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Thank you for choosing the YAMAHA Baton Clamp Speaker - E -. PARTS NAME 5 . € 2
Bracket. Please read this manual carefully before installing —_—
the speaker bracket and keep it in a safe place for future Hinge Bolt
M8 Hexagonal
| A KN a Baton Clamp Nut Baton Clamp Head —-
Baton Clamp Body
- M8 Hexagonal
0 YAMAHA shall not bear any responsibility for accidents caused by Lock Nut
failure of the installation components or by deficiencies in the installa-
® This speaker bracket can only be used with a speaker that weighs less
than 30 kilograms ( 66 1bs.).
® The mounting baton must be able to support at least 10 times the Pivot Lock Bolt
combined weight of the speaker and bracket.
@ The mounting baton must be between 34 and 51 mm ( 1-5/16” — 2”) in
e Consult with a professional installer and confirm that the mounting
pipe has sufficient strength and is of proper material for long-term
e Check at each step that all parts have been attached correctly and that
all bolts and screws have been firmly tightened. Speaker-side
e For secure installation and safe operation, have a professional install Bracket —
the speaker and bracket. YAMAHA accepts no liability for any injury
or damage resulting from improper installation or misuse of materials. “ Also supplied: two hexagonal wrenches (large and small)
O Screws and bolts may loosen over time due to vibration or corrosion.
Periodically check and retighten all connections especially in extraor-
dinary cases such as earthquakes or heavy impacts. For maximum
safety, have a professional continually check and maintain the speaker
and bracket,
Hinge Bolt
Joint Clamp Bolt
Bolt and Nut
e The speaker-side bracket requires two (2) M8 bolts and two (2) M8
washers. (When using enclosures as shown in Figure 2, two (2) M8
nuts must be provided as well.)
1 Using the large hexagona! wrench provided, | 2 ido bracken 1 to the speaker 3 Attach the baton-side bracket to the >)
— loosen the pivot lock bolt. Then, using the [| dois — mounting pipe.
mel hexagonal wrench, remove he joint clamp * For wooden speaker enclosures, if it is pos- Make sure the space between the baton clamp
ba on “he bat E deb X Fi er sible to open the enclosure, use double M8 head and body is nearly equal on either side
side bracket from the baton-side bracket. (Figure nuts and the included flange nut to firmly of the clamp as shown by “A” and “B” in Fig-
secure the assembly. (Figure 2) ure 4,
Baton-sid uma . ;
Bracket * For speaker enclosures matched for the The space at “B” can be adjusted by rotating
the entire clamp head in or out as required.
speaker-side bracket, use the M8 bolts (2
P 2) Once the proper spacing is obtained, firmly
and washers (2) to securely attach the speaker
- to the bracket. (Figure 3) tighten the baton clamp nut. [*2] To be safe,
tighten a lock nut securely onto the baton
* In all cases, be sure to use bolts with the clamp nut. [%3]
Speaker-side Joint Clamp proper length. * Install the speaker and bracket to minimize
Bracket Pivot Lock Bolt the rotational strain between the baton and
the baton clamp. The center of gravity of
the speaker and bracket should hang di-
rectly below the center of the baton.
Figure 1 Hexagonal Baton
Hexagonal Clamp Nut
Speaker-side ock Nut
M8 Bolt Bracket Clamp Head
M8 Washer
A A rer ¥ B
TT i
Speaker = Flange Nut
Enclosure Clamp Body
\_ M8 Nut Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 |
(1) Insert the joint shaft of the speaker-side bracket
into the shaft hole of the baton-side bracket. While
holding the speaker in position, attach the joint
clamp and firmly tighten the joint clamp bolts. [4] In
this condition, the speaker-side bracket can be
horizontally rotated 360°,
(2) Pivot the speaker to the desired horizontal angle Bracket
and securely tighten the pivot lock bolt to set the
position. [#5] |
(3) Set the vertical angle of the speaker after loosen- Bolt
ing the angle adjustment bolts and nuts (M8). Firmly
Joint Shaft
retighten the bolts and nuts.
* Do not adjust the speaker position without loos-
ening the required bolts and nuts,
* It the vertical angle of the speaker is extreme,
the baton clamp may slip depending on the ma-
terial of the baton.
(4) After adjustment, check again that the rotational
strain between the baton and the baton clamp is
minimized. The center of gravity of the speaker
and bracket should hang directly below the center
of the baton. [#7]
* Firmly tighten the hexagonal lock nut and baton
\_ clamp nut. [*%8]
Insert the joint shaft of the speaker-side bracket into the baton-side bracket.
Joint Clamp
Joint Cl
Ti 7 Tighten
e \
Lastly, recheck the entire
installation. Make sure of
the following:
[1 Bracket Attachment to
the Speaker [+1]
[} Bracket Attachment to
the Baton (Baton Clamp
Nut Tightening) [%2]
[] Hexagonal Lock Nut
Tightening [#3]
[] Joint Clamp Bolt
Tightening [#4]
[] Pivot Lock Bolt Tight-
ening [+5]
L] Angle Adjustment Bolt
Tightening [+6]
[] Baton-side Bracket
Angle Adjustment [7]
[ J] Hexagonal Lock Nut
and Baton Clamp Nut
Tightening [#8]
The speaker bracket can be adjusted for a wide range of listening
Pivot Lock Bolt [#5]
Using the large hexagonal
wrench supplied, loosen the
Maximum pivot lock bolt. Rotate the
adjustable speaker to the desired angle
angle: 360 and retighten the pivot bolt
Maximum adjustable
angle: 90°
Angle Adjustment Bolts
(2) and Nuts (2) [+6]
Using a wrench, slightly
loosen the angle adjust-
ment bolts and nuts. Ad-
just the speaker to the
desired angle and firmly
retighten the bolts and nuts.
46 (1-13/16"
+ 95 (3-3/4")
= Ms | #0 45
a - jet
= (1-15/167) | (1-3/4”)
[135] (5-5/16™)
[175] (6-7/8")
[212] (B-3/8")
240 (9-7/16”)
_— = —
f---_ex Hu cs SET a own) À
* [] dimensions for 40
mm (1-9/16") baton
Weight: 2.3 kg (5 Ibs.)
Units: mm (inch)
Pro Audio Division, # 18/3
Printed in Japan
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