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The IP40 is a simple yet robust IP-based audio procesor
for VoIP contact centers. This groundbreaking IP solution
provides outstanding voice quality and reduces desktop
clutter and cost. The IP40 plugs directly into the Ethernet,
so agents do not need an IP desk phone or softphone to
make calls. Unlike a softphone, the IP40 guarantees audio
quality because the voice path is independent of the PC.
Call answer
button including
indicator LED
Mute button
indicator LED
IP40 Key Features
• Compatible with Plantronics H-series professional
• Cost savings. Eliminates superfluous equipment such as
IP phones, or the need for expensive PC upgrades
to support softphones.
• Reliable audio. Allows Plantronics headsets to be directly
connected to the Ethernet and provide an ‘always on’
media path for contact center agents.
• Less desktop clutter. Boosts agent efficiency with
fewer desktop distractions and a smaller footprint than
an IP phone.
• Beyond softphones. Addresses the inconsistent
performance of PC softphone technology.
• Effortless call controls. Works with the leading contact
center applications and provides frequently used call
controls, such as Answer/End, Hold, and Mute right on
the device.
• Plug-and-play installation.
• Warranty: Two years for unsurpassed durability.
Backed by Plantronics global
service and support
The IP40 allows Plantronics headsets
to be directly connected to the Ethernet
and provide an ‘always on’ media path
for contact center agents.
For more information about the IP40 or other
Plantronics products, please visit our Web site
Tel: 866-544-4660 (U.S. And Canada)
831-458-7700 (Outside U.S.)
All software is stored in flash memory.
Call Features:
Answer (auto answer or manual answer option)
Mute (button)
Hold (invoked on disconnect of headset)
Message waiting indication
(flashing LED when message waiting)
Outbound call (to preconfigured number)
Hang up (if allowed configurable option)
Audio Specifications:
G 711 u-law, A-law
G 729
iLBC 30ms
Silence suppression
Send 20ms samples
Echo cancellation
External Interfaces:
Headset interface (RJ22 connector)
Ethernet interfaces (2)
Ethernet interface speed (10/100)
DC power:
Connector (DC barrel connector)
Power over Ethernet (802.3af – PoE class 1)
Answer key with integrated LED (green, red, amber)
Mute key with integrated LED (red)
Vol-up/Vol-down keys
Headset Support:
All Plantronics H tops
Supported Protocols:
SIP digest authentication RFC2617
SIP usage of DNS-SRV and NAPTR lookups RFC 3263
SIP hold RFC 3264
SIP refer method RFC 3515
SIP refer event package RFC3265 – as transferee or
transfer target (including Broadsoft ‘Talk’ event)
SIP replaces header RFC3891
RTP, RTCP – RFC3550, RFC3551
MWI (SIP ‘Notify’ with LED indication)
Remote firmware update via file push or pull
Remote configuration via file push or pull
Web configuration option (can be switched on or off)
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