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Thermal Brewer Aurora
The taste of quality worldwide
■ Turn every location into
your own quick serve,
hot beverage station!
Bravilor Bonamat’s Thermal Brewer Aurora brews delicious,
aromatic beverages in places where space is at a premium. The
small footprint, combined with the detachable, portable dispenser,
allows you the flexibility to brew in one place and serve in another.
Intuitive touch screen controls deliver precise control over optimal
extraction features such as coffee recipes, batch sizes, pre-infusion
and pulse brew settings. The Thermal Brewer Aurora is a popular
choice for medium-large sized operations.
An easy to use touch screen guides you through all the menus
and programs with ease, so you will have freshly brewed,
delicious coffee in no time. Turn every location into a quick
serve, hot beverage station.
Brew delicious coffee
to the ‘Golden Cup Standard’
The Thermal Brewer Aurora series is available in single and dual versions, and one
or two brewing units. Brew and serve up to 21.9 gallons of coffee every hour!
Reach the ‘Golden Coffee Ratio’ and serve the perfect cup of coffee
with Bravilor Bonamat’s easy to operate Thermal Brewer Aurora.
What makes a perfect cup of coffee? The secret is
Aurora consistently helps you reach ‘The Golden Ratio’, the
a combination of engineering and food technology
center square of coffee brewing perfection, using state-of-
that significantly enhances the coffee beans’ natural
the art technology to create the perfect coffee recipe. Serve
characteristics, gives you the optimal brew strength and
warm, freshly brewed, delicious coffee directly from the
extraction percentage. Bravilor Bonamat’s Thermal Brewer
first batch, as preheating is not necessary!
■ Thermal Brewer Aurora’s 10 unique features and benefits
1. Pre-Infusion (wetting process). The specially
5. Extraction Systems (water
designed sprayhead dispenses hot water and
distribution control). The
then turns off, allowing for the complete
right spray pattern yields the
saturation of the coffee grounds and
ideal flavor for your taste
creating a more consistent and even
brew extraction process.
6. Separate hot water tap for
2. Pulse Brew (extraction phase).
Adjust the flavor of your coffee by
extending brew times using our Pulse
Brew feature. Hot water is dispensed
through a pulsed cycle of turning on
and off, increasing the water contact
time with the grounds and improving
flavor profiles.
tea, soup, hot chocolate or
other instant products.
7. Variable batch size allowing you
to brew in .5, 1 and 1.5 gallon
quantities and with the low versions
into the .58 gallon airpot.
8. Unique water system with
a minimum of valves, that
3. Bypass (brew strength
control). The Bypass feature
greatly reduces your
amount of service calls.
allows you to fine-tune the
percentage of the water around
the ground coffee, allowing you
9. Store your favorite recipes
to create different coffee
with our user friendly, advanced
strengths and flavors, regardless
technology and copy your recipes
of batch size.
and settings to other Thermal
Brewers easily with the special
4. Digital Temperature (brew
temperature control). Sets
the brewing temperature
precisely where you want it.
10. Install your own Energy
Saving Mode reducing
energy consumption
during idle periods.
The taste of quality worldwide
Technical Details
Aurora 1.5 Gal.
Aurora 1.5 Gal.
Aurora 1.5 Gal.
Aurora 1.5 Gal.
Single High
Twin High
Single Low
Twin Low
Holding Capacity
Thermal Dispenser
1.5 Gallon/5.7 Liters
2x1.5 Gallon/2x5.7 Liters
1.5 Gallon/5.7 Liters
2x1.5 Gallon/2x5.7 Liters
Hot Water Boiler
2.8 Gallon/10.6 Liters
2x2.8 Gallon/2x10.6 Liters
1.8 Gallon/6.8 Liters
2x1.8 Gallon/2x6.8 Liters
8.9 Gallon/33.7 Liters
6.6 Gallon/25 Liters
Throughput per Hour
15 Gallon/56.8 Liters
17.7 Gallon/67 Liters
14.3 Gallon/54.1 Liters
16.1 Gallon/60.9 Liters
19.2 Gallon/72.7 Liters
21.9 Gallon/82.9 Liters
18.4 Gallon/69.7 Liters
20.3 Gallon/76.8 Liters
Rated Power
18A - 2200W
14A - 1700W
21A - 4400W
21A - 4400W
21A - 4400W
21A - 4400W
25A - 5900W
25A - 5900W
25A - 5900W
25A - 5900W
Brewing Time
per 1.5 Gallon/5.7 Liters
4-8 minutes*
4-8 minutes*
4-8 minutes*
4-8 minutes*
min. 29 psi (2 bar)
min. 29 psi (2 bar)
min. 29 psi (2 bar)
min. 29 psi (2 bar)
Minimal Water Flow
6 L/m, 1.6 Gal./m
7.5 L/m, 1.9 Gal./m
6 L/m, 1.6 Gal./m
7.5 L/m, 1.9 Gal./m
Dimensions (hxwxd)
815x340x595 mm
815x626x595 mm
590x340x595 mm
590x626x595 mm
Cord & plug 5-30P
Cord & plug 5-20P
50.27 lbs. / 22.8 kg
80.91 lbs. / 36.7 kg
42.11 lbs. / 19.1 kg
68.12 lbs. / 30.9 kg
40.85 lbs. / 18.5 kg
65.59 lbs. / 29.8 kg
33.73 lbs. / 15.3 kg
54.67 lbs. / 24.8 kg
* Depending on recipe
* Depending on recipe
* Depending on recipe
* Depending on recipe
Water Pressure
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The taste of quality worldwide
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