Philips AQ 6585/14 User manual

Philips AQ 6585/14 User manual
 Stereo Radio Cassette Player
* Dynamic Bass Boost
Enhances bass tone frequencies to give deep, rich sounds.
* Extended Playing Time (tape playback)
Innovative, power-saving technology extends battery playing time to 18
hours (2 “AA” batteries).*
* AM/FM Stereo Tuner
* Stereo Cassette Playback
* Full Auto Stop
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* Stereo Headphones
* Detachable Belt Clip
* Slim, Compact Design
Standard product information
Cassette Deck
* 4-key stereo cassette deck
* Tape type selector
* Full automatic stop
* Analog tuning
* Wavebands
* Frequency ranges
: AM/FM/FM stereo
: FM 87.5 - 108 MHz
: AM 526.5 - 1606.5 kHz
» Wire aerial for FM via headphone cord
* Ferroceptor for AM
* Max. output power 2 x 5 mW RMS
* Dynamic Bass Boost (2 position)
Power Supply
» Batteries 2 x 1.5 V, type AA/R6/UM3 cell
* Battery life (approx.)
tape playback 18 hours with Philips POWERLIFE batteries
FM reception 30 hours with Philips POWERLIFE batteries
* External supply 3V DC
* LED battery indicator
* Headphone socket 3.5 mm
* DC in 3.4 mm, 3 Y, centre “-”
* Stereo in-earphones
* Detachable belt clip
* Material Polystyrene
* Weight 175 g (excluding batteries)
* Dimensions (mm) 116 mm W x 88 mm H x 32.5 mm D
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Product Highlights
* AM/FM Stereo Tuner
Gives you a wide variety of programmes and music to choose from.
* Stereo Cassette Playback
Lets you enjoy high-quality stereo sound from cassette unit.
* Full Auto Stop
Automatically shuts off the cassette deck at the end of playback to avoid
overstretching the tape and to extend battery life.
* Tape Type Selector
Switch facility for selecting between Normal or CrO2/Metal cassettes for
optimum playback performance.
* DC Supply Connection
Enables unit to be connected to a mains adapter to conserve batteries.
* Stereo Headphones
High-quality headphone set supplied with unit that offers a wider dynamic range
for excellent sound quality.
* Detachable Belt Clip
For convenient, hands-free music on the move.
* Slim, Compact Design
High-performance, very compact product that's easy to hold and carry anywhere.
* Stereo Headphone Socket
Enables stereo headphones to be used for enjoying high-quality stereo sounds
without disturbing others.
* Extended Playing Time (tape playback)
Innovative, power-saving technology extends battery playing time to 18 hours
(2 “AA” batteries).*
*With Philips POWERLIFE batteries
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