Bartscher FW 80 Operating instructions

Bartscher FW 80 Operating instructions
Fleischwolf FW 80
Mincer FW 80
Hachoir FW 80
Picadora de carne FW80
Gehaktmolen FW80
Maszynka do mielenia FW80
Мясорубка FW80
Operating instructions
Mode d’emploi
Instrucciones de uso
Instrukcja obsługi
Инструкция по обслуживанию
Our products have been manufactured to the highest standards of quality, functionality and
design. Enjoy working with your new attachment from Jupiter.
Please read this instructions carefully before use.
This powerful, sturdy and handy universal mincer is intended for mincing food at restaurants,
cafeterias, butcher shops, canteens, farms and large households.
Safety information
Connect and operate the appliance only
in accordance with the details on the
identification plate.
Never immerse the mincer in water or
hold it under a running tap.
Always turn off the appliance and pull
out the mains plug when assembling
and disassembling attachments,
cleaning or if a fault occurs.
Children should use this appliance only
under supervision to be sure that they
don’t play with it.
All parts are not dishwasher-proof.
Avoid to contact moving parts.
Do not pull the mains connecting lead
across sharp edges.
Do not use the appliance if the mains
connecting lead or the appliance itself
shows any signs of damage.
If the mains connecting lead is damaged
then it must be replaced by the
manufacturer, its after-sales service or a
similarly qualified person.
Never feed food by hand. Always use
the pusher.
Repairs to the appliance should only be
carried out by authorized persons.
Keep the appliance away from any hot
People (including children), who
because of their physical, sensory or
intellectual capabilities or their
inexperience or lack of knowledge are
unable to use the appliance safely,
should not use this appliance unless
under supervision or instructed to do so
by a responsible person.
Technical specifications
320 W / 230 V / 50 Hz.
appr. 80 kg / h.
Depending on plate size and meat consistence.
8,5 kg
height: 40 cm; width: 21 cm; depth: 34 cm;
height to put under: 14 cm
Very low running noise. For continuous duty. Air cooled. Housing of light metal with integrated
carrying handle. Large detachable funnel feeder made of stainless steel; turnable for carrying.
With power indicator light and overload protection switch.
Speed of feed worm on no charge 140 rpm, on full load 110 rpm.
Universal mincer attachment with approved stainless steel plate and knife (4-bladed knife and
plate 4,5 mm for standard equipment).
Universal mincer attachment (A)
Motor unit (B)
1. Locking ring
8. Carrying handle
2. Plate
9. Power indicator light
3. Knife
10. ON/OFF switch
4. Worm
11. Fixing screw
5. Housing
12. Power cord
6. Pusher
13. Identification plate
7. Funnel feeder
14. Overload safety switch
Before Using
Assembling (cont.)
Clean all parts before first use (see chapter
After that assemble the plate (2) regarding
the notch is corresponding with the pin at
the housing.
Then fasten the locking ring (1).
Push the worm (4) into the housing (5).
Put the knife (3) with the cutting edges
looking outside the housing onto the worm.
Insert the universal mincer attachment onto
the motor unit. Locate it properly by a light
reciprocating turning until the pin engages
onto the groove at the motor unit. Only then
tighten the fixing screw (11).
At least add the funnel feeder (7) and keep
the pusher (6) ready.
Avoid contacting moving parts!
First unplug the universal mincer attachment from the motor unit.
Never feed food by hand. Always use the
Therefore loosen the fixing screw (11) and
pull out the mincer attachment.
Start appliance by turning switch (10) to the
right (position 1). The power indicator light
(9) will flash up.
Unscrew the locking ring (1) by turning
counterclockwise and pull out cutting device
(2+3) as well as feed worm (4).
By turning switch to the left (position R) the
motor will run reverse. This service is
allowed only a short time!
If something unsuitable got into the filler
tube or if the motor is overloaded, the safety
switch (14) will trip after approx. 10 seconds
and stop the appliance.
All parts are not dishwasherproof!
Never immerse the mincer in
water or hold it under a running
Pull out the power cord.
Wipe the motor unit clean with a damp
Dismantle the mincer attachment and wash
all its parts with warm water and a little
washing up liquid. Then dry all parts
In this case switch off the motor, wait about
10 seconds, reset the overload switch by
pressing it in and turn the switch shortly left
(position R).
Knife and plate should be preserved with
cooking oil to avoid corrosion.
Then unplug the appliance and disassemble the mincer attachment. Remove all
residues from the parts. After reassembling
you can continue work.
Additional Attachments
The following attachments for the universal
mincer are available:
Sausage Stuffer
Attachment Set
(Art. no. 370137)
Set of Plates
(Art. no. 370136)
Consisting of:
Consisting of:
Plate 2 mm, stainless steel
Plate 3 mm, stainless steel
Plate 6 mm, stainless steel
Plate 8 mm, stainless steel
Plate 14 mm, stainless steel
and 2-bladed knife, stainless steel
Sausage stuffer Ø 12 mm
Sausage stuffer Ø 20 mm
Sausage stuffer Ø 30 mm
Guide disc
(Art. no. 370138)
Guarantee conditions
The guarantee conditions for this appliance are as defined by our representative in the country
in which it is sold. Details regarding these conditions can be obtained from the dealer from
whom the appliance was purchased. The bill of sale or receipt must be produced when making
any claim under the terms of this guarantee.
Subject to change without notice.
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