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General Safety Information
Replacing the spoke
Hook the spokes through the hub as shown in the illustration to install them.
● Before use, check the wheels to make sure that there are no bent or loose spokes,
dents, scratches or cracks on the rim surface. Do not use the wheel if any of these
problems are found.
● Do not use in combination with bottom link-type suspension forks. With these types of
forks, the clearance between the hub axle and the brake shoes can change due to the
operation of the suspension, so that when the brakes are applied, the brake shoes may
touch the spokes.
● If the quick release mechanism is not used correctly, the wheel may come off the bicycle
and serious injury could result. Read the Service Instructions for the quick release
mechanism thoroughly before use.
● These wheels are designed for riding on paved surfaces. If the wheels are used on
unpaved surfaces, the wheels may become bent or damaged, and accidents may result.
● Check that the wheels are fastened securely before riding the bicycle. If the wheels are
loose in any way, they may come off the bicycle and serious injury may result.
● The hollow on the opposite side to the valve hole is an indicator for the amount of rim
wear.If this hollow can no longer be seen, stop using the rim.
If you continue using the rim, it may break, and the bicycle may fall over and an accident
may result.
● Obtain and read the service instructions carefully prior to installing the parts. Loose,
worn, or damaged parts may cause injury to the rider.
We strongly recommend only using genuine Shimano replacement parts.
● Read these Technical Service Instructions carefully, and keep them in a safe place for
later reference.
● If the wheel becomes stiff and difficult to turn, you should lubricate it with grease.
● Do not apply any oil to the inside of the hub, otherwise the grease will come out.
● We recommend that you ask authorized bicycle dealers to adjust the spoke tensions if
there is any initial play in the spokes and after the first 1,000 km of riding.
● Spoke protectors (CP-WH23) are also sold separately. Please ask your bicycle dealer
for details.
● For maximum performance we highly recommend Shimano lubricants and maintenance
● Reflectors (manufactured by CATEYE) are also sold separately. Please ask your bicycle
dealer for details.
Model number
● The tires should be inflated to the pressure indicated on the tires before use.
● Use rim tape which can withstand high pressures, otherwise the tires may suddenly
puncture and come off, and severe injury may result.
* Install the inner ring and the hub
cap properly so that the inner ring
is fit completely inside the tabs of
the hub unit and the tabs of the
hub cap are fit completely into the
inner ring.
* Inner ring
● Parts are not guaranteed against natural wear or deterioration resulting from normal use.
Installation of the HG sprockets
Model number
Rim size
700C (622 × 15C)
Rim width
20.8 mm
For each sprocket, the surface that has
the group mark should face outward and
be positioned so that the wide parts of
the gear projections on each sprocket
and the A part (where the groove width is
wide) of the freewheel body are aligned.
● For installation of the HG sprockets, use the special tool
(TL-LR15) to tighten the lock ring.
● To replace the HG sprockets,
use the special tool (TL-LR15)
and TL-SR21 to remove the
Lock ring
lock ring.
Wide part
a c - 1 4T
● The Shimano R55HC (high performance) brake shoes use an aggressive compound
designed with an emphasis on maximum performance in wet conditions, however they
will cause accelerated rim wear.
Shimano accepts no responsibility for reduced rim life which might occur from using
R55HC brake shoes.
● Use of genuine Shimano spokes and nipples is strongly recommended. If genuine
Shimano parts are not used, the hubs or rims may become damaged.
● Before use, check that there are no pieces of metal or other foreign objects sticking to
the brake pads. If any such items are present, they may cause damage to the rim when
the brakes are applied.
● The nipples have large diameters and are easy to rotate in order to make it easier to
increase the spoke tension. However, be careful not to overtighten the nipples when
adjusting the spoke tensions. If the nipples are overtightened, damage to the rim may
(We recommended that you ask authorized bicycle dealers to make the adjustments.)
Technical Service Instructions
Spoke lacing
Tightening torque:
30 – 50 N·m
{261 – 434 in. lbs.}
The groove is wide
at one place only.
Lace the spokes as shown in the illustration.
Largest sprocket
Sprocket spacers
(For rear)
At the rear, a tangent assembly is
used at both the left and right.
Lock ring
Replacement of the freewheel body
Freewheel body
After removing the hub axle, remove the freewheel body
fixing bolt (inside the freewheel body), and then replace the
freewheel body.
Freewheel body fixing bolt
Do not attempt to disassemble the freewheel body,
because it may result in a malfunction.
10 mm Allen key
Spoke tension value
700C (19C – 28C)
This wheel can be used with 8-gear, 9-gear and 10-gear sprocket sets. (If using a 10-gear
sprocket set other than for a junior bicycle, use the accessory 1-mm spacer.)
Refer to the Product Technical Information for details on combination with other parts
such as chains and cassette sprockets.
Freewheel body washer
Tightening torque:
35 – 50 N·m {305 – 434 in. lbs.}
Clincher tire
21 – 28T
(For front)
At the front, a radial assembly is
used at both the left and right.
In order to realize the best performance, we recommend that the following combination
be used.
Applicable tire size
At the front, fit the heads of the
spokes securely into the slots in the
hub unit, otherwise damage may
* Hub cap
● The hollow on the other side of the valve from the hole is a guide for indicating the wear
of the rim. If this hollow is no longer visible, the rim is at the end of its useful life.
● Special spoke wrenches are available as optional accessories.
For front
1000 – 1400 N
(224 – 314 lbf)
For rear
Right (sprocket) side
Left side
1250 – 1500 N
(280 – 336 lbf)
600 – 850 N
(134 – 190 lbf)
* These values should be used as a guide only.
* Service Instructions in further languages are available at :
Please note: Specifications are subject to change for improvement without notice. (English)
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