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ESAB KK 1 Casette dryer User manual
LK-10 - Storage Cabinet
KK-1 - Cassette Dryer
The LK 10 Storage Cabinet is intended for storing rolls of wire electrode in the temperature range
20 -50 oC. Due to the risk for injuries or material damage the storage cabinet and the cassette dryer
must not be used for other than their intended purpose, and not in violation of these instructions.
Before use
Check the unit for transport damage. Do not connect a faulty unit to the mains. Check that the
voltage and frequency marked on the rating plate match the values of the mains to which the unit is
to be connected. Remove the cassette dryer packaged into the cabinet and check it for damage
before transporting the units.
The cabinet and the cassette dryer must never be covered. Place the cabinet on a flat surface.
The cabinet may not be used in environments where there is danger of explosion (EX). Ensure
unobstructed airflow around the cassette dryer.
Using the cabinet
Connect the unit to the mains. Set the desired temperature with the thermostat. The red indicator
light is lit whenever the unit is connected to the mains. The green indicator light is lit when the
heating resistor is on. Set the storage temperature recommended by the manufacturer of the
electrodes. Place the desiccant cassettes on the bracket on the inside of the door. Place the rolls on
the shelves of the cabinet. The humidity inside the cabinet will decrease to 40% RH in
approximately two hours, depending on the initial humidity. Avoid opening the door, as this will
increase the humidity of the interior of the cabinet. The water content of the desiccant cassettes can
be determined on the basis of the colour of the granulate in the cassettes. In a dry cassette the
granulate is deep blue. As the granulate absorbs moisture its colour turns lighter, and finally the
granulate becomes translucent. At this stage, at the latest, the cassette should be transferred to the
cassette dryer KK-1 for reconditioning. The cassette dryer is operative whenever connected to the
The door is tightened against the cabinet with a screw lock. When closing the door, turn the knob
five revolutions clockwise – this will press the door tightly against the cabinet. Turn the knob five
revolutions anticlockwise when opening the door.
Using the cabinet, cassettes and dryer
Three desiccant cassettes are delivered with the cabinet, although just two cassettes are used at a
time. When commissioning the cabinet, immediately put one cassette in the dryer in order to
eliminate any moisture absorbed during the transport. When the cassettes in the cabinet are getting
moist, replace one of them with the cassette from the dryer. This rotation between cabinet and dryer
causes one dry cassette and one slightly moist one to be in the cabinet while one is in the dryer at
any given time. The cassette dryer should always be in operation and the cassette not in the cabinet
should be placed in the dryer. A moist cassette will dry completely in approx. 8 hours. Plastic rolls
should not be kept on the lowest shelf of the cabinet, as the heating resistor just below may
cause the temperature to rise to a level that is too high for plastic rolls.
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LK-10 - Storage Cabinet
KK-1 - Cassette Dryer
Disconnect the cabinet from the mains when it is not in use.
Technical data
230 V / 50 Hz
300 W
Storage temperature
20 -50 oC
10 electrode rolls
Dimensions W*D*H
720*535*1,015 mm
87 kg
thermostat, thermometer, indicator lights, 3 desiccant cassettes
230 V / 50 Hz
100 W
Drying temperature
approx. 100 oC
1 cassette
Dimensions W*D*H
160*335*90 mm
3 kg
Desiccant cassette:
Dimensions W*D*H
117*245*27 mm
0.7 kg
SE – 695 81 Laxå
+46 584 81000
+46 584 13056
Made by:
2 (2)
Ergi Oy
+358-9-753 8005
+358-9-753 8460
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