Philips 7363C User manual

Philips 7363C User manual
AZ 7363C Portable Compact Disc Player ,
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Canada |
English: This digital apparatus does Francais: Cet appareil numérique
not exceed the Class B limits for radio n'émet pas de bruits radioélectriques
noise emissions from digital apparatus dépassant les limites applicables aux
as set out in the Radio Interference appareils numériques de Classe B
Regulations of the Canadian Department prescrites dans le Règlement sur le
of Communications. Brouillage Radicélectrique édicté par le
Ministère des Communications du
Mexico im
Es necesario que lea cuidadosamente su instructivo de manjeo.
Verifique que el voltaje de alimentacién
sea el requerido para su aparato
Para evitar el riesgo de choque eléctrico, no quite la tapa.
En caso de requerir servicio, dirijase al personal calificado.
English Introduction... 4-5 Operation............ ...... 11-15
Controls ............ mem 6-7 Troubleshooting........... 16-17
Power Supply... mw. 8 General Information ...18-19
Connections... 9-10 Limited warranty ..........20-21
Francais Introduction ................ 22-23 Fonctionnement... 29-33
Commandes 24-25 Recherche de pannes...34-35
Alimentation..........—.—... 26 Généralités... ... coun... 36-37
Branchements .............. 27-28 Garantie limitée .......... 39-39
Español Introducción.............. 41-41 Funcionamiento........... 47-51
Mandos ..............———... 42-43 Detección de anomalías 52-53
Suministro de energía.......44 Información general ....54-55
Conexiones .............—.. 45-45 Garantía limitada ......... 56-57
Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other
than herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.
The set complies with the FCC-Rules, Part 15 and with 21 CFR 1040. 10.
Lutilisation des conmandes ou réglages ou le non-respect des
procédures ci-incluses peuvent se traduire par une exposition
dangereuse a l'irradiation.
L'appareil répond aux normes FCC, Part 15 et 21 CFR 1040. 10.
El uso de mandos o ajustes o la ejecucción de métodos que no sean
los aquí descritos puede ocasionar peligro de exposición a radiación.
El aparato cumple las normas FCC, Parte 15 y 21 CFR 1040. 10.
Francais English
ys GUY
7 a
Smart Very smart: W*o =
Congratulations on your purchase,
and welcome to the “family!”
Dear MAGNAVOX product owner:
Thank you for your confidence in MAGNAVOX. You've selected
one of the best-built, best-backed products available today.
And we'll do everything in our power to keep you happy with
your purchase for many years to come.
As a member of the MAGNAVOX “family,” you're entitled to
protection by one of the most comprehensive warranties and
outstanding service networks in the industry.
What's more, your purchase guarantees you'll receive all the
information and special offers for which you qualify, plus easy
access to accessories from our convenient home shopping
And most importantly you can count on our uncompromising
commitment to your total satisfaction.
All of this is our way of saying welcome-and thanks for
investing in a MAGNAVOX product.
Q <>
Robert Minkhorst
President and Chief Executive Officer
P.S. Remember, to get the most from your MAGNAVOX
product, you must return your Warranty
Registration Card within 10 days. So please mail it
to us right now!
SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS — Read before operating equipment
This product was designed and manufactured to meet strict quality and safety standards. There are,
however, some installation and operation precautions which you should be particularly aware of.
1. Read Instructions — All the safety and
operating instructions should be read
before the appliance is operated.
2. Retain Instructions — The safety and
operating instructions should be retained
for future reference.
3. Heed Warnings - All vvamings on the
appliance and in the operating instructions
should be adhered to.
4. Follow Instructions — All operating and
use instructions should be followed.
5. Water and Moisture —~ The appliance
should not be used near water - for
example, near a bathtub, washbowl,
kitchen sink, laundry tub, in a wet
basement or near a swimming pool, etc.
6. Carts and Stands — The appliance should
be used only with a cart or stand that is
recommended by the manufacturer.
6A. An appliance and cart
combination should be moved
with care. Quick stops, excessive
force, and uneven surfaces may
cause the appliance and cart
combination to overtum.
7. Wall or Ceiling Mounting ~ The
appliance should be mounted to a wall or
ceiling only as recommended by the
8. Ventilation — The appliance should be
situated so that its location or position
does not interfere with its proper
ventilation. For example, the appliance
should not be situated on a bed, sofa, rug,
or similar surface that may block the
ventilation openings; or, placed in a built-
in installation, such as a bookcase or
cabinet that may impede the flow of air
through the ventilation openings.
9. Heat — The appliance should be situated
away from heat sources such as radiators,
heat registers, stoves, or other appliances
(including amplifiers) that produce heat.
10.Power Sources — The appliance should
be connected to a power supply only of
the type described in the operating
instructions or as marked on the
11.Power-Cord Protection — Power supply
cords should be routed so that they are
not likely to be walked on or pinched by
items placed upon or against them, paying
particular attention to cords and plugs,
convenience receptacles, and the point
where they exit from the appliance.
12.Cleaning — The appliance should be
cleaned only as recommended by the
13.Power Lines — An outdoor antenna
should be located away from power lines.
14.Nonuse Periods — The power cord of the
appliance should be unplugged from the
outlet when left unused for a long period
of time.
15.0bject and Liquid Entry — Care should
be taken so that objects do not fall and
liquids are not spilled into the enclosure
through openings.
16.Damage Requiring Service — The
appliance should be serviced by qualified
service personnel when:
A. The power-supply cord or the plug has
been damaged; or
B. Objects have fallen, or liquid has spilled
into the appliance; or
C. The appliance has been exposed to rain;
D. The appliance does not appear to operate
normally or exhibits a marked change in
performance; or
E. The appliance has been dropped, or the
enclosure damaged.
17. Servicing — The user should not attempt
to service the appliance beyond that
described in the operating instructions. All
other servicing should be referred to
qualified service personnel.
91/8 EL 4562-1
a CA © i | PLAY / PAUSE
DISPLAY ...............——.—.. Window for showing the different playing modes, tracks and times
>>! Button for selecting the next music track or, if held down, for
searching forward for a particular passage on the CD
haa Button for selecting the previous music track or, if held down,
for searching-backward for a particular passage on the CD
VOLUME.................... Control for adjusting the volume of the headphone
RESUME/HOLD .......... Switch for activating the RESUME function (resuming CD play)
and/or HOLD (blocking all buttons) function
MODE O.................... Button for selecting the different playing modes:
PROG P........….….….…… Button for storing tracks in a program and for reviewing the
DBB Dynamic Bass Boost: Button for boosting the bass response,
DBB 1-+DBB 2—DBB 3—CAR—off
STOP Button for stopping CD play, deleting various settings,
switching off the CD player
OPEN vers Slide control for opening the lid of the CD player
>i Button for starting and pausing CD play
ESP Electronic Skip Protection: Switch for activating the
electronic buffer memory for an undisturbed sound
CD QUT / 43 .............. Headphone and CD OUT socket (3.5 mm)
45VDC.............. Socket for external power supply
Battery compartment for inserting batteries
Power adapter |
ys [BUY
1 Make sure that the local voltage corresponds
to the voltage of the adapter (see accessories).
2 Connect the power adapter to the player's
4.5 V DC socket and to the wall outlet.
* Always disconnect the adapter when you are
not using it.
Batteries, type LR6, UM3 or AA (supplied or optional available) |
e Open the battery compartment and insert 2
alkaline batteries.
Typical playing times under normal conditions:
Alkaline batteries: 5.5 hours {ESP off)
4.5 hours (ESP on)
Remove the batteries if they are dead or if the
CD player is not to be used for a long time.
Note: In the right-hand corner of the display the battery condition will be indicated:
-Full batteries: no indication.
-Weak batteries: E -symbol lights up. This symbol is not available when
rechargeable batteries are used.
-Dead batteries: © -symbol flashes and the message & 7% & appears. Replace
the batteries or connect the power adapter.
Batteries contain chemical substances, therefore they should be disposed of
¡Accessories |
Accessories for power supply
AY 3160 power adapter 4.5 V/400 mA Direct current, plus-pole to the center pin
Note: Use only the AY 3160 adapter, other products may damage the set.
Car accessories
AY 3545 - car voltage converter (4.5 V/400 mA, Direct Current, plus-pole to the
center pin)
AY 3501 - car adapter cassette
Connecting headphones (supplied) |
e Connect the supplied headphones (16 ohms/
3.5mm plug) at the CD OUT / & jack.
Note : Use this jack also for connecting your Hifi system
[signal lead) or your car radio (adapter cassette or
signal lead). In both cases, the volume of the CD
player has to be set to maximum position (10).
Use your head when using headphones
Hearing safety: Do not play your headphones at a high volume. Hearing experts
advise that continuous use at high volume can permanently damage hearing.
Traffic safety: Do not use headphones while driving a vehicle. It may create a
hazard and it is illegal in many countries. Even if your headphones are an open-air
type designed to let you hear outside sounds, do not turn up the volume so high
that you cannot hear what is going on around you.
A nn —
Connections for in-car use |
1 Find a safe place for the
CD player on a horizontal,
vibration-free and stable
surface that is not dangerous
or in the way of the driver
Or passengers.
2 Connect the DC plug of the
voltage converter to the DC S
socket of your CD player 45 VDE
(only for a 12 V car battery, negative grounding).
3 Insert the voltage converter into the cigarette lighter socket. If necessary, clean the
cigarette lighter socket to obtain a good electrical contact.
4 Turn down the volume and switch off the autoreverse function (if present) of
your car radio cassette player.
Connect the adapter cassette plug to the CD OUT / © socket of the CD player.
Slide the adapter cassette carefully into the car radio's cassette compartment.
Make sure that the cord does not hinder your driving.
Start the CD player, turn its volume to maximum position (10) ard adjust the sound
with the car radio controls.
To remove the adapter cassette press the eject button of the car radio.
Always remove the voltage converter from the cigarette lighter socket when the CD
player is not in use.
Notes on In-car Use:
- Avoid excessive heat from the car heating or from direct sunlight (e.g., in a parked
car in the summer).
- Do not remove the protective film from the metal head of the adapter cassette.
- If your car radio has a LINE IN jack, it is best to use it for the car radio connection
instead of the adapter cassette. Connect the signal lead to this LINE IN jack and
the CD OUT/ jack of the CD player.
— — —————] ——————l_——— ——;—]]]— —_—];——]—_———]———] ]Ñ]]]——]]—]]]]]—¿——Ú]_——]——]]——]—]— mt pp A = A A
Inserting the CD Removing the CD |
e Push gently on
e Hold the CD < S
the CD center N = by its edge MS
so that it fits > and press the f 7 / Es
onto the hub. ve hub gently. >
o A e
Playing a CD |
1 Open the lid by pushing the OPEN slide control to the side. À
6 |
2 Insert an audio CD, printed side up. Ces O /
3 Close the lid by pushing down on the right-hand side. — 737
—> Display indication of: (example)
17 = total number of tracks / 51:06 = total playing time (5
Clips |
Press the PI button to start CD play.
— Display indication of: {example} NT
4 = current track / 2:56 = elapsed time of current track | 256 |
Adjust the sound using the controls VOLUME and DBB.
You can interrupt CD play by pressing the M11 button. Continue CD play by pressing
the PIE button again.
— Display indication of: time of the current position (flashing).
Press the STOP № button to stop CD play.
—» Display indication of: total number of tracks / the total playing time.
If you press the STOP Hi button again, you will switch off the set.
Note: If no button is pressed for 90 seconds, the set will switch off automatically.
Selecting another track
Briefly press the re« or »» button once/several times to skip... .—— $
to the beginning of the current/previous or next track(s). — F- /%
-» Display indication of: selected track number. a
-» During play: CD play continues automatically with the E. _
selected track.
— In stop position: press the II button to start CD play.
Searching for a passage during CD play
Hold down the меч or »> button to find a particular passage in forward or backward
—» After 2 seconds, searching will start at high speed.
Release the button when you have reached the desired passage.
Note: Searching is only possible within the particular track when you are in one of
these modes: SHUFFLE, REPEAT 1 or PROGRAM. Searching is not possible in
the SCAN mode.
MODE o — different playing modes |
* By pressing the MODE O button, you can —
successively activate the playing modes: al
SHUFFLE: The tracks are played in random order until all |
of them have been played once.
SHUFFLE REPEAT ALL: All tracks are played repeatedly in
random order until you leave this mode.
REPEAT 1: The track is played repeatedly until you leave this mode.
REPEAT ALL: The CD is played repeatedly until you leave this mode.
SCAN: Each track is scanned for 10 seconds until you leave this mode or alt tracks
have been played once.
— The selected playing mode is indicated in the display.
—> During play: CD play continues automatically with the selected playing mode.
> In stop position: press the YI button to start CD play.
— You can choose from 12 different playing modes when you combine all the
above-mentioned modes with PROGRAM.
— Deactivate all modes with the MODE O button.
ys GU
[PROG P — programming of tracks (max. 25 tracks)
1 Select the desired track with PREV «« or NEXT »».
2 As soon as the desired track is displayed, press the PROG button to store the track
in the memory.
— Display indication of: track number г ==
/ © [ total number of stored tracks, e.g. | 2 POS |
- When you try to store more than 25 tracks, TE
the display indicates F UL 1. | PLILL |
- When you press PROG P and there is no track selected, Г =
the display indicates SEL EEE. | JCLELE |
Playing the program:
e |f you have selected the tracks in STOP mode, press the PLAY/PAUSE M11 button.
* If you have selected the tracks during CD play, first press STO? IM and then the
PLAY/PAUSE P11 button.
— Display indication: PROGRAM.
-» Your program will be played in the selected playing mode (e.g. shuffle).
Reviewing the settings:
e Press the PROG P button for more than 2 seconds.
— Display indication: each stored track successively flashes for a short moment.
Erasing the program in STOP mode:
e Press the STOP button to erase the program.
— PROGRAM disappears on the display and your program is erased.
-» [1 £AF lights up briefly on the display.
Note: Interrupting the power supply or opening the lid will also erase the program.
== жене неее око еек се = = ———— — = еже ———— —-- —
¡ESP — Electronic Skip Protection Memory |
e Activate the ESP memory by sliding the
ESP switch to the right.
— The ESP symbol lights up in the display.
—> The ESP memory continuously stores in advance the
CD data to be played. This is to prevent sound skipping
during play due to shock and vibration.
— Prolonged shocks and vibrations may empty the ESP
memory completely. Then the display shows 527 7 5
and there will be no sound.
Note: When switching the ESP feature on and off, CD play will be delayed or
interrupted for a short time.
RESUME — playing from where you have stopped
Activate the RESUME feature by sliding the RESUME/HOLD
switch to the middle.
If you stop CD play by pressing the STOP IM button, the last
played position will be stored.
Press PI to resume CD play from the position where it
was stopped.
HOLD — deactivating all buttons
e Activate the HOLD feature by sliding the RESUME/HOLD switch to the far right.
—> Now all buttons are deactivated and will not function until you switch the
feature off again. If you press a button (except OPEN), the display will indicate
-In the hold position, the resume function is automatically activated.
-Do not open the lid as this erases the information about the last position played.
® Ifa fault occurs, please check the points listed below before taking your set for
* If you are not able to solve a problem by following these hints, consult your dealer
or service facility.
No poweror CD Batteries
play won't start — Batteries incorrectly inserted Insert the batteries correctly
Use of new batteries Press PL.
Display: Batteries are dead. Change/recharge the batteries.
no indieation Contact pins are dirty. Clean them with a cloth.
power adapter
Loose connection Connect the adapter securely.
In-car use
Cigarette lighter is not powered Switch on ignition or
when ignition is switched off. insert batteries.
CD play does not HOLD feature is activated. Switch off the HOLD feature.
start or is CD lid is not closed securely. _ Close the lid securely.
interrupted. Moisture condensation Leave the player in à warm
place until the moisture
Display: no CD is not or incorrectly inserted. Insert a CD, label facing up.
indication CD is badly scratched Use another CD.
orno di5 CD is dirty. Clean the CD.
Play does not start RESUME, SHUFFLE or Switch off RESUME, SHUFFLE
from the first track. PROGRAM is activated. or PROGRAM.
will invalidate the warranty.
Under no circumstances should you try to repair the unit yourself, as this
No sound or had PAUSE is activated. Press PIL.
sound quality Loose or wrong connections Check connections.
Volume is not turned up. Adjust the volume.
Headphones worn the wrong — Pay attention to the L (left)
way and R (right) indications.
Headphone plug is dirty. Clean the headphone plug.
Strong magnetic fields near Change the player's position
the CD player or connections
Electrostatic discharge from Press ke or »»1 once or
the user via the CD player press PH twice.
In-car use
Strong vibrations Find another place for the set.
Adapter cassette is
incorrectly inserted.
Temperature inside car is too
Insert the adapter cassette
Let the CD player adjust to
high/low. the temperature.
Cigarette lighter/socket is too Clean the cigarette
dirty. lighter/socket.
Wrong playback direction of Change the autoreverse
the autoreverse feature of the direction.
car cassette player
Hum or noise in car Unfit car radio input socket Use the adapter cassette.
Maintenance |
* The lens €) of the CD player should never be touched!
* Do not expose the CD player, batteries or CDs to rain,
dampness, sand, dust or excessive heat caused by heating
equipment, or to direct sunlight.
The lens may cloud over when the set is suddenly moved
from cold to warm surroundings. Playing a CD is not possible then.
Leave the CD player in a warm environment until the moisture evaporates.
* You can clean the CD player with a soft and slightly dampened
chamois leather. Do not use any cleaning agents
as they may have a corrosive effect.
Always pick up the CD by the edge and put it back in its
box after use.
To clean the CD, wipe it off in a straight line from the
center toward the edge using a soft, lint-free cloth.
A cleaning agent may damage the disc!
e When a new CD does not stay on the hub, this is
caused by small burrs around the center hole of the CD.
Remove the burrs by rubbing the edge of the center hole
With a pen or similar instrument.
Environmental information |
* Please observe the local regulations regarding the disposal of packing materials,
exhausted batteries and old equipment.
* All redundant packaging material has been omitted. We have tried to make the
packaging easy to separate into three mono-materials: cardboard (box), expandable
polystyrene (buffer), and polyethylene (bags, protective foam sheet).
* Your set consists of materials which can be recycled if disassembled by a
specialized company.
* Do not dispose of exhausted batteries with your household waste.
Return your Warranty Registration Card today to
ensure you receive all the benefits you're entitled.
Once your MAGNAVOX purchase is registered, youre eligible to
receive all the privileges of owning a MAGNAVOX product. So
complete and return the Warranty Registration Card enclosed
with your purchase at once. And take advantage of these
important benefits.
M Warranty E Owner E Model
Verification Confirmation Registration
Registering your Your completed Returning your
product within 10 Warranty Registra- Warranty Registration
days confirms your tion Card serves as Card right away
right to maximum verification of guarantees you'll
protection under the ownership in the receive all the
terms and event of product information and
conditions of your theft or loss. special offers which
MAGNAVOX you qualify for as the
warranty. owner of your model.
CAUTION: To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not
remove cover (or back). No user-serviceable parts
inside. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel.
This “bolt of lightning” The “exclamation point”
indicates uninsulated calls attention to
material within your unit features for which you
may cause an electrical shock. should read the enclosed
For the safety of everyone in your literature closely to prevent
household, please do not remove operating and maintenance
product covering. problems,
CAUTION: To prevent electric shock, match vide blade of plug to wide slot, and fully insert.
LIMITED WARRANTY EL4967E001 / MAC 4108 / 9-95
yst bug
en = ==
One Year Free Exchange
This product must be carried in for an exchange.
You must have proof of purchase to exchange the product. A sales receipt or other document
showing that you purchased the product is considered proof of purchase. Attach it to this owner's
manual and keep both nearby.
Warranty coverage begins the day you buy your product. For one year thereafter, a defective or
inoperative product will be replaced with a new, renewed or comparable product at no charge to
you. A replacement product is covered only for the original warranty period. When the warranty
on the original product expires, the warranty on the replacement product also expires.
Your warranty does not cover:
* labor charges for installation or setup of the product, adjustment of customer controls on the
product, and installation or repair of antenna systems outside of the product.
* product repair and/or part replacement because of misuse, accident, unauthorized repair or
other cause not within the control of Philips Consumer Electronics Company.
reception problems caused by signal conditions or cable or antenna systems outside the unit.
a product that requires modification or adaptation to enable it to operate in any country other
than the country tor which it was designed, manufactured, approved and/or authorized, or
repair of products damaged by these modifications.
* incidental or consequential damages resulting from the product. (Some states do not allow the
exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusion may not apply to
you. This includes, but is not limited to, prerecorded material, whether copyrighted or not
You may exchange the product in all countries where the product is officially distributed by
Philips Consumer Electronics Company. In countries where Philips Consumer Electronics
Company does not distribute the product, the local Philips service organization will attempt to
provide a replacement product (although there may be a delay if the appropriate product not
readily available).
Please check your owner’s manual before requesting an exchange. Adjustments of the controls
discussed there may save you a trip.
Philips Service Company 401 East Andrew Johnson Highway Jefferson City,
(423) 475-3869 Tennessee 37760
= = A us eme ut a a ER r= = rT =
Contact your dealer to arrange an exchange. Or, ship the product, insured and freight prepaid,
and with proof of purchase enclosed, to the address listed below.
Small Product Service Center
Philips Service Company
907 Snapps Ferry Road
Plant 2, Building 6
Greeneville, TN 37743
(In U.S.A,, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands, all implied warranties, including, implied
warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited in duration to the
duration of this express warranty. But, because some states do not allow limitations on how long
an implied warranty may last, this limitation may not apply to you.)
Contact your dealer to arrange an exchange. Or, ship the product, insured and freight prepaid,
and with proof of purchase enclosed, to onc of the Philips consumer service centers listed below.
Philips Electronics Ltd.
601 Milner Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario, MIIB 1M8
(416) 292-5161
4977 Levy Street, St, Laurent, Québec, H4R 2N9
(514) 956-0120
1741 Boundary Road, Vancouver, B.C., V5M 3Y7
(604) 294-3441
(In Canada, this warranty is given in lieu of all other warranties. No other warranties are
expressed or implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a
particular purpose. Philips is rot liable under any circumstances tor any direct, indirect, special,
incidental or consequential damages, howsoever incurred, even if notified of the possibility of
such damages.)
In U.S.A, Puerto Rico or U.S. Virgin Islands, contact Philips Service Company at (500) 851-
8885 to obtain the cost of out-of-warranty exchange. Then carefully pack the product and ship it
to the Small Product Service Center (address listed above). In Canada, contact the nearest
Philips consumer service center (phone number and address listed above) to obtain the cost of
out-of-warranty exchange. Then carefully pack the product and ship it to that service center.
Please record the model and serial numbers found on the product below. Also, please fill out and
mail your warranty registration card promptly. It will be casier for us to notify you if necessary.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights.
You may have other rights which vary from state to state.
— — — ее те == =
—— —
rr Yo re
a ——
= == — - == — = == = = =
= an —
= == боже te к = ее еее Ae
== оч =
— pp
A ен nn
—— —]] —
ен — == = = = = ото —————
A Division of Philips Electronics North America Corporation
Knoxville, Tennessee 37914-1810, U.S.A.
3140 115 2272.1 Printed in Hong Kong
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Vie CHC/9606 1B7579T001
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