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4K Ultra HD LED Monitor
Displays of Power and Precision — 4K Ultra HD Monitors with IGZO Technology
(3,842 x 2,160 pixels)
Screen images simulated.
A Quantum Leap in Visual Presentation
Prepare to be amazed. Sharp presents the groundbreaking PN-K321 and PN-K322B—professional-use LED monitors that deliver a stunning
level of visual precision. Cutting-edge IGZO* technology enables these monitors to achieve 4K Ultra HD resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels)—four
times the detail of 1080p. The choice of the PN-K321 or the touchscreen-equipped PN-K322B means that the potential applications are
extremely wide-ranging. Wherever there’s a demand for the very finest in visual display quality, Sharp has the solution.
* IGZO (InGaZnO) is an oxide comprising indium (In), gallium (Ga), and zinc (Zn).
Ultra-High Resolution with IGZO Technology
IGZO technology offers the key advantages of extraordinarily high
resolution and improved energy efficiency. The small size of
semiconductors made with IGZO technology enables smaller-sized
pixels, which in turn provide stunning high resolution. With 3,840 x
2,160 pixel resolution (4K Ultra HD), the PN-K321/K322B monitors
boast four times the resolution of 1080p full HD. This means users
can view all the content of four HD screens on a single, seamless
display. And because IGZO technology supports increased pixel
transparency and reduced current leakage, the monitor can operate
with reduced power consumption.
LCD pixel
a-Si TFT (FHD)
Higher definition
with equivalent
The transmittance of an IGZO TFT (thin-film transistor)
is superior to that of an a-Si (amorphous silicon) TFT.
Thin and Stylish
Simple Interface with Advanced Connectivity
IGZO technology and edge-lit LED backlighting enable the
monitors to sport a stylishly slender profile. Measuring only
about 35 mm at the thickest point—or 36 mm on the
PN-K322B—these sleek and lightweight monitors blend in
effortlessly in almost any location.
The PN-K321 and PN-K322B support both DisplayPort™ and
HDMI™ interfaces. 4K Ultra HD video signals can be
transmitted via a single easy-connecting, clutter-reducing cable.
35 mm* (PN-K321)
DisplayPort cable (included)
HDMI cable (commercially available)
MST Mode for 4K Ultra HD Video at 60 fps
The PN-K321 and PN-K322B support MST (Multi-Stream
Transport) mode as specified by the DisplayPort 1.2 standard.
A single DisplayPort cable can transfer 3,840 x 2,160 video
signals at 60 fps, resulting in smooth rendering of
high-resolution video and fluid mouse operation.
Choice of Installation Mode
Whether installed in a landscape or portrait orientation*1,
these monitors offer a convenient, high-impact way to
convey information in a wide range of
settings. The PN-K321 and PN-K322B
both come with a model-specific stand*1
and offer compatibility with commercially
available VESA*2 mounts.
*1 PN-K321 detaches from stand when switching
orientation; PN-K322B stand can be used for
landscape installation only.
*2 Video Electronics Standards Association.
PN-K321 (portrait)
Built-In Speakers
* 36 mm for PN-K322B
Screen images simulated.
Built-in speakers eliminate the need for external speakers
and keep these monitors stylishly streamlined. The speakers
emit sound from both sides of the screen for superb sound
Choice of Touchscreen Model
The PN-K322B adds multi-touch capability to the 4K Ultra HD
monitor to further expand the possible applications.
Touchscreen-Specific Stand
10-Point Multi-Touch Screen
The PN-K322B can be set up in a vertical (90-degree) or
low-angle (24-degree) position thanks to a dedicated stand
that allows the monitor to slide easily between the two angles.
The vertical set-up enables easy viewing of the monitor,
whereas the low-angle set-up is ideal for touchscreen operation
and onscreen writing by hand.
Seamlessly flush with the bezel, the PN-K322B’s full-flat screen is
ideal for touchscreen operations that involve swiping from the
edge of the screen—for example, using the charm bar in
Windows® 8. This touchscreen monitor is capable of recognizing
10 touch points at once, thereby expanding touch interface
applications beyond merely writing on the screen. Users enjoy
greater flexibility when interacting with sophisticated graphical
content such as architectural designs or high-resolution
photographic images.
Fine-Tipped Touch Pen
The dedicated touch pen allows smooth and
extremely accurate onscreen writing of fine text
and lines. The PN-K322B’s pen features an
extra-small 2 mm tip that enables users to
easily underline text, add notations, draw
illustrations, and make amendments to
onscreen content.
Smooth Onscreen Writing
Onscreen input is rendered with
precision on the PN-K322B’s
touchscreen. This highly
sensitive capacitive touchscreen
is equally adept at receiving
input from a hand or from the
bundled touch pen. Users can
enjoy the reassurance of
stress-free writing.
Palm Cancellation Function
To prevent unwanted hand input
when the user’s palm is resting on
the touchscreen, a palm
cancellation function can be
selected to prioritise pen input.
A Wide Range of Professional Applications
Bloomberg Professional® Service
Post-production editing
Financial services
Cosmetic services
Video game production
Car dealers
Museums, galleries
Pen tip: 2
Model Name
Landscape / Portrait
Landscape / Portrait
(Note: Portrait installation not supported when used with supplied stand.)
31-1/2-inch widescreen (80.1 cm diagonal) IGZO Ultra HD LCD
LCD Panel
Max. Resolution
3,840 x 2,160 pixels
Max. Display Colors (approx.)
1.07 billion colors
Pixel Pitch (H x V)
0.182 x 0.182 mm, 140 ppi
350 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio
800 : 1
Viewing Angle (H/V)
176°/176° (CR
Active Screen Area (W x H)
27 7/16" x 15 7/16" (697.9 x 392.6 mm)
Response Time
8 ms (grey to grey, avg.)
LED, edge lit
Touch Technology
Capacitive touch
Multi Touch
10 points
Windows® 8*2, Windows® 7, Windows Vista®*3, Windows® XP*3
Supported OS
Computer Input
300 cd/m2
Plug & Play
Power Management
Power Save (VESA DisplayPort )
Input Terminals*4
DisplayPort™ x 1, HDMI™ x 2 (HDCP compatible), RS-232C*5, 3.5 mm-diameter mini stereo jack x 1
Output Terminals
3.5 mm-diameter mini stereo jack x 1
Built-in Speakers
VESA (4 points), 200 mm pitch, M6 screw
Power Supply
100V – 240V AC, 50/60 Hz
3.5 mm-diameter mini stereo jack x 1,
Micro-USB x 1 (for touchscreen operation)
Power Consumption
93 W*6 / 87 W*7
97 W*6 / 91 W*7
Operating Temperature
0°C to 40°C
5°C to 35°C
Operating Humidity
20% to 80% RH (no condensation)
Dimensions (approx.) Without Stand
(W x D x H)
With Stand
29 17/32" x 1 3/8" x 17 3/8" (750 x 35 x 441 mm)
29 17/32" x 1 13/32" x 17 3/8" (750 x 36 x 441 mm)
29 17/32" x 10 1/6" x 19 1/4" (750 x 256 x 489 mm)
29 17/32" x 15 11/32" x 19 13/32" (750 x 390 x 493 mm)
Without Stand
16.5 lbs (7.5 kg)
19.8 lbs (9.0 kg)
With Stand
28.7 lbs (13.0 kg)
35.3 lbs (16.0 kg)
AC adaptor, CD-ROM, set-up manual, DisplayPort cable x 1,
vertical sticker (logo), blank sticker, key label, cable clamp,
RS-232C conversion cable, stand, operation manual
AC adaptor, CD-ROM, set-up manual, DisplayPort cable x 1,
vertical sticker (logo), blank sticker, key label, cable clamp,
RS-232C conversion cable, stand, operation manual, touch pen, USB cable
Main Accessories
*1 Brightness depends on input mode and other picture settings. Brightness level will decrease slightly over the lifetime of the product. Due to the physical limitations of the equipment, it may not be possible to
maintain a precisely constant level of brightness. *2 Supports Finger-only mode. *3 Mouse operation only. *4 Monitor comes standard with a DisplayPort cable. For HDMI connection, commercially available
cables are required. *5 Requires the bundled RS-232C conversion cable. *6 When using the supplied AC adaptor. *7 When using the monitor in DC 19.5V.
Input/Output Terminals
10 13/16"
4 3/4" 7 7/8" 4 3/4"
(120.5) (200 ) (120.5)
7 7/8"
17 3/8" (441)
19 1/4" (489)
15 9/16"* (395)
27 9/16"* (700)
10 13/16"
1 3/8" (35)
29 17/32" (750)
1 25/32"
RS-232C input*
PC/AV input (HDMI 1)
PC/AV input (HDMI 2)
DisplayPort input
Audio input
Audio output
VESA holes*
10 1/16"
RS-232C input*
1 13/32" (36)
5 19/32"
(142) 15 11/32" (390)
VESA holes*
Units: inch (mm)
* Screen dimensions
* To use the VESA-standard mounting bracket, use M6 screws that are 8 to 10 mm plus the thickness of the bracket.
8 5/32" (207)
7 7/8" (200)
17 3/8" (441)
19 13/32" (493)
27 9/16"* (700)
15 9/16"* (395)
29 17/32" (750)
PC/AV input (HDMI 1)
PC/AV input (HDMI 2)
DisplayPort input
10 1/2" (267)
7 7/8" (200)
Audio input
USB port
Audio output
* Requires the bundled RS-232C conversion cable.
22 5/8" (575)
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