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ILA Series v2
Installation Line Array
Installed Sound
Most line array systems are designed for touring
applications which require extreme ruggedization
and expensive suspension hardware. By focusing on
installation applications QSC drove cost out of the
ILA System while retaining the performance of
high-end touring line array systems. ILA System v2
takes this concept and builds on it by offering a
complete and accessible solution consisting of
processing, amplification, line array, subwoofer
and suspension accessories.
WL2802-i with WL118-sw
using EB2082-i extension
bar and FB2082-i fly-bar.
Each Installation Line Array element uses a pair of
high-power, neodymium magnet, 8" diameter
low-frequency drivers. For high frequencies, a pair of
1.75" (voice coil diameter) neodymium compression
drivers with titanium domes are mounted on a
patented* multiple aperture diffraction waveguide that
provides extremely wide coverage (140º). As a result,
a WL2082-i system will rarely require additional side
or center fill speakers and solid stereo imaging is
preserved across the entire listening area.
Available in black or white, the WL2082-i enclosure is
made of high impact polystyrene with extensive internal
ribs to eliminate acoustic losses due to sidewall flex.
The Installation Line Array may be used in outdoor
applications where the system is not directly exposed
to the elements.
GP118-sw Subwoofer
The GP118-sw omits the ILA compatible suspension
hardware but retains the identical acoustical
performance of the WL118-sw at a lower cost. Each
GP118-sw includes a total of eight (8) threaded
M10 inserts for single box suspension in permanent
installations. In ground-supported applications,
multiple units can be stacked vertically utilizing the
interlocking feet and recess features machined into
the enclosures top panel. Also included on the GP
version is a screw-in (M20) pole mount to provide
flexibility as a “Sub-Sat” system when used with
full-range pole mount speakers such as K or KW.
WL118-sw Subwoofer
The WL118-sw is a single 18" version of the popular
WideLine-10 touring, dual 18" subwoofer. ILA subs
may be suspended at the top of an ILA array using the
standard FB2082-i array frame. When trim height is
limited, the ILA sub may be suspended behind the
array using the available EB2082-i extension bar.
*Patent No. 7,177,437
System Type
3-way line array element,
Bi-amp or Tri-amp
Vented box,
direct radiating
Vented box,
direct radiating
Frequency Range (-10 dB)
68 Hz – 22 kHz
29 Hz – 800 Hz
29 Hz – 800 Hz
Frequency Response (±3 dB)
80 Hz – 20 kHz
32 Hz – 200 Hz
32 Hz – 200 Hz
Nominal Coverage
140° H
Power Handling 1
400 W
1000 W
1000 W
100 W
Peak Output 2
132 dB
134.5 dB
134.5 dB
Driver Information
2 x 8" transducers; 2" voice coil;
neodymium magnet
18" transducer, 4" voice coil,
ferrite magnet
18" transducer, 4" voice coil,
ferrite magnet
2 x 1.75" titanium diaphragm,
neodymium magnet
Controls / Selectors
Bi-amp/tri-amp selector switch,
LF/MF shading switch
Input Connectors
2 x NL8 in parallel
2 x NL8 in parallel and
2 x NL4 in parallel
2 x NL8 in parallel and
2 x NL4 in parallel
Suspension /
Attachment Point
Integral rigging system,
vertical splay adjustable in
1 degree increments from
0-10 degrees
8 x M10 threaded inserts
Integral, non-adjustable
(straight array only)
Dimensions (HWD) inches
11.8" x 27" x 13.4"
22.1" x 27.6" x 30.3"
22.1" x 27.6" x 30.3"
Dimensions (HWD) mm
300 mm x 686 mm x 340 mm
562 mm x 702 mm x 771 mm
562 mm x 702 mm x 771 mm
Net Weight (each)
37 lb / 16.8 kg
107 lb / 48.5 kg
111 lb / 50.4 kg
1 Continuous IEC specified test signal, 2 hours.
2 Calculated at 1 m using power capacity and system sensitivity.
6 dB peak-to-average signal ratio assumed.
EASE Focus Software
This free software may be downloaded
from the support section of the QSC
website and is available for ILA,
WideLine-10 and WideLine-8.
EASE Focus is a software tool that aids
in system planning and deployment.
Functions performed include:
• C
alculating the number of enclosures
required for a given space.
• Determining optimum splay angles
between enclosures.
• C
alculating the angle to set the array grid
in a single (variable) pick-point or fixed
suspension point application.
• P
redicting the acoustical response and SPL
throughout the venue.
The ILA v2 System
From Console
ILA with WL118-sw
The SC28 is a 2 input, 8 output digital system
controller containing pre-programmed tunings for the
ILA and other QSC loudspeaker systems. In addition to
the preset tunings, the SC28 offers user-adjustable
equalization and delay. Simple to operate yet
uncompromised in audio quality, the SC28 uses
48 kHz, 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion with 32-bit,
floating point DSP for wide dynamic range and low distortion.
Available ILA Accessories
• F B2082-i: Fly-bar, may be used with either
WL2082-i or WL118-sw.
• E
B2082-i: Extension bar allows suspending
WL118-sw behind WL2082-i.
• PB2082-i: Pullback bar for WL2082-i.
• Q
RP-KIT-1: Four quick release pins, for use
in place of included bolts.
• GS115-sw: Ground stack kit for WL118-sw.
• A
B2082-i: Allows increased splay
between enclosures.
CMX Series Amplifiers
CMX800V — HF
CMX2000V — MF, LF, SUB
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