Ideal 36600TL Shut The Box Game Instructions / Assembly

Ideal 36600TL Shut The Box Game Instructions / Assembly
«11» SHUT THE BOX™ ‘cit win
Not for Children under 3 years.
OBJECT OF GAME: Cover as many numbers as possible.
SCORING: Add the uncovered numbers attempting to achieve the lowest possible total.
PLAY: Each player throws the dice into the box section of the game until they can no longer cover any numbers.
Their turn is then complete and they add up the total of the uncovered numbers. This is their score.
It is then the next players turn to try to beat their opponents score. Lowest score wins.
The total of the dice can “cover” a number or combination of numbers that add up to same total rolled on
the dice.
For example: If the dice roll yields a 5 and 4, the following number or combination of numbers can be covered.
9, 8-1, 7-2, 6-3, 5-4, 1-2-6, 2-3-4, 1-3-5
Add, subtract, multiply or divide the numbers on the dice to “cover” numbers.
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