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Foscam C1 undefined Quick Installation Guide
Setting Up Your Foscam
Security Camera
Quick Setup Guide
A. Getting Started
Indoor HD IP Security Camera
C. Setting Up Your Camera:
Wired Connection via Foscam App
B. Physical Description
Infrared LED
Network light
Micro SD Card Slot
Power light
Package Contents
IP Camera
AC Adapter
Quick Setup Guide
Indoor HD IP Security Camera
Induction IC
Model: C1
High-Power IR LED
Micro SD Card Slot
Model: C2
USB Power Cable
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Power light/
Network light
Quick Steup Guide
We recommend that you regularly update your camera to the
latest available software and firmware versions to help ensure
the best experience for your camera.
1. Connect the camera to your Internet router using an Ethernet
2. Connect the power adapter to the camera, and wait for a few
moments until the camera alerts you that the “Wired connection
3. From your smartphone, search for “Foscam”
via the App
Store or Google Play Store. Download, install and open the App to
begin configuration.
4. Under “Foscam” select “Tap to add a camera” and then select
"Camera", after that scan the QR code, which is located at the
bottom of your camera (see illustrations below).
Scan QR Code
Tap to add a camera
Security Tips
Please change the password of your camera regularly, using a
combination of numbers, letters and special characters.
Note: We highly recommend that you first begin the setup process
by connecting your camera to your Internet router with an
Ethernet cable. After setup is successful, you’ll be able to unplug
the cable and login to your wireless network for WiFi operability.
Camera Setup Steps
The cords on this product presents a potential strangulation hazard. For
child safety, please keep these cords out of the reach of children.
Minimum Requirements: To help ensure a smoother video
experience on the smartphone, it’s recommended that your
smartphone has the following:
iOS: version 8.1 or higher.
Android: 4.1 or higher, using a device with a Graphics Processing
Unit (GPU) function.
Tap + button
Scan the QR code which is located
at the bottom of your camera.
5. On the “Choose Setup Method” screen, confirm that “Wired” is
selected (upper-left corner) and tap “Ready for Wired
Connection.” Wait a few moments for a message confirming that
the setup process has been completed (see illustrations below).
< Choose Setup Method
Add Cameras
Camera added
Ready for Wired Connection
Confirm “Wired” and then tap
“Ready for Wired Connection”
Camera added successfully!
D. Connecting Your Camera Over WiFi
Once you’ve added your camera successfully using the wired
connection method above, tap your live camera feed from the “My
Cameras” screen tap the gear in the upper-right tap “Network”
tap the WiFi network you wish to connect to and enter your
WiFi password.
Note: You’ll need to connect to the 2.4GHz network if your
wireless router is dual-band—most newer models have 2.4GHz
and 5GHz channels (see illustration below).
E. Other Ways to Access Your Camera
You can access the camera via the Foscam Cloud website:
Some of the benefits of viewing your camera in the cloud:
Camera Username & Password
Foscam Cloud Service
It’s simple and convenient to remotely access and manage all
your WiFi security cameras.
Enjoy the latest features first through Foscam Cloud including
cloud storage, video sharing, and more.
Getting started is fast—if you have already registered an
account through Foscam App, you can directly use your login
credentials for Foscam Cloud.
Web User Interface
(e.g.Internet Explorer/Edge/Chrome/Firefox/Safari)
If you would like to manage your camera more professionally, we
suggest you access your camera via browser. You can download
the “Equipment Search Tool” from to your
computer, then access the camera directly.
G. Important Notice
F. Hardware Installation
Firmware Upgrades
The camera username & password are used to access and manage
your camera. Having a strong password can improve the security of
your camera significantly.
You can upgrade the firmware of your camera with Foscam App by
using the new “one-key-Online Upgrade” feature (Open Foscam
App, select “Settings” > “Firmware Upgrade”).
If you have forgotten either of them, please press and hold the
"Reset" button on the camera while it’s powered on to restore it to
factory default settings. After hearing the voice prompt, release the
button. The camera will automatically reboot and the default
settings will be restored. The default username / password will then
become admin / (blank), respectively.
You also can download the latest version to upgrade your camera
1. Rotate the base of the camera until points a and b are aligned,
this allows for the mounting plate to be removed.
2. Install the mounting plate on a wall or ceiling with supplied
fixing screws.
3. Align points a and b to insert the camera base to the mounting
plate. Rotate so that points a and b are no longer aligned, this
attaches the camera securely to the base.
After restoring to the factory default settings, please delete the
camera from Foscam App, and then add it again.
Foscam Cloud Service Account
Username & Password
Your Foscam Cloud service account and password may be used to
access both Foscam App and the Foscam Cloud service website.
Therefore, you may register the account username & password on
either one.
Storage Media
Your camera supports cloud, NVR (Network Video Recorder), and
Micro SD card (only supports FAT-32 format) storage formats.
If you wish to record and playback large amounts of video, we
recommend using a Foscam NVR device as well.
from our official website
Safety Tips
Please ensure that the proper power supply is used before using
the camera.
Please install the camera and bracket securely using the screws
To avoid the risk of fire or electric shock, please keep your camera
in a cool, dry place.
Please keep the camera out of reach of small children.
Change your default port to a greater range to help ensure the
safety of your connection.
Check the logs of your Foscam cameras frequently. Foscam
Cameras have embedded logs reminding you which IP addresses
are accessing the camera.
CE Certificate Website:
Exporter and Importer Information Opened to Public:
Questions? For any issues that occur during the setup process,
please write to —we’re here to help!
As a result of product upgrades and other reasons, this guide may not be
able to update in time, resulting in inconsistency with the official website
information, please take the official website ( information
as the standard.
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