Mettler Toledo GWP® Recommendation for Counting Datasheet

Mettler Toledo GWP® Recommendation for Counting Datasheet
GWP® Recommendation
Accuracy When it Counts
GWP® Recommendation for Counting
Every piece counts for your profit
Accurate piece counting directly translates to increased profit. Weighing with
scales of unknown uncertainty can result
in giving away thousands of your precious pieces every day.
Choose the right counting scale
Selecting the counting scale with the
right accuracy pays back. It eliminates
costly overfilling and protects your reputation by avoiding underfilling.
GWP® Counting
Based on your specific requirements,
such as parts weight, number of pieces
and parts deviation, the GWP® expertise
helps you to choose the appropriate
counting scale.
Specifying the Right Counting
Solution for Your Needs
Selecting the right counting solution saves money
and provides peace of mind from the start. The GWP®
­Recommendation for Counting is a unique qualification service to determine the right counting solution for
any specific process requirement. Counting accuracy
is not accidental. Be sure to receive a GWP® Recommendation for Counting before you purchase your next
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Increased Profit
Your Concern:
How to avoid profit losses due to
Our Solution:
We help you calculate how much
costs you can save with accurate
counting. Benefit from the start by
selecting the counting scale with
the right accuracy.
Your Concern:
How to assure stable and reproducible processes?
Our Solution:
To achieve reliable counting processes, it is paramount to accurately determine the reference
weight. Secondly, choose an optimal number of reference pieces.
Lastly, use a suitable counting
scale. GWP® Recommendation
provides all that in one document.
Your Concern:
How to maintain counting
Our Solution:
Counting accuracy is influenced by
a multitude of factors. The deviation
of the part’s weight, human error or
environmental variations are
among the main influences.
­METTLER TOLEDO provides expert
advice to maintain accuracy in your
Stable Processes
High Counting Accuracy
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GWP® Recommendation for a counting scale:
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Good Weighing Practice™
GWP® is the only science-based global standard for efficient lifecycle
management of weighing systems, applicable to all kinds of weighing
systems of any manufacturer. It helps you to
•choose the right balance or scale
•calibrate and operate your weighing equipment with security
•comply with current quality, compliance, laboratory and
­manufacturing standards
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