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Table of Contents
What is Atomic Radio Control?...................................... 5
Buttons.......................................................................... 8
Replacing Battery........................................................... 9
Auto Synchronization................................................... 10
Reading Other Data or Setting the Watch.................... 16
Manual Setting............................................................. 18
What is Atomic Radio Control?
Atomic radio control watches are the most precise time
keeping devices in the world. They keep time to the accuracy of more than 1 second in one million years. Until
recently, the atomic watches were only found in laboratories and special institutions and were very large and
expensive. When various governments began to broadcast
atomic, electronically encoded signals with their own national time, the accuracy of the atomic radio control watch
became available to the general public. Recent technology
enabled this process to be miniaturized and to be offered
at a reasonable cost.
The Global Atomic Watch takes it one step further. Until the
development of this type of watch, atomic watches were
able to receive and decode signals from only one transmitter.
What is Atomic Radio Control?
Watches made to receive signals in Europe did not work
in the USA or vice-versa. A different watch was needed
for each time signal. This watch changes it all. It is able
to receive signals transmitted by the various government
locations in Figure 1:
Figure 1
What is Atomic Radio Control?
• Fort Collins, Colorado, which covers all 4 zones in the
continental USA.
• Anthorn, UK, that covers all of UK.
• Near Frankfurt, Germany, that covers most of Western
and some of Central Europe.
• Kyushu Island, Japan, that covers most parts of Japan
and parts of Korea.
The radio receiver in the watch picks up the transmitted
signal and it is decoded with a split-second precision, to
synchronize to the accurate time. At the same time, the
radio signal automatically sets the calendar function and
for countries adopting daylight saving and standard time,
it adjusts automatically.
Figure 2
Replacing the Battery
The watch runs on one CR2032 battery.
Figure 3a
Figure 3b
1. Open the back cover of the watch. (See Figure 3a.)
2. Remove the metal plate of + polarities. (See Figure 3b.)
3. Replace with CR2032 button cell, with positive pole
(+) facing out. Ensure that it is retained securely in
position by the metal plate.
4. Replace the back cover.
Replacing the Battery
• Dispose of the used batteries properly, in accordance to
the environmental laws in your area.
• Press and hold the four buttons to reset the watch if it is
operating in an unfavorable way or malfunctioning.
Auto Synchronization
Once the battery is installed, the receiver circuit is activated. The antenna icon on the LCD blinks. (See Figure
4.) The bars facing the antenna indicate the strength of
the radio signal: no bars mean there is no signal or a very
weak signal being received; one bar indicates a weak signal; 5 bars indicate the strongest signal. (See Figure 5.) Use
Auto Synchronization
the radio signal strength indicators to find a location where
the reception is strong. If the watch is too close to electrical
appliances, such as a TV, mobile phone or computer, they
may cause undesirable signal interference. A strong signal is
normally found close to the window. (See Figure 6.) In some
areas where the signal is poor, you may need to position and
rotate the watch until the best signal strength is obtained.
Figure 4.
Blinking antenna icon (watch
attempting to synchronize).
Figure 5.
Synchronization and radio signal
strength indication.
Auto Synchronization
Figure 6.
How to position the watch
for the best signal reception.
Auto Synchronization
Once you have found the optimal position, leave the
watch still so that it can receive a clear signal. It normally
takes 3 to 10 minutes to synchronize. Once it is successful, the watch displays extremely accurate time and the
correct date. A successfully synchronized watch features
a non-blinking antenna icon and a radiating beacon. (See
Figure 7.) The synchronized watch attempts to refresh
itself with the radio time signal at least once a day. If it
fails for more than 3 days, the antenna icon disappears.
The watch still functions as a quartz watch until it can be
refreshed again.
Auto Synchronization
The watch is a radio device and, like a mobile phone or
the radio, in certain locations and times of day, it may not
pick up a strong enough signal to synchronize. If the watch
fails to synchronize in the first attempt, it reattempts every
2 hours for the first 3 days. In most cases, the watch syn-
Auto Synchronization
chronizes overnight as the radio signal is the strongest in
the early morning. You can leave the watch to synchronize
at a later time or you can set the watch manually. As noted
below, a manually set watch still attempts to synchronize
itself automatically every 2 hours for the first 3 days.
Note: Regarding forced synchronization and halting of
synchronization, if you want the watch to attempt synchronization, press and hold the MODE button. This activates
the synchronization process. If the watch is in synchronization mode, then press and hold MODE button to halt
Reading Other Data or Setting the Watch
The watch normally displays the time and calendar
(month, day) continuously. From this display mode, repeatedly pushing MODE button shows the following data:
Mode A = Stopwatch Display
Mode B = Countdown Display
Mode C = Alarm 1
Mode D = Alarm 2
Mode E = Country Selection
Mode F = Offset Display
Reading Other Data or Setting the Watch
Normal Display
Mode D:
Alarm 2
Mode A:
Stopwatch Display
Mode E:
Country Selection
Mode B:
Countdown Display
Mode F:
Offset Display
Mode C:
Alarm 1
Figure 7
Reading Other Data or Setting the Watch
After releasing the MODE button, the display returns to
normal display in 8 seconds (when in Modes C, D, E or F).
However, if you press and hold the SET/LIGHT button for
2 seconds in normal display or when in Modes B, C, D, E
or F, the watch enters into Setting mode for that particular
mode. To set, press the UP or DOWN button. The blinking digits or icons indicate the values to be adjusted.
Manual Setting
If necessary, or when you travel to a place not served by
one of the 4 transmitters, the watch can be set manually.
Once it is manually set, the watch attempts to synchronize. If all attempts fail, the receiver circuit enters Sleep
Manual Setting
mode to conserve power. The watch functions as a quartz
watch until it is forced to attempt synchronization again.
Setting the Time and Calendar
In normal display mode (Time and Calendar Display),
press and hold SET/LIGHT button to enter the Time and
Calendar setting modes. Press UP or DOWN button to
select 12/24-hour format. With each press of the SET/
LIGHT button after entering the 12/24-hour format, the
setting shifts to hour, minute, seconds (only to synchronize
with 00 seconds), year, month and day setting modes.
Manual Setting
Stopwatch Function
See Figure 7, Mode A.
1. Press the UP button to begin the stopwatch function
and to halt the synchronization, if the watch is in
2. To stop the timer, press the UP or DOWN button.
3. When the timer has stopped, press the DOWN
button to reset the timer to 0:00:00.
Countdown Function
Your watch has a built-in countdown function: 23 hours,
59 minutes and 59 seconds. While you are in Mode A,
press the MODE button to enter Mode B. (See Figure 7.)
Manual Setting
Press and hold the SET/LIGHT button for 2 seconds to
set the target hour, minute and seconds. When hour, minute and seconds are flashing, press UP or DOWN button
to adjust. When finished, press UP button and the watch
starts the countdown. Press UP button again to stop the
countdown and DOWN button to reset the countdown.
When the countdown has reached to the target time, the
alarm sounds. To stop the alarm, press any button.
Note: The default is at 5 minutes.
Setting Alarm 1
When you are in Mode B, press the MODE button to enter
Mode C: Alarm 1. (See Figure 7.) When entering the alarm
mode, the on/off flashes. Press UP or DOWN button to
Manual Setting
turn the alarm on or off. Next, press and hold the SET/
LIGHT button to enter the alarm hour. Press again to enter
the minutes setting. If you turn on the alarm,
appears in
the normal display. (In 12-hour format, note PM sign.)
Setting Alarm 2
When you are in Mode C, press the MODE button to enter
Mode D: Alarm 2. (See Figure 7.) Setting this mode is the
same as Alarm 1. If you turn on the alarm,
appears in the
normal display. (In 12-hour format, note PM sign.)
Selecting the Country
When you are in Mode D, press the MODE button to enter Mode E. (See Figure 7.) Press and hold the SET/LIGHT
button and the country (US, EU, En or JP) flashes. Press UP
Manual Setting
or DOWN button to select the country. To confirm, press
the SET/LIGHT button again. When you are in US mode,
press UP or DOWN button to select the right time zone
(Pacific, Mountain, Eastern or Central) once the country is
Note: The watch can be forced to attempt synchronization
in normal display mode. Press and hold the MODE button
and it begins synchronization. Synchronization may not be
immediate, so allow some time for the watch to synchronize.
Setting the Offset
While you are in Mode E, press the MODE button to enter
Mode F. (See Figure 7.) Press and hold the SET/LIGHT button. 00 flashes, then press UP or DOWN button to select
Manual Setting
the offset time. Press SET/LIGHT button when finished.
Daylight Saving/Standard Time (Not available for Japan)
When in the normal display mode, press and hold the
UP or DOWN button to change the time manually from
Standard to Daylight Saving Time or vice-versa. When the
UP or DOWN button is pressed, the watch overrides the
built-in auto Daylight Saving/Standard Time function. At
this point, the manual adjustment can be made.
• Daylight Saving Time (DST) may vary from year to year
in some cities. If the built-in auto Daylight Saving Time
is not up to date, press and hold the UP or DOWN
button to correct it.
Manual Setting
• Once you have set DST/Standard Time manually, the
watch will not set the Daylight Saving Time according to
the RCC signal. Your manual setting overrides the signal
reception. You have to manually set it when Daylight
Saving Time ends as well. Or you can press and hold
SET/LIGHT+MODE+UP+DOWN buttons to reset
the watch to the manufacturer default setting.
To illuminate the digits on the LCD, press the SET/LIGHT
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