GBA SharkPort Tutorial
Author: Kyuubi of the Gameshark forum
System Requirements
The gameshark sp sharkport application is not compatible with:
Mac OS
Windows Vista or later*
*The application will install on the windows vista operating system however the USB cable lacks
drivers for the operating system. Support is not offered for this operating system. Compatibility on
Windows7 will require business edition or higher in order to access windows XP virtualization options.
Getting Started
• Connect the USB cable to both the computer & the GBA via the link cable socket.
• Turn on the GBA with the Gameshark SP activated.
• Select the PC application (making sure it's been installed onto your computer already), and run
the application.
Start → Programs → Fire International → Gameshark SP
This is the default window that first opens. For both Gamesaves and Cheats the left panel
displays those which are stored on the computer's hard drive, and those listed in the right panel
are stored on your gameshark cartridge.
Toggle between the Cheats and Saves listings by clicking either of these buttons.
Restoring saves to the GBA
(1) Choose the corresponding title that matches the game you have inserted in your GBA , and
double click on the matching title. highlight the gamesave and then click on the
(2) COPY-->GBA button at the very bottom left corner.
The save will be copied to the GBA
(3) Click on the UPDATE button on the lower right side to complete the transfer.
To import saves from the Gameshark SP to the PC the process is the same.
(1) Click on the game title that appears on the right side window, and highlight the save file.
(2) Then click on the COPY → PC button to transfer a copy of the save to the PC.
(3) Click the UPDATE button to complete the process.
Restoring codes from the
PC into the GBA gameshark.
Double Click on the matching game title for which you'd like to use codes on. The list of
codes will drop down.
Then, check off all those codes that you want to imprt.
Click on the COPY → GBA button to copy the codes to your GBA gameshark
Click the UPDATE button to complete the changes.
Downloading Codes From the Internet
Please keep in mind that current owners of the Gameshark sp MUST download the patch posted
in this topic in order to access the online cheat database... Follow the instructions given and
install it...
A common error received by users when trying to update their code list is due to using the wrong
internet button, the following image displays the correct button to press in order to access the
online database.
What if the online cheats list doesn't reflect the current listing on the website?
This fix was submitted by Gameshark member mbruno
This fix involves editing the webcheats.fcd file in the Sharkport's program directory. WARNING
follow this procedure carefully as accidentally removing program files can render the program
Navigate to the file directory shown above
Open the file with notepad and clear the content. Save the file and close.
*Be sure to create a backup copy of this file beforehand.
After deleting the file contents connect to the database using the following working
Replacement Details:
Username: testuser1
Password: userpass1
Prod Key: 4171 6135 1081 2726
Try logging back in and after the the list of cheats shows up, you can switch back to your
original user details.
Manual Use of the Gameshark SP
Adding a new Game
Boot up your GBA and wait for the game list to appear.
At the very top you will see ADD NEW GAME
Scroll up to it, and press The B button.
Enter the title of your game, by using the D-pad to scroll through the letters, numbers, spaces...
etc. (Use the L+R buttons to back up or move foward in the title Entry)
Once done press the Start button to continue
Manually entering Codes
When you initially finish entering the game title you'll automatically be taken to a screen to
enter the master code (This code MUST be entered for all others to work properly)
For other codes
When you enter a new code scroll to the bottom of the game entry
Select ADD NEW CHEAT (accessible by pressing the B button.
Enter the title of the cheat as you would when entering the game title (see instruction on how
enter the game title).
When done press the START button to continue to the code entry screen...
In the code entry screen you will notice to the right side that there will be a text box showing:
Use the D-pad to navigate to the proper letter or number in the box and press A to enter the
numerical or alphabetical character into the 12-digit entry...
Press the start button to add the code (it'll be added into the box at the bottom left)
If the code consists of more than one line, then continue to do this until you've finished entering
the code...
When the entry is complete press the Select Button to finish.
To save the new entries back out of the game entry & press the start button to load the game...
the GS will save the changes automatically.
Turning codes on & off
Press the A button and the cheat name should start flashing
If you wish to turn the code off before booting the game then simply press the A button again
Deleting Game & Code Entries
Scroll to the game title (or code entry)
Press the select button
Confirm your decision
Back out of the game entry and press start to load the game & save the changes.
Frequently Asked Questions
This section is dedicated to answering some frequently asked questions regarding problems
encountered while using the Gameshark sp manually
My gameshark only takes 8 characters per line what do I do?
Maybe not verbadem in context but I have seen numerous questions similar to this one. If your
gameshark only accomodates eight (8) characters (letters or digits), then you're either using the DATEL
version of gameshark or you're attempting to somehow use the codes on a competitor product. Keep
this in mind, as it's been mentioned in the past on multiple occaisions, that the DATEL model, (which is
in the form of a colorless transluscent cartridge, with a blue GS logo sticker on the front) is no longer
supported here, and due to both this models's and the competitor's code entry format, none of the
official gameshark codes listed either here or in the archives, will work. Please avoid discussion of
these products since we cannot offer support for these, or any other competitor products.
Whenever I try to load my gameshark, I see the nintendo logo and then get nothing but a blank
white screen, what happened?
-ORI boot the GBA with the GS sp turned on but it skips directly to the game, what do I do?
Well before I go into anything else first:
1: Make sure that all connections are sucure. (Game in gameshark, gameshark in GBA)
2: Make sure gameshark is on.
3: While turning on your GBA, hold down the two buttons on either side of the gameshark
labeled "PRESS TO REMOVE."
4: Continue to hold down these two buttons until the gameshark main screen shows.
If these gameshark screen never apears, or it freezes up, return the gameshark or reflash the gameshark.
If all this fails to yield results, then continue reading...
From my own experience this most likely means you somehow killed your gameshark. This usually
happens when you attempt to load an obscenely huge number codes, or simply something froze it as
you tried updating the data in it, etc. Your best option is to simply return the product and either
exchange it for a new GS or get a refund.
----> BUT if for any reason you're unable to return it and you must buy a replacement then keep the
dud and refer to the REFLASHING tutorial below.
I'm trying to use some existing codes for a game but they aren't working, what's the deal?
Well there are several psossibilities for why this could be happening.
--Above all make sure the (M) code is entered properly, usually if there's an error in the master code,
then none of the codes will work properly.---Be sure that the code entries for each and every one of your codes are typo free... if there are any
mistakes in the code entries this can cause glitches or bring undesired effects.--
--Also your game might be a different version than what was used to hack the original codes. If this is
the case, then until Omen can obtaing the version in question there's not much that can be done
Does GameShark SP work with Game Boy Micro or the Nintendo DS?
The gameshark SP was designed purely with the GBA sp in mind. We can only assume that it'll work as
long as the console can play GBA games. However, what has been confirmed is that you will not be
able to use the sharkport application, since the USB cable that comes in the package was designed to
link to the link cable port of the GBA SP. The Nintendo DS lacks the link cable port necessary,and the
GBA micro will require a link adaptor to link up with the older GBA sp models.
Can the Gameshark sp be used to cheat on game boy color games?
No, because the gameshark sp was designed only to recognize GBA games. It is not backwards
compatable with the previous gameboy generations, and the older GBC gameshark is not supported.
I recently bought a gameshark sp model and I notice it does not come with the sharkport PC
application, why is this?
The newest release of the gameshark no longer includes the sharkport PC application, as the GBA era is
now starting to come to a close... While the Gameshark sp will continue to be produced while Nintendo
still releases games for the GBA, the sharkport will no longer be included in the packaging.
Currently the only way to obtain the application is to download it via the GBA code request/status
forum, however, without the USB cord that came with the previous GS sp models, users of the newest
model will be unable to use it to import codes into their GS.
As a final note the new models comes in the form of a black, belt hook cartridge
If these don't provide you the answer to your dilemma then by all mean simply ask as you
normally would :) This is mainly to kick start your memory of some possible causes based on my
own previous experience...
MadCatz Product FAQs
Also be aware these are questions that have been resolved by Madcatz Tech support in the past. While
some of the questions covered in this thread are also covered in the upcoming page, there are also
several that are presently not and are best explained by those with official knowledge of the product:
MADcatz produced solutions to Frequently asked questions
Reflashing your Gameshark
Managed to kill your gameshark? Well you have two choices: A get a replacement, reflash the dud, and
keep the new one as a back up, OR get a friends gameshark and use theirs to reflash yours.... Just
follow the below instructions to reflash the gameshark you killed...
Make sure both GS's are turned to the on setting when reflashing...
Insert Working GS into GBA --> Insert dud into working GS --> Insert game into dud
As you turn on the game you need to hold down
It'll ask you whether you want to program the dud, say yes, it should clone the programming of the
working GS into the dud... turn the dud off then on as it instructs, and BAM, you're done...
For additional information, you may refer to the Madcatz produced solution to this problem:
I used too many codes and now my Gameshark SP does not work. Can this be fixed?
and to evaluate some additional options to those listed here.
The following members are credited with helping in the making of this FAQ:
Omen (Ganeshark's former GBA hacker)
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