Epson TM-Intelligent Range
Changing the way you do business
We know that high street stores have been hit by two
different issues affecting the retail market: lower
consumer spending and the rise in online competitors.
In order to readdress this, retailers are now looking at
ways they can change to attract more shoppers and,
more importantly, get them to spend more money.
Research* shows that 75% of stores are now looking
to adopt cloud-based POS in the next 5 years to
help them attract more shoppers. This is because,
among many features, it can improve the efficiency
of your IT systems. It’s also the kind of innovation
that will help you improve the in-store customer
experience. That’s because it allows retail assistants
to influence customer buying behaviour as they walk
through the store. They can carry out transactions,
provide tailored information with handheld devices,
or they can remotely print receipts to enable more
customer interaction and cross-selling opportunities
– as well as reduce queuing times. They also benefit
from costing much less to install than traditional
methods and can be upgraded faster. All important
factors to help keep ahead of the competition.
How Epson can help?
As Europe’s number one POS printer manufacturer*2,
we know what matters when it comes to POS services.
Building on our hugely popular TM receipt printers, we
have now launched a new range of intelligent devices
that offer a compact, all-in-one POS cloud solution.
Reliable, resilient and easy to upgrade, they can also
be operated remotely – perfect for your busy retail
By working closely with multiple cloud-based POS
software innovators, we have ensured that our Epson
TM-Intelligent devices deliver a cost-effective and
low risk cloud-based POS store solution – designed
to help you deliver better customer service and
increase sales.
To find out how you can benefit from cloud-based
POS easily and cost-effectively visit
Free staff from tills to
provide a much more
personal shopping
Provide staff with
up-to-the-minute stock
information to increase
sales at the point
of purchase
Manage stock, pricing
and promotions with
real-time management
Designed for the cloud
Energy efficient
With the use of tablet PCs
and other mobile devices
you can extend beyond
the checkout for better
customer service.
Print receipts directly
from smart devices
with our driverless,
intelligent printers.
With no POS terminal
needed you can cut out
hardware which reduces
your energy bills.
The all-in-one design
reduces hardware
and servicing and
maintenance costs.
Epson’s range of TM-Intelligent devices
Epson TM-i Series (TM-T88V-i,
TM-T70-i, TM-L90-i, FP-90III)
Epson TM-T88V-DT and TM-T70II-DT
Intelligent receipt and label printing
that communicates with compatible web browsers
Fast thermal receipt printers
with integrated peripheral controller designed to work with the web
If you are moving from legacy systems to cloud services or simply want to futureproof your current systems, you need a POS printer that’s engineered for the
requirements of web-based environments.
The Epson TM-T88V-DT/TM-T70II-DT is a unique integrated terminal hub and
thermal receipt printer designed to work with the web. Thanks to its integrated
peripherals controller with processing capability, there’s no need for a PC or
POS terminal. This helps cut hardware costs, energy bills, servicing and
maintenance expense.
Print receipts and labels directly from tablets and
other mobile devices using the TM-i Series. It’s a
convenient, elegant and straightforward printing
solution that is ideal for restaurants, hotels and
bars. With a unique built-in intelligence, called
ePOS-Print, it enables the TM-i Series to receive
XML commands from various web applications.
For countries who demand a fully compliant fiscal
printer, our FP-90III is designed to make fiscal
reporting and receipt printing as easy and efficient
as possible. Already approved for fiscal use in Italy.
Host web applications
Benefit from a stable system that is PHP supported,
using a micro SD card (up to 32GB).
Control connected devices
These intelligent devices are able to control cash
drawers and other Epson TM printers both wired
and wirelessly.
Easy configuration
No need for print drivers as a LAN or WLAN
connection is all that is required.
Easy maintenance
PC-free operation.
Epson TM-P60II and Peeler
Wireless, hand-held, thermal receipt and label printer,
for fast and convenient POS printing
POS applications and databases can
be backed up using the TM-T88V-DT/
TM-T70II-DT’s local storage, meaning
that if there is a problem with the
network, sales won’t stop.
Control peripherals such as scanners,
customer displays, cash drawers and
scales, through the web, without the
need for additional drivers.
Unique to Epson, this built-in
intelligence allows you to communicate
directly with popular web browsers.
Extra support
Supports virtualisation technologies.
Extra software
Epson virtualisation tools available.
Small footprint
With a stylish, compact design that
saves on valuable counter space,
the TM-T88V-DT is available in white
or black. While the TM-T70II-DT
is designed for mounting under
counters with controls and paper
loading at the front.
Approved software solutions by Epson
We are working with multiple cloud-based POS software innovators to help you increase sales,
boost efficiency and manage customer retention. To find your perfect solution visit
Offering a simple wireless mobile printing solution,
the hand-held TM-P60II and Peeler prints directly
from mobile devices. Cut queuing times with up
to 100mm/sec print speeds and, with the drop-in
paper loading, ensure there are no unnecessary
delays during reloading.
Maximum reliability
Compact, rugged case with a battery that lasts for up
to 46 hours in Bluetooth mode.
This unique intelligence enables the TM-P60II to receive
XML commands from web applications,
and print from popular web browsers.
Remote printing
Print directly from mobile devices with no additional
drivers needed.
Coleman Parkes, Epson Retail Research Programme, 2012.
Futuresource consulting, 2013.
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