risque de choc électrique
ou endommagement de l'équipement, retirez toujours les
cordons électriques en travaillant avec l'appareil.
CAUTION: While working with the unit, observe standard
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) precautions to prevent damage
to micro-circuitry or static-sensitive devices.
NOTE: These instructions are for chassis with captive screws
at the top of the side flanges. For units with the screws at the
bottom of the side flanges, contact Overland Service.
Prepare the Unit
Power Off and Disconnect
SnapServer DX2
1. Power off the unit/cluster:
• SnapServer DX2: Press the Power button on the right
flange to cleanly shutdown the unit.
• SnapScale X2 Node: Use the Web Management
Interface (Maintenance > Shutdown/Restart >
Shutdown) to cleanly shutdown the cluster.
Power Sockets
Cable Ports
2. When all the front LEDs are off, disconnect the power
cords of the unit being repaired.
3. Disconnect all the cables from the unit.
Remove the Front Bezel
Carefully take hold of the front bezel and pull it straight out
from the appliance until the magnets release. Set it aside.
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Spare Fan Instructions
Remove the Drives
IMPORTANT: Overland recommends that you remove the disk
drives to reduce the unit’s weight prior to removal. They must
be replaced in the same slots when done.
NOTE: Do not remove the disk drives from their carriers. Doing so
voids the drive warranty.
Remove all the drive carriers, noting from which slot they were
removed. Blank carriers can be left in place.
1. Press the release button on the right side of the carrier.
2. Using the built-in handle, pull the drive carrier out.
3. Set the carrier on an secure surface.
4. Repeat Steps 1–3 for all the remaining drive carriers.
Remove Unit from Rack
WARNING: It is recommended that a mechanical lifter (or at
least two people) be used during rack installation or removal
to prevent injury.
AVERTISSEMENT: Pour éviter toute blessure il est
recommande qu'un monte-charge (ou deux personnes au
moins) soit utilisé lors de l'installation ou de l'enlèvement du
1. Release the two captive screws on the front flanges, and
slide the chassis out until it stops.
2. Position the lifter in front of the unit, release the rail
locks, and slide the chassis out onto the lifter.
3. Move the chassis onto a secure surface.
Secure Surface
Remove Top Panel
1. Remove and retain the four screws on the sides and two
screws on the top securing the rear top panel.
2 Screws
On Side
2. Slide the panel toward the rear about one-half inch
(1.25cm) and lift it off.
3. Set the top panel on a safe surface.
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Spare Fan Instructions
Replace the Fan
Remove Old Fan
1. Locate the fan being replaced and unplug its cable from
the motherboard.
(The numbering below is only to show the fan, cable tiedown, and motherboard socket relationships.)
2. Carefully cut the cable ties holding the cable to the
Fan cables 1 and 2 are tied down together.
Fan #2 Bulkhead
Fan Clamps
3. Carefully pull the cable out through the fan bulkhead.
4. Squeeze the two fan clamps on the bulkhead toward the
center to release the fan.
Cable Ties
5. Pull the fan up and out of the chassis.
1 2
Install New Fan
1. Slide the new fan down into the fan bulkhead slot.
2. Push the fan down until the clamps lock (click).
3. Carefully run the fan cable through the fan bulkhead
into the chassis.
4. Connect the fan cable onto the same socket on the
5. Position the cable above the bridge lance (metal loop) on
the chassis floor and use a new tie-down to secure the
cable to the bridge lance.
Motherboard Fan Sockets
Fan cables 1 and 2 are looped and tied down together.
Reinstall Top Panels
1. At the new chassis, position the top panel with no more
than one-half inch (1.25cm) extending out over the rear
of the unit.
2 Screws
On Side
2. Slide the panel forward until it is fully seated.
3. Using the six retained screws, secure the panel.
Return Unit to Rack
Reinstall the Chassis
1. Using the mechanical lifter, position the chassis in front
of the rack rails.
2. Pull the middle rails out of the rack, connect those rails to
the server rails, and slide the chassis all the way into the
3. Secure the unit using the two captive screws on the
front flanges.
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©2012 Overland Storage, Inc.
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Spare Fan Instructions
Reinstall the Drives
Return the drive carriers to their original slots:
1. Position a drive carrier in front of its empty slot.
2. Slide the carrier in until the latch locks (clicks).
3. Repeat Steps 1–2 for all remaining drive carriers.
IMPORTANT: To maintain proper airflow and cooling, a drive
carrier or a blank carrier must be installed in every slot. No
empty slots are allowed.
Reattach the Bezel
Edge Tabs
1. Position the bezel with the tabs aligned inside the top and
bottom edges of the chassis.
2. Move the bezel toward the appliance until the magnets
make contact.
3. Verify that the bezel is aligned properly, all the LEDs are
visible, and the Power panel is cleanly centered in its slot
on the right flange.
SnapScale X2 (Inside View)
Reattach Cables and Power Cords
SnapScale X2
1. Reattach the data cables to the same connections
previously used.
2. Attach the power cords.
3. At the front, press the power switch to power it ON.
Power Sockets
For SnapScale, turn all the nodes ON.
Cable Ports
Refer to the unit’s user guide to verify that the fan is working
and to put the unit back into service.
Return Old Parts to Overland
1. Place the old part in the anti-static bag and put it in the
replacement part’s box.
2. Use an RMA to return the part to Overland Storage.
For return shipping details and RMA number, go to:
You can get additional technical support on the Internet at the Overland Storage Support web page, or by contacting Overland Storage using
the information found on the Contact Us page on our web site.
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©2012 Overland Storage, Inc.
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