Earlex ASG55 AUTRE Operating instructions

Thank you for purchasing an Earlex Steam Wallpaper Stripper. This is a highly versatile machine
for use all around the home. In order to obtain the best results please read the instructions
before commencing any work.
Please also make a special note of the safety rules and
Earlex Ltd. will accept no responsibility for the use of this product if used for any other purposes than those
detailed herein.
Keep equipment away from children and pets.
Ensure boiler is placed on a flat level surface, and
should the boiler become tilted in use - level again
Failure to do so can result in severe overheating,
complete element failure and void of your guarantee.
l Block boiler unit securely if using on stairs.
l The boiler becomes hot in use. Move only by using
the carrying handle.
l Steam is produced at 100oC. Be careful, wear
protective clothing and protect your hands with heat
resistant gloves or mitts.
l Never point hose or steam plate at anyone.
l Always keep steam plate tilted away from face and
body, beware of hot drips and regularly empty
collected condensation from plate - especially when
stripping ceilings and high areas.
l Never remove elbow filler cap or detach hose whilst
unit is operating.
l Never block the safety valve.
l Never use outside when raining.
Switch off and wait for 2 minutes before removing
elbow filler cap to refill boiler.
Do not overfill the reservoir.
Allow to cool completely before emptying boiler.
Do not stand on boiler or hose.
Do not drag or try to move boiler by pulling with
hose or mains lead.
Do not allow water or steam to enter light switches
or power points.
Do not leave unattended.
Use only standard tap water. Never add detergents
or chemicals.
Extreme care must be taken if the unit is used in
bathrooms. Always be aware of danger of
electrocution from stored water in baths and sinks.
Never change tools when the unit is operating.
Always store upright.
It is recommended that a RCD (residual current
device) rated at 30mA is fitted into the mains supply
socket for added protection against electric shock.
Use only genuine Earlex replacement parts.
The heat generated by the boiler unit can mark carpets, soft furnishings, table tops, cabinets etc.
To prevent this we recommend placing the unit on a wooden board, tray or other barrier - making sure it will not slip off
one side or tilt during use.
Dust sheets or newspapers are not suitable heat protectors for delicate surfaces.
Check the state of your plaster before starting work.
Steam can loosen weak, porous or poorly bonded plaster - which also loosens readily if cracked, holed or if the steam
plate is held in one position for too long after the paper is soaked.
Weak plaster can normally be detected by tapping a few areas of wall. A hollow sound indicates that you should
proceed only with extreme care - stopping immediately if you hear a cracking sound or plaster starts to break loose.
The steam stripper is safe for drywall/plaster board surfaces but whatever the material, it is always wise to check a
small area before starting work properly.
To achieve fastest paper removal always gently score the areas to be stripped.
With heavily embossed, vinyl coated or painted papers this is essential. Either use a proprietory
perforator tool or alternatively score the paper with the edge of a wall scraper in a criss-cross pattern
with 150mm (6 inch) spacing.
As with all decorating work be sure to protect carpets and furniture with covers.
STEAM IS HOT! The unit is designed for safe, fast removal of wallpaper but please be aware that steam is produced at
100oC - so be careful, wear protective clothing and protect your hands with heat resistant gloves or mitts.
Remove elbow filler cap and fill unit to MAX. level indicator with clean - preferably hot - water.
Ensure that the ‘O’ ring is seated correctly on the elbow filler cap and place elbow filler cap lugs
into filler hole with the tongue pointing to the TWO O’CLOCK position. Turn the elbow filler cap
clockwise to the SIX O’CLOCK position so that the tongue locks into place between the two
The capacity of 5 litres (9 pints) provides approx. 90 mins. steaming time before the safety cutout operates.
For a shorter steaming time use less water. Do not overfill the unit or hot water will be
forced up the steam hose.
Screw hose onto threaded outlet of steam plate, hand tight is sufficient. Do not over tighten
but do check for hand tight fit from time to time during use.
Connect mains lead from unit to power socket and switch on. lt can take up to 15 mins (approx.) before steam is
produced - depending on fill water quantity and temperature.
Do not leave unattended and keep children & pets out of the room.
Just before full steam production a small amount of bubbling and water will occur at the steam plate.
Beware of hot water discharge prior to steam emission.
STRIPPING: Remember to check a small area first.
Operation is simple for both right and left handed people.
Simply hold the steam plate flat against the wallpaper for approx. 10 seconds. Now move the plate
to the spot immediately next to the one just steamed - from which the paper should now easily
come away with a little help from a wall scraper.
Working this way should enable continuous paper removal although it may be necessary to steam
for longer periods with some papers, or if not completely removed first time.
Operate steamer until water level is low, then unplug unit and allow to cool for at least 2 minutes
before removing filler cap - Beware of steam - and re-filling unit.
When finished, allow to cool completely and empty unit. Always store unit empty.
A safety cut-out is fitted to prevent overheating the element if the water boils low. If unit stops boiling during use this
may be the cause. Wait for 2 minutes before removing filler cap then re-fill with water. The cut-out will self reset and
steam be produced again within 5-15 minutes.
The cut-out will not protect the element if a part filled unit is tilted during use in a way which enables part of the
element to be out of the water for longer than 15-20 seconds.
Normally Artex can be removed using the same method as for wallpaper although the steaming time will be longer.
CAUTION: Some textured finishes may contain asbestos which may be hazardous to health and which are subject to
licensing controls operated by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive).
Vinyl Floor Tiles
Vinyl floor tiles can also be removed if the plate is left long enough for the heat to penetrate the adhesive. Once the
adhesive is hot it softens and the tile can be peeled from the floor.
Sterilising Soil
To sterilise soil in seed trays or greenhouses rake the soil to obtain a fine surface. Leave the
steam plate on each section, for 2 to 2.5 minutes which should ensure that the steam has
penetrated through the surface.
Killing Weeds
Steam will kill weeds on paths and patios without the use of chemicals. You will need to steam
the weeds for 1 to 1.5 minutes in order to kill them.
Unit Fails to Boil
The unit has probably not been left for long enough to cool- refer to section on safety cut-out. Check the fuse in the plug
is sound and is rated at 13 amps.
If using an extension lead check that it is rated at a minimum of 10 amps and fully unwound.
Unit Leaks Steam from Pressure Relief Valve
The pressure relief valve is a special low pressure valve and cannot be replaced by any other valve. If steam is leaking
from the valve, the most likely cause is a blockage in the hose. Allow the hose to cool then remove the hose and check
for any blockage. Always check the inlet in the tool you are using.
To maintain peak performance of the unit, particularly in areas of hard water, it may be necessary to descale the
element in the unit. Proprietary kettle descaling products can be used in your unit - always follow the manufacturer’s
Tel: 01483 454666 Fax: 01483 454548 email:enquiries@earlex.co.uk
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 08.30-18.00 (excluding Bank Holidays)
Your unit has been supplied with a mains lead and a fitted plug. This is identified by the fuse holder in the base of the plug. Please read the following
safety instructions before use.
1 If the fitted plug is cut off from the mains lead then the plug must be disposed of safely. NEVER under any circumstances insert such a plug into a
13 amp socket.
2 NEVER under any circumstances use the appliance or mains lead without the fuse cover fitted. This is the little cover fixed into the base of plug to
hold the fuse in place.
3 If you lose the fuse cover then please contact any electrical dealer for a replacement or ring our helpline.
4 A replacement fuse must be rated at 13 amp. These must be manufactured and approved to BS1362.
If you need to fit a plug to the mains lead, this should be fitted in accordance with the wiring instructions below, and will need to be used with a 13
amp fuse. If in doubt consult an electrician.
WARNING - THlS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED. If you are using an extension lead it must be rated at a minimum of 10 amps and fully
unwound. Do not operate with a lead rated at less than 10 amps as this will cause premature failure of the element which is not covered by the
As the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this appliance may not correspond with the coloured markings identifying the terminals in your plug,
proceed as follows:
The wire which is coloured green and yellow must be connected to the terminal in the plug which is marked with the letter E or
by the earth symbol, or coloured green or green and yellow.
The wire which is coloured blue must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter N or coloured black.
The wire which is coloured brown must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter L or coloured red.
This product is guaranteed for a period of 24 months against faulty materials and workmanship.
Whilst every possible care is taken by Earlex to ensure that our products leave the factory in good working order, Earlex cannot
under any circumstances accept liability for problems or damage caused by their subsequent use.
It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that surfaces to be treated, cleaned or stripped are suitable for steam.
This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights. This guarantee excludes the use for hire purposes.
In the event of a fault occuring please contact our helpline before returning the unit to our Service Department at the address
below together with a copy of your purchase receipt. All repairs will be dealt with speedily.
EC Declaration of Conformity
We declare that the unit: SS75 conforms to: 73/23/EEC, BSEN60335-2-15 & 89/336/EEC, EN55014-1, EN 55014-2, EN 61000-3-2,
Tim Hopper-Technical Director
garden and home. The 20 litre recovery tank has 12 litres wet
capacity and is designed for the rough and tumble of every day
use. The Combivac has on board storage facilities for its
accessories, 6 metres of working length and a two year
guarantee. There is also a variety of additional accessories
available for use with the Combivac.
HG1600K - Heat Gun Kit. The Earlex Heat Gun Kit offers a
1600 Watt heat gun in a strong carry case and includes a range
of useful accessories. With two heat settings the heat gun can be
set at 350 C or 520 C. It is provided with a selection of four
nozzles, three shavehooks and a scraper to suit different tasks
and it all stores away conveniently in the carry case.
ASG55 - Super Sprayer 55. Sprays a 6’ x 6’ fence panel, on
average in 5 minutes!
55W Electric Airless Spray Gun, ideal for spraying wood
preservatives, shed & fence treatments, water & solvent based
paints. It has a 1 litre capacity and an easy-grip handle that
provides good balance and control. Hardened steel cylinder and
stainless steel piston for longer life. Kit includes 0.6mm & 1mm
nozzles & lubricating oil.
PRA1 1.4mtr extension pole - Used in conjunction with the PR9
the PRA1 allows you to paint ceilings and high areas without the
use of step ladders or having to move furniture.
PR9 Autofeed Cordless Painting System - Portable battery
operated paint rolling system. It has a 3 litre paint reservoir and
23cm (9”) roller and automatically feeds paint to the roller head.
Easy to use the PR9 provides enough capacity for one coat of a
3.6m x 2.7m (12” x 9”) room without having to refill.
A range of accessories is available for use with the wallpaper
stripper to adapt it for many other tasks around the home.
EA5 - Small Steam Plate. For removing wallpaper from
awkward areas.
EA11 - Floor Cleaner. For cleaning carpet, vinyl, cork, stone and
parquet floors also louvre doors, painted walls, etc.
EA12 - Window/Tile Cleaner. For removing dust, film or greasy
marks from windows as well as bathroom and kitchen tiles.
EA13 - Jet Nozzle. With scraper and brush for cleaning cookers,
garden equipment, work surfaces, etc. removing mould and black
spot from grouting.
EA20 - Complete set of 3 accessories - EA11, EA12 & EA13.
EA30 - Upholstery Cleaner. For cleaning upholstery, curtains,
painted walls, car interiors, etc.
EA31 - Spare Towels for Floor Cleaner (pack of 3).
EA32 - Spare Towels for Upholstery Cleaner (pack of 3).
Spray Station - HVLP (High Volume Low pressure) Complete
paint spraying system - Ideal for spraying large or detailed jobs
with equal ease. Fast and easy, provides a quality finish with no
unsightly brush marks. The Spray Station can spray many types
of paint, such as stains, varnishes, emulsion, glazes, wood
treatments and many more.
WD1000 - Combivac Wet ‘n’ Dry Vacuum & Blower. The
1000W motor provides a powerful suction and blowing facility
which is ideal for use around the workshop, garage, caravan, car,
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