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Prospekt STR 110
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STR Single tank
high-volume rack conveyor
dishwashing machine
Optimum power – minimum space
Prospekt STR 110
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Optimum cleaning results
STR – Powerful performance and flexibility
Winterhalter – The
Performance and flexibility are what count in the hotel and restaurant
specialist in innovative
sectors, as well as in cost sector catering. This applies to chefs and kitchen
dishwashing solutions
personnel – and dishwashers. The STR single tank rack conveyor dishwasher
+ Represented in more
delivers the power you need at busy times, and saves energy when it's quiet.
than 70 countries
From automatic zone activation to variable speed, the STR conveyor system
adapts to the quantity of dishes you are washing and provides flexible
+ Commercial dishwashing technology
from front loading
to flight machines
+ Complete solutions
consisting of machine,
detergent products,
water treatment and
accessories – all from
a single source
washing capacity. Yet it takes up only a modest amount of space. Variable
setup options allow you to adjust the cleaning process to your exact needs.
Prospekt STR 110
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Performance at your fingertips
The STR single tank rack conveyor dishwasher has a proven high-performance washing system that adapts automatically to how busy you are.
+ High-performance washing system
Top quality cleaning results are guaranteed by the perfectly coordinated
combination of a powerful pump, five upper and three lower wash arms,
optimum water distribution and jets positioned for total coverage.
+ Optimum speed
With two conveyor speeds (standard and rapid programme), the STR
can adapt to variable quantities of dishes and to their degree of soiling.
The rapid programme is selected to do the job during busy periods or to
wash away light soiling, saving both money and time.
+ Gentle glasswashing
The option of reducing the rinse temperature to 65° C significantly
increases your glassware's service life. And it delivers the same excellent
cleaning results.
+ Flexible washing
Thanks to its rack-activated zones, the STR adapts to changing volumes
automatically. The pump is activated and fresh water fed in only if dishes
are actually in the respective zone. This STR feature significantly reduces
operating costs. Zone activation also significantly reduces noise, steam
and heat emission.
Prospekt STR 110
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Flexible, and multi-talented
With its compact dimensions, the STR single tank rack conveyor dishwasher
also fits into the smallest kitchen. When combined with the 90° corner entry
and 90°/180° outlet corner conveyor, small or odd-shaped spaces can be fully
utilised. A wide range of setup options means integrated flexibility as early
as the planning phase. So the system can be tailored to deliver optimum
cleaning, whatever the onsite conditions.
Standard setup variant with straight tables
STR in combination with:
Due to the STR's compact size, straight setups
– Inlet table with sink; room for two racks*
take up a minimum amount of space – and the
– Outlet roller conveyor with room for
machine requires a depth of only 800 mm. The
two racks*
setup variables enable the inlet and exit areas
of the machine to be separated for optimum
workflow (dirty and clean sides).
* It is possible to extend the inlet and outlet tables individually.
Prospekt STR 110
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Maximum flexibility
Compact setup variant for especially small work areas
STR in combination with:
– Inlet table with sink and corner entry;
room for four racks*
With a length of only 2842 mm, this setup
option is ideal for kitchens with limited space
for the washing area. It saves a significant
– 90° corner conveyor and outlet roller
amount of space. Even in the smallest areas,
conveyor with room for two racks*
optimum washing capacity can be achieved
with the STR.
+ High performance setup variant with compact dimensions
STR in combination with:
– Sorting station; inlet table with sink and
room for two racks*
– 180° corner conveyor and outlet roller
conveyor with room for two racks*
The sorting station enables the cleaning process
to be extremely efficient: it easily accommodates
any quantity of dishes, even in peak times.
Combined with the 180° corner conveyor, the
amount of space required for washing with the
STR is kept to a minimum.
* The inlet table and the outlet roller conveyor can be extended individually.
The setup options illustrated are selected examples only. The tables in the inlet and outlet areas can be combined as required.
If space is a problem, the machine length can be shortened to 44 inches (1117.6 mm).
Prospekt STR 110
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Economical and hygienic
Improve performance, save costs
The STR single tank rack conveyor dishwasher is exceptionally economical.
Water, energy and chemical consumption are optimised for minimum usage
and maximum cleaning power.
+ Reduced rinse water volume
The STR requires very little rinse water, and fresh water is supplied only
when dishes are actually located in the rinse zone. This reduces the
quantities of water, energy and detergent required – which also reduces
your operating costs.
+ Continuous tank water cleaning
In combination with the total coverage filter system and the pump inlet
filter, the Mediamat washwater filtration system continuously filters dirt
particles from the tank water. They enable consistently good cleaning results
without having to change the tank water. Continuous filtration reduces
consumption values and costs, and saves time.
+ Ultimate all-round protection
'All-round protection' consists of the rear panel, closed base cover and
double-skinned door. This guarantees minimum heat dissipation and maximum protection for the machine. It also makes the STR extremely quiet.
+ Reliable operation
The clear, colour-coded display prevents operating errors. The wash arms
can be removed individually and the filters are easily accessible. This saves
time and money.
Prospekt STR 110
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Uncompromisingly hygienic
The STR machine's interior design ensures maximum hygiene, eliminating
the build up of dirt and bacteria. The control panel display delivers effective
hygiene monitoring, thus completing the comprehensive hygiene concept.
+ Smooth, seamless surfaces
The smooth interior door surface and the deep-drawn tank with rounded
corners provide no place for dirt and deposits to hide.
+ Access all areas
STR's 180° pivoting hygiene door has clear advantages compared to a
conventional lift sliding door: a perfectly hygienic interior door surface
plus maximum, ergonomic access to the interior.
+ Thoroughly clean – automatically
At the end of each working day, the machine interior is automatically
cleaned. The advanced tank and drain design, combined with the integrated drain pump, ensures that the tank is completely emptied of water.
+ Controlled hygiene
The control panel shows boiler and tank temperature during operation.
A special option also allows it to alert the operator when detergent or
rinse aid need refilling. This can make a significant contribution to hygiene
Prospekt STR 110
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STR – It's your advantage
STR 155
STR 208
Machine length
Machine depth
Machine height
Clear entry width
Clear entry height, max.
Theoretical machine output
General dimensions
Washing zone
Pump output
Tank temperature
Rinse zone
Pressure booster pump output
Rinse water consumption per hour*
Boiler temperature
Connection figures
Minimal water inlet temperature
Total connected load**
with water inlet temperature 51 – 60 °C
Optional equipment
• Glass washing programme for cleaning glasses especially gently
• Outlet tunnel with exhaust air pipe for venting the exhaust in the outlet area
• Steam heating
• Machine length reduction to 44 inches (1117.6 mm) if space is inadequate
➔ All other machine features listed in the brochure are standard.
*: 850 mm optional
**: with door open
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*Under ideal conditions **In case of lower incoming water temperature, total load changes accordingly
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