Precision Radio Controlled LCD Alarm Clock, RC DIGITAL ALARM CLOCK User manual

Precision Radio Controlled LCD Alarm Clock, RC DIGITAL ALARM CLOCK User manual
 User Manual
Model No. AP054
to adjust. Each press of the MODE button will move the setting
in order of 12/24hr — hour — minute — year — month — date
— setting confirmed. If there is no input for 30 seconds, the unit
will revert to normal time display mode automatically.
Alarm and Snooze Setting
In normal time display mode, press and hold = button for
a few seconds to enter into alarm setting mode, the hour digit
to be set will be flashing. Press A or Y button to adjust. Press
= button, minutes will be flashing. Press A or '¥ button to
adjust. Press = button to confirm the setting. Press jam
button to turn on the alarm function. The 4 will appear on the
screen for alarm on. Press || button once more to turn off the
alarm function. The alarm icon will disappear.
The alarm sound will last for 2 minutes, and will increase in
intensity during this time. When alarm sounds, press
'SNOOZE/LIGHT button and the alarm will snooze for 5
minutes. Press any other button to turn off the snooze function.
If you do not wish to use the snooze function when the alarm
sounds, press any other button to switch the alarm off.
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Battery Assembling
Locate and open the battery compartment cover at the rear of
the clock. Insert 2 x AAA batteries (not included) according to
the correct polarity shown in the compartment. Replace the
battery compartment cover. The clock is ready and will
automatically search for the RC signal to set time, * will flash
on the main screen.
Manual Setting
Should you need set the time manually, in normal time display,
press and hold MODE button for a few seconds to enter time
setting mode, with digits flashing on the screen. Press & or ¥
In normal time display, press SNOOZE/LIGHT to turn on the
backlight. The backlight will illuminate the screen for 5 seconds.
The indoor temperature will adjust within 3-8 minutes after
initial power on. Press ¥ button to change between Degrees
and Fahrenheit.
RC Signal
RC signal searching will start automatically daily between
1:00 am to 5:00 am and last approx. 7 minutes. In RC signal
receiving mode, other functions cannot be operated. Press
‘Wave’ button to cancel RC signal receiving mode.
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