AEG T86585IH User manual

AEG T86585IH User manual
User Manual
Tumble Dryer
1. SAFETY INFORMATION.................................................................................................3
2. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS................................................................................................ 5
3. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION.............................................................................................. 7
4. ACCESSORIES.................................................................................................................8
5. CONTROL PANEL...........................................................................................................9
6. PROGRAMME TABLE................................................................................................... 10
7. OPTIONS....................................................................................................................... 14
8. BEFORE FIRST USE.......................................................................................................14
9. DAILY USE......................................................................................................................15
10. HINTS AND TIPS......................................................................................................... 17
11. CARE AND CLEANING.............................................................................................. 18
12. TROUBLESHOOTING.................................................................................................20
13. TECHNICAL DATA..................................................................................................... 22
14. INSTALLATION........................................................................................................... 23
Thank you for choosing this AEG product. We have created it to give you impeccable
performance for many years, with innovative technologies that help make life simpler
features you might not find on ordinary appliances. Please spend a few minutes
reading to get the very best from it.
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When contacting our Authorised Service Centre, ensure that you have the following
data available: Model, PNC, Serial Number.
The information can be found on the rating plate.
Warning / Caution-Safety information
General information and tips
Environmental information
Subject to change without notice.
Before the installation and use of the appliance,
carefully read the supplied instructions. The
manufacturer is not responsible if an incorrect
installation and use causes injuries and damages. Always
keep the instructions with the appliance for future
- Read the supplied instructions.
1.1 Children and vulnerable people safety
Risk of suffocation, injury or permanent
This appliance can be used by children aged from 8
years and above and persons with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience
and knowledge if they have been given supervision or
instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe
way and understand the hazards involved.
Do not let children play with the appliance.
Children of less than 3 years should be kept away
unless continuously supervised.
Keep all packaging away from children.
Keep all detergents away from children.
Keep children and pets away from the appliance door
when it is open.
If the appliance has a child safety device, we
recommend you activate it.
Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by
children without supervision.
1.2 General Safety
Do not change the specification of this appliance.
If the tumble dryer is put on top of a washing
machine, use the stacking kit. The stacking kit,
available from your authorized vendor, can be used
only with the appliance specified in the instructions,
supplied with the accessory. Read it carefully before
installation (Refer to the Installation leaflet).
The appliance can be installed as freestanding or
below the kitchen counter with correct space (Refer to
the Installation leaflet).
Do not install the appliance behind a lockable door, a
sliding door or a door with a hinge on the opposite
side, where the appliance door can not be fully
The ventilation openings in the base (if applicable)
must not be obstructed by a carpet.
Connect the mains plug to the mains socket only at
the end of the installation. Make sure that there is
access to the mains plug after the installation.
Ensure you have good ventilation in the installation
room to avoid the back flow of gases into the room
from appliances burning other fuels, including open
Exhaust air must not be discharged into a flue which is
used for exhausting fumes from appliances burning
gas or other fuels. (if applicable)
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by
the manufacturer, its Authorised Service Centre or
similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.
Obey the maximum load volume of 8kg (refer to the
“Programme chart” chapter).
Do not use the appliance if industrial chemicals have
been used for cleaning.
Wipe away lint that has accumulated around the
Do not run the appliance without a filter. Clean the lint
filter before or after each use.
Do not dry unwashed items in the tumble dryer.
Items that have been soiled with substances such as
cooking oil, acetone, alcohol, petrol, kerosene, spot
removers, turpentine, waxes and wax removers should
be washed in hot water with an extra amount of
detergent before being dried in the tumble dryer.
Items such as foam rubber (latex foam), shower caps,
waterproof textiles, rubber backed articles and clothes
or pillows fitted with foam rubber pads should not be
dried in the tumble dryer.
Fabric softeners, or similar products, should be used
as specified by the fabric softener instructions.
Remove all objects from pockets such as lighters and
Never stop a tumble dryer before the end of the
drying cycle unless all items are quickly removed and
spread out so that the heat is dissipated.
The final part of a tumble dryer cycle occurs without
heat (cool down cycle) to ensure that the items are left
at a temperature that ensures that the items will not
be damaged.
Before maintenance, deactivate the appliance and
disconnect the mains plug from the mains socket.
2.1 Installation
• Remove all the packaging.
• Do not install or use a damaged
• Obey the installation instruction
supplied with the appliance.
• Always be careful when you move the
appliance because it is heavy. Always
wear safety gloves.
• Do not install or use the appliance
where the temperature is less than
5°C or higher than 35°C.
• Make sure that the floor where you
install the appliance is flat, stable,
heat resistant and clean.
• Make sure that there is air circulation
between the appliance and the floor.
• Always move the appliance vertically.
• The rear surface of the appliance
must be put against the wall.
• When the appliance is put in its
permanent position, check if it is fully
level with the aid of a spirit level. If it
is not, adjust the feet until it is.
2.2 Electrical connection
Risk of fire and electrical
• The appliance must be earthed.
• Make sure that the electrical
information on the rating plate agrees
with the power supply. If not, contact
an electrician.
• Always use a correctly installed
shockproof socket.
• Do not use multi-plug adapters and
extension cables.
• Do not pull the mains cable to
disconnect the appliance. Always pull
the mains plug.
• Do not touch the mains cable or the
mains plug with wet hands.
• Only for UK and Ireland. The
appliance has a 13 amp mains plug. If
it is necessary to change the fuse in
the mains plug, use a 13 amp ASTA
(BS 1362) fuse.
• This appliance complies with the
E.E.C. Directives.
2.3 Use
Risk of injury, electrical
shock, fire, burns or damage
to the appliance.
• Use this appliance in a household
• Do not dry the damaged items which
contain padding or fillings.
• Only dry fabrics which are applicable
to dry in the tumble dryer. Follow the
instructions on the fabric label.
• If you have washed your laundry with
a stain remover start an extra rinse
cycle before you start the dryer.
• Do not drink or prepare food with the
condensed water/distilled water. It
can cause health problems to people
and pets.
• Do not sit or stand on the open door.
• Do not dry dripping wet clothes in the
tumble dryer.
2.4 Internal light
Risk of injury.
• Visible LED radiation, do not look
directly into the beam.
• The type of light bulb or halogen
lamp used for this appliance is only
for household appliances. Do not use
it for house lighting.
• To replace the internal light, contact
the Authorised Service Centre.
2.5 Care and cleaning
Risk of injury or damage to
the appliance.
• Do not use water spray and steam to
clean the appliance.
• Clean the appliance with a moist soft
cloth. Only use neutral detergents. Do
not use abrasive products, abrasive
cleaning pads, solvents or metal
2.6 Compressor
Risk of damage to the
• The compressor and its system in the
tumble dryer is filled with the special
agent which is free from fluoro-chlorohydrocarbons. This system must stay
tight. The damage of the system can
cause a leakage.
2.7 Disposal
Risk of injury or suffocation.
• Disconnect the appliance from the
mains supply.
• Cut off the mains cable and discard it.
• Remove the door catch to prevent
children and pets to get closed in the
Water container
Control panel
Internal light
Appliance door
The button to open the heat
exchanger door
The load door can be
installed by the user in the
opposite side. It can help to
easily put and remove the
laundry or if there is a limit
to install the appliance (see
separate leaflet).
Adjustable feet
Heat exchanger door
Heat exchanger cover
The knob to lock the heat exchanger
12 Rating plate
4.1 Stacking kit
The installed hose must be on the height
from minimum of 50 cm to maximum of 1
m from floor level. The hose cannot be in
loop. Decrease the length of the hose if
Read carefully the instructions supplied
with the accessory.
4.3 Pedestal with the drawer
Accessory name: SKP11, STA8, STA9
Available from your authorized vendor.
Stacking kit can be used only with the
washing machines specified in the
leaflet. See the leaflet attached.
Accessory name: PDSTP10.
Read carefully the instructions supplied
with the accessory.
It is available from your authorized
4.2 Draining kit
To put the appliance higher at the level
what helps to easy load and remove the
The drawer can be used for laundry
storage e.g. : towels, cleaning products
and more.
Read carefully the instructions supplied
with the accessory.
4.4 Drying rack
Accessory name: DK11.
It is available from your authorized
vendor (can be attached to some types
of the tumble dryers)
The accessory for through draining of the
condensed water into a basin, siphon,
gully, etc. After the installation, the water
container is drained automatically. The
water container must stay in the
Accessory name: RA5, RA6, RA11, RA12.
It is available from your authorized
vendor (can be attached to some types
of the tumble dryers). Do the check with
the vendor or on the web site if the
accessory is compatible with your
• sport shoes
• wool
• soft toys
• lingerie
Read carefully the instructions supplied
with the accessory.
Drying rack accessory let to dry safely in
the tumble dryer:
Programme dial
Start/Pause button
Options buttons
5 Programme indicators
6 On/Off button with the Auto Off
5.1 Display
Symbol on the display
Symbol description
extra laundry dryness: default, moderate, maximum
Symbol on the display
Symbol description
anti-crease phase duration: default, interval (30min. 120min.)
laundry was spun at: 800 — 1800 rpm
buzzer on
child lock on
time dry option on
indicator: drain the water container
indicator: clean filter
indicator: do the check of the heat exchanger
indicator: drying phase
indicator: cooling phase
indicator: crease guard phase
delay start option on
cycle time indication
time programme selection (10min.-2h)
delay start selection (30min.-20h)
Load 1)
Properties / Fabric mark
Extra Dry
8 kg
Drying level: extra dry.
Cupboard Dry +
8 kg
Drying level: cupboard dry +.
8 kg
Drying level: cupboard dry.
8 kg
Drying level: applicable for iron.
Cupboard Dry
Iron Dry 2)
2) 3)
Load 1)
Properties / Fabric mark
Extra Silent
8 kg
To gently dry pieces of clothing
with the noise decreased to the
minimum. The programme can be
used at night.
8 kg
Leisure clothing such as jeans,
sweat-shirts of different material
thicknesses (e.g. at the neck, cuffs
and seams).
3 kg
To dry one or two duvet and pillows (with feather, down or synthetic fillings).
Time Drying
8 kg
With this programme you can use
the option Time Drying and set the /
programme duration.
Extra Dry
3,5 kg
Drying level: extra dry.
Cupboard Dry 2)
3,5 kg
Drying level: cupboard dry.
Iron Dry
3,5 kg
Drying level: applicable for iron.
Easy Iron
1 kg (or 5
Easy care fabrics for which a minimum of ironing
is necessary. The drying results can be different
from one type of fabric to the other. Shake the
items before you put them in the appliance.
When the programme is completed, Immediately remove the items and put them on a hanger.
Active Wear
2 kg
To dry outdoor pieces of clothing, technical,
sports, pile fabrics, waterproof and breathable
jackets, shell jacket teamed with a removable
fleece or inner insulation.
1 kg
To dry silk/lingerie with warm air
and gentle movement.
Load 1)
Properties / Fabric mark
To dry the cloths made of wool . The cloths become soft and cosy. We recommend to remove
the cloths immediately after the programme
end. To increase or to decrease the level of the
remaining moisture of the laundry you can use
the function Dry Plus.
Wool 4)
1 kg
Extra Quick Mixed
3 kg
To dry cotton and synthetic fabrics,
uses low temperature.
1) The maximum weight refers to dry items.
2) For test institutes only: Standard programmes for tests are specified in the EN 61121 document. If is
necessary to correct the remaining moisture level of the laundry, adjust the programme with the Dry Plus
option. Clean the filter after each cycle .
3) The
Cottons Cupboard Dry programme is the “Standard cotton programme” and it is suitable
to dry normal wet cotton laundry and it is the most efficient programme in terms of energy consumption
for drying wet cotton laundry.
4) The wool drying cycle of this tumble drying machine has been tested and approved by The Woolmark
Company. The cycle is suitable to dry wool garments, which are labelled "hand wash" provided that the
garments are washed in a Woolmark endorsed hand washing cycle and tumble dried according to the
instructions issued by the manufacturer. 1780SW13W.
6.1 Programmes and options selection
Programmes 1)
Cottons; Extra Dry
Cottons; Cupboard Dry +
Cottons; Cupboard Dry
Cottons; Iron Dry
Cottons; Extra Silent
Dry Plus
Spun at
Time Drying
Programmes 1)
Dry Plus
Spun at
Time Drying
Time Drying
Synthetics; Extra Dry
Synthetics; Cupboard Dry
Synthetics; Iron Dry
Easy Iron
Active Wear
Extra Quick Mixed
1) Together with the programme you can set 1 or more options.
2) Only with the drying rack — see chapter ACCESSORIES
6.2 Consumption Data
Spun at / residual humidity
Drying time
Cottons 8 kg
Cupboard Dry
Iron Dry
1400 rpm / 50%
149 min.
1,70 kWh
1000 rpm / 60%
170 min.
1,94 kWh
1400 rpm / 50%
110 min.
1,19 kWh
1000 rpm / 60%
125 min.
1,35 kWh
1200 rpm / 40%
56 min.
0,54 kWh
800 rpm / 50%
64 min.
0,61 kWh
Synthetics 3,5 kg
Cupboard Dry
7.1 Dry Plus
This option helps to get the laundry
more dried. There are 3 possible
- the default selection which is related
to the programme.
- the selection to get the laundry
lightly dried.
- the selection to get the laundry
more dried.
7.2 Anti-crease
Extends anti-crease phase (30 minutes) at
the end of the drying cycle to 90
minutes. This option prevents laundry
from creases. Laundry can be removed
during the anti-crease phase.
7.3 Spun at RPM
This option helps to set the best
condition to dry the laundry.
If you know the initial spin speed when
you washed you can use this option.
Higher spin speed causes that the
laundry contains less water.
7.4 Buzzer
When the buzzer option is activated you
can hear the buzzer at the:
• anti-crease phase start and end
• cycle interruption
The buzzer option is by default always
on. You can use this function to activate
or deactivate the sound.
You can activate the Buzzer
option with all programmes.
7.5 Time Drying
Operates only with the Time Drying
programme. Lets the user to set special
time of drying programme from
minimum 10 min. to maximum of 2 hours
(in 10 min. steps).
7.6 Delay Start
Lets to delay the start of a
drying programme from
minimum of 30 minutes to
maximum of 20 hours.
1. Set the drying programme and
2. Push the Delay Start button again
and again.
the necessary time of the delay come
into the view on the display (e.g.
if the programme has to start after 12
3. To activate the Delay Start option,
push the Start/Pause button. The
time to start decreases on the
• cycle end
Before you use the appliance for the first
time do these operations:
• Clean the tumble dryer drum with a
moist cloth.
• Start a short programme (e.g. 30
minutes) with moist laundry.
At the beginning of drying
cycle (3-5 min.) there could
be a slightly higher sound
level. It is because of start of
the compressor that is
normal for compressor
powered appliances such:
refrigerators, freezers.
9.1 Preparing the laundry
• Close the zippers.
• Close the fasteners of the duvet
• Do not keep ties or ribbons loose
(e.g. apron ribbons). Tie them before
you start a programme.
• Remove all items from the pockets.
• If an item has the internal layer made
of cotton, turn it inside out. Make sure
that the cotton layer is always external
• We recommend that you set the
correct programme applicable for the
type of fabrics that are in the
Fabric label
• Do not put fabrics with strong colours
together with fabrics with light
colours. Strong colours can bleed.
• Use an applicable programme for
cotton jersey and knitwear to prevent
the items to shrink.
• Make sure that the laundry weight is
not more than the maximum weight
that is in the programme table.
• Dry only the laundry that is applicable
for tumble dryer. Refer to the fabric
label on the items.
Laundry that is applicable for tumble dryer.
Laundry that is applicable for tumble dryer. Set the programme with
standard temperature.
Laundry that is applicable for tumble dryer. Set the programme with
low temperature.
Laundry that is not applicable for tumble dryer.
9.2 Loading the laundry
Do not lock the laundry in
between the appliance door
and rubber seal.
1. Pull the appliance door.
2. Load loosely the laundry.
3. Close the appliance door.
9.3 Turning on the appliance
To turn on the appliance:
Push the On/Off button.
If the appliance is on, some indications
come in to the view on the display.
9.4 Auto Off function
To decrease the energy consumption,
the Auto Off function turns off
automatically the appliance:
• if the Start/Pause button was not
pressed in the time of 5 minutes.
• after 5 minutes from the programme
Push the
On/Off button to turn on the
If the appliance is on, some indications
come in to the view on the display.
9.5 Setting a programme
You can activate the child lock option:
• before you push the Start/Pause
button - the appliance cannot start
• after you push the Start/Pause button
- programmes and option selection is
Child lock option activation:
Use the programme dial to set the
The possible time to complete the
programme comes into the view on the
The drying time you see is
related to the load of 5 kg
for cotton and jeans
programmes. For the other
programmes the drying time
is related to the
recommended loads. The
drying time of the cotton
and jeans programmes with
the load more than 5 kg is
9.6 Options
Together with the programme you can
set 1 or more special options.
1. Turn on the dryer.
2. Wait approximately 8 seconds.
3. Select 1 of the available
4. Push at the same time and hold
down the Dry Plus and Anti-crease
buttons .
The symbol
comes into the view on
the display.
5. To deactivate the child lock, push
again the above buttons until the
symbol goes out of the view.
9.8 Starting a programme
To start the programme:
Push the Start/Pause button.
The appliance starts and the LED above
the button does not flash but is stable.
9.9 Programme change
To change a programme:
To activate or deactivate the option push
the applicable button .
When the option is activated the LED
above the button or symbol on the
display comes into the view.
9.7 Child lock option
The child lock can be set to prevent the
children to play with the appliance. The
child lock option locks all push buttons
and the programme dial (this option
does not lock On/Off button).
1. Push the On/Off button to turn off
the appliance.
2. Push again the On/Off button to turn
on the appliance.
3. Set a new programme.
9.10 Programme end
Clean the filter and drain the
water container after each
drying cycle. (See chapter
If the drying cycle is completed, the
To remove the laundry:
symbol flashes on the display. If the
Buzzer option is on, the acoustic signal
sounds intermittently for 1 minute.
1. Push the On/Off button for 2
seconds to turn off the appliance.
2. Open the appliance door.
3. Remove the laundry.
4. Close the appliance door.
If you do not turn off the
appliance, the crease guard
phase starts. Laundry can be
removed during this phase.
10.1 Ecological hints
- the maximum dry laundry
• Spin good the laundry before drying.
• Use the load volumes which are
specified in the programme chart.
• Clean the filter after each drying
• Do not use fabric softener to wash
and then dry. In the tumble dryer
laundry becomes soft automatically.
• Use the condensate as distilled water,
e.g. for steam ironing. If it is necessary
clean the condensate before (e.g.
with a coffee filter) to remove possible
small pieces of fluff.
• Always keep the airflow slots on the
bottom of the appliance clear.
• Make sure that is good airflow in the
appliance installation position.
- the more dry laundry
10.2 Adjustment of the
remaining laundry moisture
To change the default degree of the
remaining moisture of the laundry:
Turn on the appliance.
Wait approximately 8 seconds.
Select 1 of available programmes.
Push at the same time and hold
down the Dry Plus and Spun at RPM
One of the symbols goes into the view
on the display:
- the standard dry laundry
5. Push the Start/Pause button again
and again until you set necessary
6. To memorise the setting, push at the
same time the Dry Plus and Spun at
RPM buttons for approximately 2
10.3 Deactivating the Tank
Turn on the appliance.
Wait approximately 8 seconds.
Select 1 of available programmes.
Push at the same time and hold
down the Dry Plus and Buzzer
One of 2 configurations is possible:
• the Tank indicator:
is on and
the symbol
goes into the
view - the water container
indicator is permanently on
• the Tank indicator:
is off and
goes into the
the symbol
view - the water container
indicator is permanently off
11.1 Cleaning the filter
At the end of each cycle the symbol
Filter is on the display and you must
clean the filter.
4. If necessary clean the filter with the
brush under warm tap water and/or a
vacuum cleaner. Close the filter.
The filter collects the fluff.
The fluff occurs while the
cloths are dried in the
tumble dryer.
1. Open the door. Pull the filter.
2. Push the hook to open the filter.
3. Use a moist hand to clean both parts
of the filter.
5. If necessary remove fluff from the
filter socket and gasket. You can use
a vacuum cleaner. Put the filter inside
the filter socket.
11.2 Draining the water
Drain the condensed water container
after each drying cycle.
If the condensed water container is full,
the programme breaks off automatically.
The symbol
Tank is on the display
and you must drain the water container.
To drain the water container:
1. Pull the water container and keep it
in horizontal position.
2. Move the plastic connection out and
drain the water into a basin or
equivalent receptacle.
3. Turn the blockage to unlock the heat
exchanger cover.
3. Move plastic connection in and install
water container.
4. To continue the programme press
the Start/Pause button.
11.3 Cleaning the heat
If the symbol
Condenser flashes on
the display, do the inspection of the heat
exchanger and its compartment. If there
is a dirt, clean it.
4. Lower the heat exchanger cover.
To do the inspection:
1. Open the door. Pull the filter.
2. Move the release button on the
bottom of the door to open the heat
exchanger door.
5. If necessary, remove the fluff from
the heat exchanger and its
compartment. You can use wet cloth
and/or a vacuum cleaner with the
drum ribs. Dry the cleaned surfaces with
a soft cloth.
Do not use abrasive
materials or steel wool to
clean the drum.
11.5 Cleaning the control
panel and housing
Use a standard neutral soap detergent to
clean the control panel and housing.
6. Close the heat exchanger cover.
7. Lock the blockage until it snaps.
8. Put the filter back.
Use a moist cloth to clean. Dry the
cleaned surfaces with a soft cloth.
Do not use furniture
cleaning agents or cleaning
agents which can cause
corrosion to clean the
11.4 Cleaning the drum
Disconnect the appliance
before you clean it.
Use a standard neutral soap detergent to
clean the inner surface of the drum and
11.6 Cleaning the airflow slots
Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the fluff
from the airflow slots.
Problem 1)
Possible cause
The tumble dryer is not connected Connect in at mains socket. Check
to mains supply.
fuse in fuse box (domestic installation).
The tumble dryer does not operate.
The loading door is opened.
Close the loading door.
The On/Off button was not pushed.
Push the On/Off button.
The Start/Pause button was not
Push the Start/Pause button.
The appliance is in the standby
Push the On/Off button.
Problem 1)
Possible cause
Incorrect programme selection.
Do the selection of the applicable
programme. 2)
drying result.
The loading
door does not
Err (Error) on
the display.
No drum light
The filter is clogged.
Clean the filter. 3)
The Dry Plus option was in mini-
Change the Dry Plus option to the
mum level. 4)
moderate or maximum level. 4)
Too high volume of the load.
Obey the maximum load volume.
The airflow grill is clogged.
Clean the airflow grill in the bottom of the appliance.
Dirt on the humidity sensor in the
Clean the front surface of the
Incorrect remaining laundry moisture degree.
Adjust remaining laundry moisture
The heat exchanger is clogged.
Clean the heat exchanger. 3)
The filter not locked in the position.
Put the filter in the correct position.
The laundry is locked between the
door and the seal.
Put the load correctly in the drum.
You try to change the programme
or the option after the start of the
Turn the tumble dryer off and on.
Make the new selection.
The option you try to activate is
not applicable with the selected
Turn the tumble dryer off and on.
Make the new selection.
Defective drum lamp.
Contact the service centre to replace the drum lamp.
degree. 5)
The time to end is calculated on
The automatic procedure — this is
elapsing time on the basis of the volume and damp- not the appliance malfunction.
the display.
ness of the laundry.
Programme inactive.
The water container is full.
Drain the water container, push
the Start/Pause button. 3)
Possible cause
Problem 1)
Too small laundry volume.
Do the selection of time programme. The time value must be
related to the load. To dry 1 item
or small quantities of the laundry
we recommend to use short times.
The laundry is too dry.
Do the selection of time programme or higher drying level
(e.g. Extra Dry)
The filter is clogged.
Clean the filter.
Too high volume of the load.
Obey the maximum load volume.
The laundry not spun sufficiently.
Spin correctly the laundry.
Very high room temperature - this
is not the appliance malfunction.
If possible, lower the room temperature.
Drying cycle too
Drying cycle too
long 6)
1) If there is an error message on the display (e.g. E51): Turn the tumble dryer off and on. Make a selection of the new programme. Push the Start/Pause button. Does not operate? - contact the service centre
and give the error code.
2) Follow the programme description — see PROGRAMME TABLE
3) See chapter CARE AND CLEANING
4) Only dryers with the Dry Plus option
5) See HINTS AND TIPS chapter
6) Note: After maximum 5 hours the drying cycle ends automatically.
Height x Width x Depth
850 x 600 x 600 mm (maximal 640 mm)
Max. depth with the appliance door open
1090 mm
Max. width with the appliance door open
950 mm
Adjustable height
850 mm (+ 15 mm - feet regulation)
Drum volume
118 l
Maximum load volume
8 kg
230-240 V
50 Hz
Necessary fuse
13 A
Total power
900 W
Energy efficiency class
Energy consumption1)
1,94 kWh
Annual energy consumption2)
235 kWh
Left—on mode power absorption
0,50 W
Off mode power absorption
0,50 W
Type of use
Permitted ambient temperature
+ 5°C to + 35°C
Level of protection against ingress of solid
particles and moisture ensured by the protective cover, except where the low voltage
equipment has no protection against moisture
1) With reference to EN 61121. 8kg of cotton centrifuged at 1000 rpm.
2) Energy consumption per year in kWh, based on 160 drying cycles of the standard cotton programme
at full and partial load, and the consumption of the low-power modes. Actual energy consumption per
cycle will depend on how the appliance is used (REGULATION (EU) No 392/2012).
14.1 Unpacking
Before use all parts of the
transport packaging must be
To remove the polystyrene blockages:
1. Open the door.
2. Pull plastic hose with the polystyrene
blockages out from the drum.
14.3 Installation under a
The appliance can be installed as
freestanding or below the kitchen
counter with correct space (see picture).
600 mm
> 850 mm
14.2 Feet regulation
It is possible to adjust the height of the
tumble dryer. To do that adjust the feet.
600 mm
Recycle the materials with the symbol .
Put the packaging in applicable
containers to recycle it. Help protect the
environment and human health and to
recycle waste of electrical and electronic
appliances. Do not dispose appliances
marked with the symbol with the
household waste. Return the product to
your local recycling facility or contact
your municipal office.
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