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User Manual
Please retain your User Manual
for future use.
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Embertec Recommends
Safety First
Your EmberCeptor PC™
What is EmberCeptor PC™
Using your EmberCeptor PC™?
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Embertec Recommends Safety First
IMPORTANT: Please retain
your User Manual for
future use.
At Embertec, we believe that safe performance is the first priority in any
consumer product, so that you, our valued customer can confidently use
and trust our products. We ask that any electrical appliance that you use
be operated in a sensible fashion with due care and attention placed on
the following important operating instructions.
Important Safeguards For Your EmberCeptor PC™
• Carefully read all instructions before
operating the EmberCeptor PC™
for the first time and save for future
• To protect against electric shock, do
no immerse the EmberCeptor PC™ in
water or any other liquid.
or travel power adapters into the
EmberCeptor™. Your connected
equipment must comply with the
below electrical requirements:
EmberCeptor™ PC Series Specifications
• This EmberCeptor PC™ is intended for
household and commercial use only,
not for industrial use.
Part Number
• Disconnect from the power point
before cleaning and when the
EmberCeptor PC™ is not in use.
Operating Voltage (AC)
(+10% -6%)
• Do not plug this EmberCeptor PC™
into another device.
Mains Frequency (Hz)
Output Current (Amps)
• Do not insert needles or any other
metal objects into the device’s outlets.
• Avoid moisture, extreme
temperatures, shock and vibration.
• This device does not convert
voltage. Do not connect country
Disconnection Type
Type 1B
Control Pollution Degree
Rated Impulse Voltage
Standards and Compliance
• Connected plugs must be kept clean
and free from defect.
• Suitable for indoor use only.
• Ensure the device is securely plugged
into the wall socket to avoid the
device slipping out. Ensure cords
plugged into the device remain
tangle free.
Important Safeguards For All
Electrical Appliances
• The EmberCeptor PC™ is not intended
for use by persons (including
children) with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities, or lack
of experience and knowledge, unless
they have been given supervision
or instruction concerning use of the
appliance by a person responsible for
their safety.
• Children should be supervised to
ensure that they do not play with the
EmberCeptor PC™.
• It is recommended to regularly
inspect the EmberCeptor PC™.
To avoid a hazard do not use the
EmberCeptor PC™ if it becomes
damaged in any way
• This EmberCeptor PC™ is for
household and commercial use only,
not for industrial use. Do not use this
EmberCeptor PC™ for anything other
than its intended use. Do not use in
moving vehicles or boats. Do not use
outdoors. Misuse may cause injury.
damages or loss of components, or
data; loss of operating instructions;
or intentional misuse of the product.
Damages and loss include, and not
limited to: lost business; business
downtime; component/ equipment
replacement and reconfiguration; or
retrieval of lost data.
• The apparatus shall not be exposed
to dripping or splashing and that no
objects filled with liquids, such as
vases, shall be placed on the apparatus
• An apparatus with CLASS 1
construction shall be connected to
MAINS socket outlet with a protective
earthing connection
• The MAINS plug is used as the
disconnect device, the disconnect
device shall remain readily operable;
• The socket-outlet shall be installed
near the equipment and shall be
easily accessible
• Embertec is not responsible for
special, incidental, or consequential
Your EmberCeptor PC™
EmberCeptor PC
Monitoring light
breaker re-set button
Not Shown
• The ‘Computer Only’ socket (grey) is
recommended for use with a laptop
or desktop computer. This will ensure
that constant computer power is not
interrupted or removed at any time
to avoid damage to your computer
hardware or data files.
• Surge protection provided to
EmberCeptor PC™ outlets, providing
assurance that your home office
equipment and computer equipment
are protected against dangerous
power surges from your electricity
• The ‘Power Saver’ socket (green) is
source. Total surge protection up
recommended for peripheral devices
to 375J / 4500 Amps. In the event
that can be switched off automatically
of a major power surge, electrical
when the computer is not in use (e.g.
overload or wall outlet failure, the
monitors, printers, speakers, external
EmberCeptor PC™ will remove power
hard drives and lamps). These devices
to both sockets to further protect your
will be switched off automatically
connected equipment.
to save energy when the computer
• Australian designed and engineered.
enters sleep, hibernate, standby or
off modes.
• LED monitoring light indicates power,
monitoring and event status, as
well as the operational state of the
EmberCeptor PC™.
• Overload protection circuit breaker
re-set button. (Not shown)
• German and European general
purpose outlets.
What is the EmberCeptor PC™?
The EmberCeptor PC™ automatically
switches off power to peripherals
connected to the power saving socket
when the computer switches off or goes
into sleep mode.
Equipment is re-powered by simply
reactivating your computer.
The EmberCeptor PC™ connects to
existing power boards and works with
all computer equipment regardless of
brand or age.
NOTE: It is not guaranteed to work
accurately for laptops with old or
damaged batteries.
What Power is Wasted?
Many of today’s appliances for the
home and office continue to use
power, even when the appliance is
turned off. Appliances that are left on
unintentionally or are in sleep mode,
waste even more power.
Automatic Power Down
EmberCeptor PC™ eliminates standby
power consumed by computer and office
equipment that has been left on or has
entered sleep mode.
Using Your EmberCeptor PC™
Before First Use
Remove any packaging and promotional
material from the EmberCeptor PC™
Setting Up the
EmberCeptor PC™
To maximise your energy saving,
please ensure your computer’s power
management settings are active so
the computer enters sleep, standby
or hibernate modes. Normally this
function is found in a menu in a PC,
called ‘Power Options’.
In an iMac, ‘Energy Saver’ is used to
tell the computer when to go to sleep.
Other option is to send your Mac to
sleep, close the lid on your portable Mac
or press the on/off button once on your
desktop Mac.
one computer
to the ‘Computer
‘Computer Only’.
socket marked
Only’ socket.
Identify the equipment that is used with
the computer, such as monitors, printers,
speakers, external hard drives and lamps,
and plug them into the socket marked
‘Power Saver’.
NOTE: Devices that are connected
to the ‘Power Saver’ socket will be
automatically switched off during
the computer’s power saving cycle.
Connect the equipment that needs to
remain turned on, such as the internet
modem / router, fax machine, to another
free socket on the wall outlet.
Plug the EmberCeptor PC™ into a
220V-230V wall socket in Europe, or into
a 120V wall socket in US, and turn the
power point on at the wall (if the wall
outlet has a switch).
NOTE: Only equipment connected
to the EmberCeptor PC™ will be
protected against surge.
NOTE: If the power management
settings are not active on the
computer, the peripherals
connected to the EmberCeptor PC™
‘Power Saver’ socket will only be
turned off when the computer is
manually shut down.
NOTE: Where there is more than
one device that needs to be
connected, any power board,
powerstrip, trailing socket or surge
board may be connected to the
‘Power Saver’ socket.
Using Your EmberCeptor PC™ continued
Wireless Modem
or Lap Top
The LED monitoring light on the
EmberCeptor PC™ will now light up
for 3 seconds to indicate detection of
connected equipment. This also indicates
the EmberCeptor PC™ is monitoring
your power consumption and providing
power to the ‘Power Saver’ socket and
then will switch off.
Your PC system is now ready for normal use.
Led Monitoring Light Status
The LED light on the EmberCeptor PC™
is ON whenever power has been applied
to the Power Saver socket, and OFF when
power has been removed.
Standby Power Down
Once the Computer enters standby,
hibernate / sleep or off mode, the
EmberCeptor PC™ will detect this and
begin the standby power down mode.
During this time, the EmberCeptor PC™
will monitor the power consumption to
ensure the computer is no longer being
used. After approximately 60 seconds of
inactivity from the user, the peripheral
appliances connected to the ‘Power
Saver’ socket will be switched off.
NOTE: When using Laptops and
Notebooks: the EmberCeptor PC™
may need additional time to detect
battery charging and condition
status in order to determine
whether peripherals should be on
or off.
NOTE: It is not guaranteed to work
accurately for laptops with old or
damaged batteries.
Turning the Computer
And Components off
After Connecting the
EmberCeptor PC™
Simply turn your equipment off in the
normal way.
Once the computer has been switched
off, the EmberCeptor PC™ will remove
power from the ‘Power Saver’ socket after
a delay of approximately 60 seconds.
Reactivating the Computer,
Peripherals and Equipment
To reactivate your computer,
peripherals and equipment, simply
press the spacebar, move the mouse,
or momentary press the computer
power button on your computer. The
EmberCeptor PC™ will switch on the
peripherals connected to the ‘Power
Saver’ socket within 5 seconds.
This will apply power to all components
ready for use. You can continue using
your computer and components in the
normal way.
To maximise your energy saving,
please ensure your computer’s power
management settings are active so the
computer enters sleep, standby
or hibernate modes. Normally this
function is found in a menu item called
‘Power Options’.
NOTE: The EmberCeptor PC™ will
switch off all peripherals when the
computer enters sleep, standby,
hibernate or off modes. If any
program is working or activity is
detected, all peripherals will remain
on (even when the screen saver is
already on).
Overload Protection
The EmberCeptor PC™ is fitted with a
safety device that switches off the device
in the event of overloading. Should the
device stop working, turn off and unplug
all units, and reset the safety protection
button on the device before attempting
to restart the device. If the device fails
to operate or the safety device switches
off again, ccontact Embertec by email
Alternatively, visit us on our website
Care and Maintenance
To clean the outside of the EmberCeptor
PC™ device, first switch off and remove
the device from the power point. Then
wipe the exterior with a soft, damp cloth.
Never use an abrasive cleaner.
When not in use, store the EmberCeptor
PC™ (preferably in its original box) in a
cool, clean and dry location.
Troubleshooting Guide
To Check
The EmberCeptor PC™ is not
receiving power.
• If the power board has a power switch,
ensure it is turned on.
The EmberCeptor PC™ is not
powering down my peripheral
This may be caused by older
laptops where the batteries are
continuously recharging.
• Ensure the equipment is plugged into the
‘Power Saver’ socket, not to the ‘Computer
Only’ socket.
The EmberCeptor PC™ has
stopped working.
• Unplug all the appliances connected into
the EmberCeptor PC™ device and then
unplug the device from the wall socket.
Then reconnect everything again.
• To maximise your energy saving, please
ensure your computer’s power management
settings are active so the computer enters
sleep, standby or hibernate modes. Normally
this function is found in a menu item called
‘Power Options’.
To protect the environment, the
EmberCeptor PC™ should be recycled,
or disposed of safely at the end of its life.
Please return the EmberCeptor PC™ to
a recycling centre for safe recycling or
NOTE: EmberCeptor complies
with WEEE and RoHS regulations
that restricts the use of certain
hazardous substances in Electrical
and Electronic Equipment (EEE) and
aim to reduce the amount of Waste
EEE and improve recovery and
recycling rates.
Embertec 12 Month Replacement Warranty
This EmberCeptor is supplied by Embertec Pty Ltd.
Embertec Pty Ltd is responsible for any warranty
obligations as defined below.
In Australia, this EmberCeptor
Replacement Warranty does not affect
the mandatory statutory rights implied
under the Trade Practices Act 1974
and other similar State and Territory
legislation relating to the appliance. It
applies in addition to the conditions and
warranties implied by that legislation.
This EmberCeptor Replacement Warranty
is valid only in the country of purchase,
but other statutory warranties may still
This Warranty card and the purchase
receipt for this product are to be retained
as proof of purchase and must be
presented if making a claim under the
Embertec Replacement Warranty. Please
note that under any applicable statutory
warranty you are not required to produce
these documents, but may be required to
provide a proof of purchase.
Embertec warrants the purchaser against
defects in workmanship and material
for a period of 12 months domestic use
from the date of purchase (or 3 months
commercial use).
The Embertec Replacement Warranty
does not apply to any defect,
deterioration, loss, injury or damage
occasioned by, or as a result of, misuse
or abuse, negligent handling or if the
product has been used other than in
accordance with the instructions.
The Embertec Replacement Warranty
excludes breakables such as glass and
ceramic items, consumable items and
normal wear and tear.
This EmberCeptor Replacement Warranty
is void if there is evidence of the product
being tampered with by unauthorised
If the product includes one or a number
of accessories only the defective
accessory or product will be replaced.
Subject to your statutory rights, in
the event of Embertec choosing to
replace the appliance, the EmberCeptor
Replacement Warranty will expire at the
original date, i.e. 12 months from the
original date of purchase.
In the event that you need some
assistance with your EmberCeptor, please
email us at
Alternatively, visit us on our website at
Embertec 12 Month Replacement Warranty
Your Purchase Record (Please Complete)
Date Of Purchase_ ________________________________________
Model Number___________________________________________
Serial Number____________________________________________
Purchased From__________________________________________
Attach a copy of the purchase receipt here.
(Please don’t return purchase record until you are making a claim)
For further assistance please contact us on
229 Greenhill Road,
Dulwich, SA 5065, Australia
Due to continual improvement in design or otherwise, the product you purchase
may differ slightly from the illustration in this book. Issue B10
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