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A New Age in
Live Digital Audio Production
An Introduction to the V-Mixing System
Why do you need a digital audio production system?
This handbook is intended to explain why people have turned to digital
audio solutions for live sound and to specifically show the system that
RSS by Roland delivers.
Benefits of a Digital Sound System
The V-Mixing System from RSS has been
designed to improve sound quality,
r e d u c e c o n f i g u r a t i o n c o m p l e x i t y,
add breakthrough capabilities and
reduce costs - all while making the
job of mixing live sound easier.
A System Concept
The V-Mixing System uses REAC (Roland
E thernet Audio Communicat ion) to
connect all components with lightweight
and affordable Cat5e Ethernet cables.
The individual components in the
V-Mixing System are some of the best in
the industry on their own but they are
designed to work even better as part of a
system, communicating with each other
via REAC.
This system connection approach brings
superior sound quality, is easy to learn,
easy to use and brings all the powerful
benefits of a digital solution.
Superior Sound Quality
The V-Mixing System delivers superior
sound quality starting right at the source.
The RSS Digital Snake puts pristine Mic/
Line preamps on the stage, close to the
original sound source. Then the true
sound of the source is carried by REAC to
other parts of the V-Mixing System at a
full 24bit digital audio depth.
In a typical analog sound system audio
is sent over cables that are susceptible
to sound quality degradation including
loss of high frequencies. There is also
the possibility of ground loop hums and
other electronic interference that comes
from outside sources such as lighting
systems. The longer the run and the more
connections made, the higher the chance
of sound quality issues.
The digital audio signal sent by REAC
over Cat5e Ethernet cables avoids signal
quality losses, ground hum, or other
interference common on analog snake
The RSS V-Mixer has a complete set
of built-in effects processors, further
avoiding analog connections to other
outboard devices.
Sometimes sound sources need to be
split and sent to multiple locations
in addition to the Main speakers - to
monitors, to a recording system, to a
broadcast feed or to a webcast. In the
analog world this requires large, bulky
transformer-based splitters that are
expensive. By using a simple Ethernet
switch, REAC delivers the full digital
sound to all splits, including the REAC
Recording System, the RSS Personal
Mixing System or other monitor positions.
The result of all these benefits is a
noticeable improvement in sound quality
over other systems. That superior sound
quality can be heard at any output from
the system: on the main speakers, in
monitors, in recordings or in a broadcast
Easy to Use, Easy to Learn
Connecting all devices in an integrated
system makes the V-Mixing System
easier to use. Devices are automatically
recognized by the system and the
appropriate menus present themselves.
Dedicated knobs and buttons eliminate
any confusion when having to make quick
adjustments. Full recall makes sound more
consistent from week to week or from one
event to another. Factory libraries make
it easy to set EQ, compressors and other
dynamics for every channel.
A dedicated Help button on the V-Mixer
is ready to give you answers on each part
of the system. No other system brings all
this flexibility and power in an easy to use
Powerful Digital Benefits
One of the most exciting functions driving
sound operators to step up to digital
mixing is the ability to store and recall
settings. When you rehearse with a band,
simply store the settings from rehearsal
and recall them from digital memory for
the performance.
This valuable recall function is now
common on digital mixers, however, the
V-Mixing System extends digital recall
beyond just the mixer to the entire system
via REAC.
An RSS V-Mixer has an extensive array
of effects processors. Multiple racks
of outboard processing devices are
eliminated because ‒ the mixer has them
built right in. This reduces learning
complexity by putting all effects into
the same user interface as the mixer. It
also puts effects under reliable systemwide recall as well as providing some
significant cost savings.
The REAC system delivers easy and
affordable multichannel recording ‒
simply connect a Cat5e cable from the
V-Mixer to the gigabit ethernet port on
a PC and capture up to 40 channels of
live audio at any event. Use Cakewalk's
SONAR recording software for full editing,
post-production, publishing and delivery
to DVD, CD or the web.
Analog multi-cable
CAT5e cable
Roland Etherhet
Audio Communication
R E A C t r a n s f e r s 40
Channels of Audio in
each direction at 24-bit
up to 96KHz including
control messages all
over a single Cat5e
Ethernet Cable or
Optical link.
■Comparison of cable cross sections
CAT5e cable
(80 channel)
Standard mic cable 100m
If you compare the long distance transmission of
signals with REAC versus analog cables, REAC can
transmit much greater quantities of data without a
significant loss of high end frequencies.
Approx 5mm
(32 channel)
Approx 20mm
O n e C AT5e c a b l e e n a b l e s t r a n s m i s s i o n o f 80
channels (40 in / 40 out). Compare that to a single
analog multi-cable and you can appreciate the
ease of set up. The substantial savings on cable
and conduit costs alone is very attractive.
The RSS V-Mixing System
A powerful live audio production solution built on four components.
Digital Consoles
Digital Snakes
The cornerstone of the V-Mixing System is the M-400 V-Mixer
- a live digital mixing console. This compact/lightweight unit
provides 48 channels of mixing, 16 AUX buses plus Main L/R/
C outputs and 8 matrices. This is an all-in-one design featuring
digital effects processors, on-board recording via USB memory
drive and instant recall with motorized faders all with easy
and intuitive operation.
Digital snakes couple high quality preamps with REAC
technology enabling source signals to maintain pristine
sound through the entire V-Mixing System. RSS Digital Snakes
are immune to hums, buzzes and general impedance and
capacitive losses that plague analog snakes and systems.
Enjoy superior clear sound, great intelligibility with minimum
latency and the freedom to split or extend your audio sources
Personal Mixers
The M-48 is the next generation live personal mixer that
offers each musician the flexibly to control exactly what they
want to listen to during their performances. It provides the
highest level of sound monitoring quality for both headphones
and IEMs (In-Ear Monitors) as well as for wedge and powered
monitors. The superb sound quality creates the ideal
monitoring environment for live performance and recording
as well as studio applications. Cakewalk's SONAR, when used in conjunction with REAC,
provides the most comprehensive blend of live multi-channel
recording with post-production functions such as mixing,
mastering and delivery. Capture up to 40 channels of audio
directly into SONAR all via a simple Cat5e cable connected to
the network port on a PC.
Typical Sound System
V-Mixing System
Mic and
Input Box
Main Amp
Main Amp
Mic and
Digital Snake
Monitor Mixer
Monitor Speakers
Bulky Analog Cable
Personal Monitor
REAC Splitter
REAC (cat5e) Cable
Live Mixing Console
REAC Splitter
Effects/ Processor
*Built-in Effects
RSS Digital Snake Flexible Audio Transmission & High Sound Quality
The RSS Digital Snake improves sound quality and adds convenience in various audio
environments, including fixed installations and portable applications.
Perfect for Your Environment
of sound quality problems on any analog
hardware switches providing for multiple
transformerless audio splits to multiple
The Digital Snake is perfect for all live
The digital audio signal sent by REAC
positions. Since the audio is in the digital
sound venues including performance
over Cat5 Ethernet cables avoids signal
domain there is no loss of audio quality
theatres, churches, conference halls,
quality losses, ground hum, or other
when creating a split.
school auditoriums, and large stadiums.
interference common on analog snake
One popular Split is to the REAC
The convenience and professional sound
connections. REAC delivers clean sound,
Recording System, to enable multi-channel
quality of the Digital Snake also make
either at the FOH position or even when
recording. Simply connect a Cat5e cable
it popular for use in many TV and radio
the audio is split to multiple locations.
as a split from the Digital Snake to the
production studios, remote sporting
This improvement in audio quality is
Ethernet port on a PC and capture 40
broadcasts, and film sets.
significant, especially when the distances
channels of live audio anywhere the
are over 200 feet (60m).
Digital Snake is used.
REAC Technology
Remote Preamps with High Quality Sound
The Digital Snake uses REAC (Roland
If you need to send audio over a long
distance, the RSS S-OPT converts the
Ethernet Audio Communication) to send
The superior sound quality of RSS Digital
REAC signal to a fiber optical link for a
audio over a Cat5e Ethernet cable. Since
Snake starts by capturing the sound right
REAC connection up to 1.2 miles (2km).
Cat5e cable is very lightweight and
from the source. The RSS Digital Snake
inexpensive it is much easier and more
puts pristine Mic/Line preamps on the
cost effective to place in permanent
stage, close to the original sound source.
The Digital Snake is perfectly matched to
installations. For staging/rental and
The sound is immediately converted to a
the RSS V-Mixing System, RSS V-Mixer
touring sound companies, the advantages
24bit/96KHz signal to be sent by REAC.
Digital Consoles, and the RSS Personal
of carrying a 7lb (3kg) 80-channel snake
The preamps gain, PAD and phantom
Mixing System. But it also brings great
over the typical weight of an analog snake
power can be controlled from either end
sound improvements and convenience
are easy to imagine!
of the snake using an S-4000 Remote
when used with other sound systems.
Controller, a PC/Mac, or an RSS V-Mixer.
RSS offers a full line of Digital Snake
Improvements in Intelligibility and Sound Quality
Expansion, Splits, & Recording
In a typical analog sound system audio
Flexibility to Match Your Requirements
components to build a system that
is customized to your needs. See the
is sent over cables that are susceptible
Sometimes sound sources are split - sent
equipment details in the mini catalog on
to sound quality degradation including
to multiple locations besides just the Front
the facing page.
loss of high frequencies. There is also the
of House Mixer - to a monitor position,
possibility of ground loop hums and other
a recording system, a personal mixing
electrical interference.
system, a webcast and/or a broadcast
The longer the wire or the more
system. The Digital Snake system inputs
connections made, the higher the chance
can be split using standard Ethernet
I /O
I /O
I /O
communication (100m)
Each I/O unit has a switch for setting the mode. With
A basic network setup consists of one MASTER and one SLAVE I/O unit, between which two-way communication is
REAC, there is no need to set an IP address. Simply
possible. If you want to split the signal, connect a splitter to the MASTER unit and then connect the additional I/O
set the mode switch to construct the network.
units to the splitter and set their mode switch to SPLIT. The MASTER to SPLIT transmission is one way.
I /O
Configurable up to 40 input and 40 output
I/O units and peripheral equipment
【I/O modular rack】
【I/O modular rack】
【FOH unit】
32 in/8 out for stage use. All inputs have remote preamp/
PAD/phantom power. 24-bit/96kHz AD/DA converters.
Audio transmission and power supply redundancy.
8 in/32 out for FOH I/O unit which is the companion to the
S-4000S-3208. All the specifications are the same as the
S-4000S-3208, except for the inverted I/O.
8 in/32 out FOH I/O unit that uses D-Sub connectors.
Specs including the AD/DA converters are the same as the
S-4000S-0832, but without preamps.
【I/O modular rack】
This rack can be customized in blocks of 8 channels when
combined with the modules from the SI/SO series, which have
both analog and digital I/O. Audio transmission and power
supply redundancy is possible.
【Stage unit】
【Analog modules for S-4000S-MR】
4ch analog input module
4ch analog output module
【FOH unit】
【Digital modules for S-4000S-MR】
4ch AES/EBU input module.
Supports 96/48/44.1kHz
4ch AES/EBU output module.
Supports 96/48/44.1kHz
with clocking options.
【Remote controller】
16 in/8 out multi-box type stage unit. All inputs have
remote preamp/PAD/phantom power. 24-bit/96kHz AD/DA
8 in/16 out multi-box type stage unit. All inputs have
remote preamp/PAD/phantom power. 24-bit/96kHz AD/DA
Remote controller to control the built-in preamps in the I/O
units. Provides gain control setting for each channel and ON/
OFF switching of PAD and phantom power. Up to ten setups
can be stored in the on-board memory.
【Remote control software】
【Optical converter】
Remote control software for the S-4000 and S-1608 systems,
providing the same functionality as the S-4000R. Free
download available from the Roland Systems Group website.
REAC splitter to split and extend the network. It has five
main and five backup ports supporting audio transmission
redundancy. Ethercon design with separate independent power
supplies for main and back-up ports.
Converter for transmitting REAC through optical cable.
Maximum transmittable distance is 2km. Uses Neutrik®
OpticalCon Dual LC optical connectors allowing you to
connect standard optical cables.
【Redundant External power supply unit】
【REAC cable】
Crossover CAT5e cable. Uses
Neutrik® EtherCon connectors.
The W100S-R is a reel-mounted
100 meter cable. The SC-W100S
is the same length without a
reel. The SC-W20F is a 20 meter
premium "lay-flat" cable.
【Analog multi-cables】
Power supply unit for the S-4000S and S-4000H. Connects to
the DC socket of each I/O modular rack. By using AC power,
you can achieve power source redundancy.
These multi-cables are
convenient for connection
to the S-4000H, analog
consoles, and other
equipment. The SCA0805DF has eight female
XLR connectors and a 25pin D-Sub connector. The
SC-A0805DM has eight
male XLR connectors and
a 25-pin D-Sub connector.
Each cable is 4.5 meters
RSS M-400 V-Mixer - Live Digital Mixer
By adding an M-400 to the Digital Snakes of your choice, you get a V-Mixing
System with full digital capabilities and total recall. Let's take a look.
intuitive to use for the beginner or the
recording provides lossless capture of live
experienced professional. It features
events. The Digital Split allows lossless
The M-400 is a complete digital mixing
dedicated knobs and buttons for all
transmission to monitoring, recording or
system that provides the purest sound
console functions, 24 touch-sensitive
broadcast positions. Bus and Main LR or
possible. The system incorporates a
moving faders, onboard help, large, bright
LRC return over Cat5e enables a complete
digital snake(s) and mixing console in one
TFT LCD display and Cat5e connectivity
digital signal path back to the stage.
integrated package.
for low cost installation and true
A Breakthrough Live Mixing System
Main Features
Outstanding Sound Quality
Powerful Digital Benefits
Instantly change from event to event with
300 Scenes for total recall of all mixer,
48 mixing channels with 16 Aux buses
plus Main L/R/C, channel and bus DSP,
The M-400 is a complete digital solution
effect and routing parameters. Password
4 dual-mono FX processors, 4 graphic
maintaining 24-bit audio from the stage to
level access provides only the relevant
EQs/PEQ, built-in stereo recording and
the splits and back to the stage. Preamps
controls for any particular type of user.
playback, and built in multi-channel split
on stage provide the highest possible
PC software allows loading/saving setups
sound quality and intelligibility. Cat5e
as well as real-time control. Libraries
It has a configurable number of Inputs
snake eliminates the high frequency
provide the ability for storing custom
and Outputs based on Digital Snake
losses inherent in analog snakes.
channel, patchbay and effect settings.
Onboard digital processing, channel DSP
Direct to PC recording over Cat5e enables
and routing eliminate any chance for
up to 40 channels of direct dig ital
buzzes from extra cabling and analog to
Easy to Use
digital conversion losses. Built-in 24-bit
The V-Mixer is designed to be fast and
M-400 Specifications
Mixing Channels
Output Mix Busses
Number of Channels
Signal Processing
48 Channels
Main L/R or LCR
16 Aux, 8 Matrix
48 Inputs
58 Outputs
4 Output EQ 31GEQ/8PEQ
18 Output 4 Band PEQ
18 Output Limiters
48 Input Channel EQ
24 Gates
24 Compressors
4 Stereo MultiFX or 8 Mono
Real Time Analyzer
Monitor section
M- 400
XLR Inputs
Talkback Mic Input
RCA Inputs
XLR Outputs
HeadPhone Output
Digital Output
REAC Ports
USB Ports
Remote Connectors
8 Balanced w. Phantom
1 Balanced w. Phantom
1 Stereo Pair L/R
8 Balanced
Stereo 1/4 inch phone
1 Optical, 1 Coaxial
3 RJ-45 Ethercon
1 A Type, 1 B Type
RS-232C D-Sub 9 Pin
MIDI In, MIDI Out/Thru
Help System
Remote Control
Support Personal Mixing
Scene Recall
System Updates
Stereo Wave to USB Key
40 Channel REAC Option
Front Panel Help Button
PC, RS-232, MIDI, V-Link
Control over M-48 Mixers
Full Recall Whole System
Channel, Gate, Compressor,
EQ/Filter, Effects, Patchbay
Via USB Key
Monitor speaker
M - 400
Main speaker
Mic and instruments
Main speaker
Mic and instruments
If you take advantage of the three REAC ports and the flexible REAC network, you create a large scale FOH and
monitoring system with simple wiring using two M-400s.
M-400RCS remote control software. You can setup
configurations and channels ahead of time, save
existing projects and adjust any type of mixer setting,
recall scenes, load presets, etc.
Equipped with 48 mixing channels/18 buses/
8 matrices/56-bit processing
USB Memory Recorder section
Setup section
Record from two sources directly to a USB
memory key inserted in the M-400.
Displays the patchbay for
assigning input/output or
system settings.
When there are multiple users for
t h e M -400, y o u c a n l i m i t t h e
controls available depending on
their expertise and customize
settings to suit each user.
The high-quality
800 480 p i x e l s
TFT color screen
is detailed and
can be easily
viewed outdoors
even on bright
Control the ON/OFF and
level adjustment for
talkback, and oscillator
Channel Edit section
Dedicated controls for
preamp, EQ, filter, gate,
compression, AUX, and
other settings for the
selected channel strip. With
the press of a button you
can instantly display
detailed settings on the
LCD. The built-in preamps
on the I/O units are
remotely controlled.
Monitor section
Adjust monitor levels and
settings as well as
provide access to
management of the
Personal Mixing
Group section
Displays DCA group and
mute group settings.
Fader Module section
Scene Memory section
Using the layer buttons, switch the 24 faders from channels
1 24 to channels 25 48, and 16-AUX Bus/8-DCA/Matrix
Masters. Each channel has SOLO/MUTE and level meters.
Screen Control section
Stores and recalls scenes. 300 scenes
can be stored in the internal memory.
Used for screen navigation.
Channel Display
Vintage Effects
8-band PEQ and RTA
Support for Personal Mixing
RSS Personal Mixing System ‒ The Ideal Monitoring Solution
The M-48 Live Personal Mixer is the mixer that performers can use on stage
or in the studio to personally mix the monitor balance they like. REAC plays
an important role where 40 sources can be assigned to 16 sixteen stereo
Powerful and Personal
The M-48 is a powerful 16 stereo group
m i x e r a n d i s w h a t l i ve p e r f o r m e r s
have been dreaming for in an ultimate
monitoring solution. Instead of having
to share the same channels on each
c o n t r o l l e r, n o w e a c h m u s i c i a n c a n
individually decide what sources they
want to listen to, how those sources are
grouped and in what order. Choosing
from 40 sources, each musician can
decide what each stereo group will listen
to - one source only (mono), a stereo
signal or a combination of multiple
Crystal clear sound quality is ensured
by using the REAC Cat5e proto col,
now including REAC Embedded Power,
eliminating the need for external wall
-wart power at each controller unit.
Configurations are straightforward with
the ability to control, save and recall all
connected M-48s from an M-400 V-Mixer
or PC. This allows the FOH engineer or
other technical operator to assist in setup
and mixing if desired.
Enhance a V-Mixing System by adding
M-48 Live Personal Mixers to complement
the M-400 V-Mixer Digital Console or
use it in conjunction with other digital or
analog consoles using RSS Digital Snakes.
Unprecedented Personalization
The flexibility continues with the
ability to adjust source levels, panning,
3-band EQ and built-in reverb sends for
a more appealing sound ‒ especially
for vocalists. Enjoy numerous outputs
including two headphones, balanced
lines for powered wedges and tactile
transducers for drummers and bassists,
as well as recording to MP3 player.
The M-48 is essentially a 40 channel
digital mixer that enables control of those
40 audio sources via 16 stereo groups.
No longer do you have to share the same
sources in the same order as everyone
else. Each musician can choose what he
or she wants to listen to ‒ a truly personal
Built-in Ambient Mic
Professional Sound Control and Quality
The ambient mic is extremely convenient
for mixing in room sound and for
communicating with band members
without having to remove headphones
or in-ear monitors The built-in limiter
provides protection from those
inadvertent and sudden spikes in volume.
The additional AUX input provides the
ability to mix a metronome or rehearsal
track into your mix.
Sweeten your monitor mix to your exact
preferences with volume, pan, 3-band
EQ and built-in reverb per group ‒ all
instantly adjustable via convenient
encoder knobs. A Limiter can be engaged
to protect your ears from sudden and
dangerous volume spikes. Based on REAC,
the all-digital connection results in a
low noise floor, improved musicality and
crystal clear sound.
Unparalleled Usability
The control knobs with their LED
indicators enable instant adjustment and
visual confirmation at a glance, even
on a dark stage. The built-in ambient
mic aids in communicating with other
musicians without having to remove your
in-ear monitors or headphones as well as
enabling a stage/room feel if desired. The
AUX input allows mixing in a metronome
or other input with the primary sound.
Control, save and recall any connected
M-48s from an M-400 V-Mixer or PC
allowing the FOH engineer or other
technical operator to assist in setup and
mixing if desired.
Unparalleled Usability
The newly developed REAC Embedded
Power transfers both power and 40
channels of audio to the M-48 via a single
CAT5e cable ‒ dramatically simplifying
wiring and stage layouts. Mini jack and
1/4 inch phone jack headphone outputs
are provided. Balanced TRS line outputs
support wedges, wireless transmitters,
or other types of powered monitors. An
independent stereo output mini jack
enables recording with superb sound
The M-48 Live Personal Mixer is a breath
of fresh air for live performers giving
them full control over their personal
monitor mix. Truly professional. Truly
FOH or Monitor
M - 400
The M-48 can be attached to a mic stand using a
mounting bracket. LED equipped encoders are ideal
for easy operation in darkened venues.
The diagram above shows an example of an M-400 setup with a Personal Mixing System. The S-4000D splitter can
send power to the M-48s and is connected via a CAT5e cable. Up to eight units can be connected to a single
Equipped with reverb and ambient mic
The innovative personal mixer
Memory section
AUX in/Ambient Mic section
Line Out section
Headphone section
Store and instantly recall 16
setups in the unit
Separately adjust an external input volume level and
the ambient sound level picked up by the unit s
built-in mic
Controls the volume level being
sent out the separate balanced
line out jacks.
Select REVERB ON/OFF, adjust headphone
output EQ, control LIMITER and VOLUME
The Control buttons allow
adjustment of the
SEND and 3-band EQ for
each of the sixteen
stereo groups.
Rotary Encoders section
Equipped with eight rotary encoder knobs with LEDs. Use the layer
buttons to switch between stereo groups 1 8 or 9 16.
Headphone jacks
Line Out jacks
Rec Out jack
Ambient mic
AUX IN jack
Miniature and
standard phone
jacks are provided
along with attenuation.
The stereo line out TRS
balanced phone jacks can be
connected to floor monitors,
bass shakers or to a wireless
The stereo miniature jack is
provided for portable
This built-in mic is extremely convenient
for mixing in room sound and for
communicating with band members
without having to remove headphones or
in-ear monitors.
This convenient external
input can be used for a
metronome etc.
A REAC Splitter that supplies audio and embedded
power to each M-48 Live Personal Mixer
REAC connector
REAC connector (REAC Embedded Power)
These are the standard REAC connectors to
connect the M-400 and Digital Snake I/O units
Power for up to eight devices. Connect any RSS snake or
personal mixing product and automatic sensing detects
if power is required.
Recording the Live Event
The advantages of REAC also extend to live recording. One REAC cable
enables recording of up to 40 channels. Simply plug a CAT5e cable into a
computer installed with Cakewalk SONAR PRODUCER and capture the live
Producing live recordings
Many users need to record live material
that is quickly turned around into CDs
or uploaded to the Internet. Not long
ago, recording at a live event commonly
involved using a room or truck full of
recording equipment. The configuration
required using transformer-based splitters
to split the audio cables leading from the
multi-box stations by the stage in order
to send the audio signals to the recording
point. At that point, thick multi-core lines
would be run to the record position, all of
which involved a high cost in installations
and a lot of manual labor in portable
REAC offers the solution to produce live
recordings easily and inexpensively.
Onboard Stereo Recording
The RSS V-Mixer has a built-in USB stereo
recorder/player. Using a USB memory
drive, linear WAV files can be recorded
or played back. Effortlessly capture a
live stereo mix from the MAINs or from
an AUX bus. When completed, pull the
memory drive out and simply plug it into
a CD duplicator or compress/upload to a
Live Multi-channel Recording
If you want to go beyond stereo recording
and production built into the V-Mixer or
if you are using an RSS Digital Snake, the
V-Mixing System has two options for multichannel recording and production.
The SONAR REAC Recording System, when
used in conjunction with the RSS V-Mixing
System or RSS Digital Snakes, provides
the a comprehensive live recording,
mixing, editing, mastering and delivery
solution. Simply connect a REAC split from
your system to the gigabit network port
on an appropriately configured PC. The
REAC driver enables users to record 40
channels from their Digital Snake/V-Mixing
System directly into SONAR. Record 40
independent tracks of individual channels
or sound sources. Edit that captured audio,
mix down, and you have a final product
ready for distribution. SONAR helps you
distribute your recording with a full suite
of tools for mastering to CD or direct
delivery to your web site.
The SONAR REAC Recording System
SONAR Producer
REAC Driver Kit
EDIROL FA-66 Monitoring Device
SONAR Templates
Users Guides
The SONAR V-Studio 700 REAC Edition is
the ultimate recording solution for use with
REAC systems. Like the above configuration
the SONAR V-Studio also consists of SONAR
Producer, but additionally the software
is intelligently matched with state-of-theart hardware that meets Roland's high
standards of quality and reliability. It
includes the VS-700C V-STUDIO Console
multifunction control surface and VS-700R
V-STUDIO I/O audio interface.
Taken as a whole, SONAR V-STUDIO
700 offers the tactile feel of working
in a traditional studio, but in a way that
takes advantage of everything modern
technology has to offer. Striving to create
the ideal music production environment,
Cakewalk and Roland have built the
ultimate DAW Digital Audio Workstation
integrated with high-end tools.
Used in conjunction with the RSS V-Mixing
System or RSS Digital Snakes the REAC
Edition of the SONAR V-STUDIO 700
provides the most comprehensive live
recording, editing, mixing, mastering and
delivery solution available. REAC driver
technology enables users to record up to
40 channels of audio from an RSS V-Mixing
System or RSS Digital Snake directly into a
PC using a single Ethernet cable.
Cakewalk and Roland selected only the
very best components in designing SONAR
V-STUDIO 700. At the heart of the system
is SONAR Producer, the leading DAW in
the market today. SONAR Producer gives
you everything you need for recording,
composing, editing, mixing, mastering, and
delivery. Cakewalk's flagship instruments,
D i m e n s i o n P r o ( i n c l u d e d i n S O NA R
Producer) and Rapture, are also part of the
software package.
The software is intelligently matched
with state-of-the-art hardware that
meets Roland's high standards of quality
and reliability. It includes the VS-700C
V-STUDIO Console multifunction control
surface and VS-700R V-STUDIO I/O audio
interface which has an integrated Roland
Fantom VS hardware synthesizer based on
the world-renowned Fantom synthesizer.
The system represents the best that
software and hardware have to offer with
amazing control, integration, and sound
▲Photo 1: The EDIROL FA-66 Firewire audio interface
allows you to monitor audio from the REAC network.
Installing the REAC driver allows SONAR PRODUCER
to record up to 40 channels of audio over a gigibit
ethernet port.
SONAR PRODUCER is the flagship Digital Audio
Workstation software from Cakewalk.
It includes a multitude of effects and is capable of
professional-quality mixing, mastering, and delivery.
Recording with the Standard V-Mixing System
40-channel recording
FOH or Monitor
S/P DIF optical
Windows computer + SONAR
※Windows gigabit network port
16-channel recording
Recording with the S-1608 Digital Snake
FOH or monitor
Analog console
S/P DIF optical
Windows computer + SONAR
※Windows gigabit network port
40-channel recording
Recording with the Expanded V-Mixing System
FOH or Monitor
S/P DIF optical
VS-700 I/O
M - 400
Windows computer + SONAR
※Windows gigabit network port
Installation report ❶
BBC Radio Theatre
Installed Products
S-4000S-3208 Digital Snake
One of the final components in an extensive technical
refurbishment of the BBC's largest radio studio, the M-400
V-Mixing System from RSS by Roland has been installed in the
broadcaster's famous Radio Theatre in London's Broadcasting
As part of a larger building programme, the Radio Theatre has
been refurbished and fitted out for a wide range of audience
shows, primarily but not exclusively output to radio, including
light entertainment productions, comedy, Christmas specials and
one-off events. The venue for many historic recordings since the
1930s when it was known as the BBC Concert Hall, today the
theatre's 312-seat auditorium has been equipped with extensive
PA and lighting facilities, and includes an 80-track digital
recording facility.
The System
The RSS M-400 digital mixing system has the job of mixing the
two PA systems in the theatre, a d&b compact line array and a
distributed speech system. More than 100 mic inputs are sent
from stage via MADI to the main control console for the on-air
broadcast mix. From the stagebox, a smaller selection of 40
inputs is split to the RSS S-4000 Digital Snake stage unit,
travelling up CAT5E digital multicore to the M-400 console,
where these inputs are used for the front-of-house sound mix,
and providing up to 8 foldback mixes if required. The system
configuration permits the use of a second M-400 as a monitor
console, currently seconded from a BBC multimedia events
The Roland M-400 was chosen for its powerful features and
high quality mic pres, explains Peter Knowles of Total Audio
Solutions, who started his career at Broadcasting house some
25 years ago. Digital consoles of this type are ever-flexible tool
boxes that can recall complex setups in seconds. The Roland can
distribute its remote mic pres many times over.
With the M-400 halving the physical footprint of the previous
analogue console used in the Theatre, and the RSS Digital Snake
32x8 stage unit and 8x32 front-of-house unit fitting into a single
12U rack, the system is suitably compact and portable for an
environment that has limited space. If necessary, we can strike
the system really quickly, says Events Manager Mark Diamond.
With some Radio OB vehicles using the same Snakes and
M-400 consoles, we can turn up at very short notice and provide
broadcast splits fast.
A contributor to Roland's customer research on feature
upgrades, Diamond has recently loaded the new Version 1.5
software onto the M-400, and reports that the console is now
more flexible, notably with the ability to move 24 gates and
24 compressors more freely. The free software upgrade also
includes numerous user interface enhancements for accelerated
workflow and ease of use.
The M-400 is a 48-channel M-400 Mixing Console with 16 buses,
channel and bus DSP, 4 stereo FX processors, 4 graphic EQs,
built-in stereo recording and playback, and built in multi-channel
split port. It is supplied with configurable digital snakes using
high quality, remotely controlled mic preamps on stage, and lowcost lightweight Cat5e distribution.
Installation report❷
Concerts Unlimited
▲V-Mixer at Corporate Event
Installed Products
Expanded System
S-1608 Stage Unit
S-4000S-3208 Stage Unit
Concerts Unlimited LLC, founded in 2005 is a provider of
production services and equipment sales serving the New
England region in the US. They pride themselves in providing the
highest quality of sound, lighting, and video service with the
newest equipment and best crew possible. They stared out with
an analog Mackie console with JBL speakers and some QSC
series 3 amplifi ers from way back in the day.
System Integration
Silas Pradetto, principal and owner of Concerts Unlimited,
overseas every project and ensures that the production quality is
at the highest level. Pradetto explains, We are doing tons of
shows per year, and the company is expanding at a breakneck
pace . Due to the nature of the production company with lots of
different type of needs from concert and corporate events to
live TV broadcasts and recording sessions, they needed a
system that was rugged, easy to use, and easy to setup.
Pradetto explains, The top three things that sold me on the
V-Mixing system versus any other digital mixing system were the
sound quality, reliability, and the integrated digital snake. The
V-Mixing System is very unique to other consoles in that it offers
an integrated digital snake system which provides exceptional
sound quality and a cost effective way to get audio from the
stage to the FOH position with simply two Cat5e cables.
The System
Below is a typical setup for the Concerts Unlimited crew on most
shows and events. The two stage boxes sit on stage. The S-1608
goes near the drum riser, and the S- 4000 goes on stage left
or right out of sight. The S-4000 is configured as 24 inputs, 12
analog outputs, and 4 AES digital outputs. The inputs get sent
to the M-400 at FOH where they're mixed and sent back to the
outputs on the S-4000. The AES digital outputs feed the AES
inputs of a dbx® Driverack 4800, while the analog outs feed
the mixes and fills. The Driverack feeds the I-Techs through AES
digital cables, keeping the signal chain digital from preamp to
amplifier, with no intermediate stages of AD or DA conversion.
If there's ever a need for a monitor console, another M-400
is brought in and split off the two stage boxes with network
Pradetto loves his job, the V-Mixing System, and the service that
Roland Systems Group provides. Pradetto says, The system has
made a vast improvement in the speed of system deployment
and the sound quality of the setup. It also conserves a ton of
space compared to our old analog setup. Roland Systems Group
really cares about their users̶they listen to us to see what we
want in the system and integrate it in new firmware. The service
and support are excellent and most of all, the system sounds
fantastic. Speed, reliability, and sound quality are at the heart of
the V-Mixing System. The V-Mixing System has enabled Concerts
Unlimited to expand their services they provide, improve sound
quality, and minimize the labor involved in setup and teardown.
S-4000S 3208
▲CU Crew at Outdoor Festival
Front of House
▲V-Mixer at Church Event
▲V-Mixer at Concert Event
Installation report ❸
The ease of use convinces a
self-confessed old analog guy
Ford Field is a multipurpose stadium
located in Detroit, Michigan, which
is also the home of the NFL Detroit
Lions. Besides football games and
other sporting events, this stadium
has also hosted concerts by the
Rolling Stones, Madonna, and
Eminem, etc. 150 power amps and
184 cluster speakers are permanently
installed, and the V-Mixing System is
at the heart of this audio system.
Installation report ❹
Best choice for an opera
The National Theater of Poland, Teatr
Wielki [Great Theater], was built in the
nation's capital of Warsaw in 1910. It
is the finest opera theater in Poland
and now annually hosts 40 operas
and 15 ballet performances. The
world-renowned venue has featured
many distinguished soloists and new
projects are constantly being added.
The V-Mixing System installed in
this theater includes the M-400, an
S-4000S-3208, and an S-1608.
Installation report❺
Flexibility to handle large scale
More than a million people turned
out to see Pope Benedict when he
visited Spain. A PA system utilizing
950 speakers that were stretched
out over a distance of 20km was
installed to handle this huge event.
This complex venue covering such
a long distance required a system
that could provide clear sound. The
Digital Snake provided the solution.
Oscar Fragio of Apogee-Telecom was
in charge of managing the PA for
Ford Field
The system includes the S-4000S-
of situations are among the many
3208 and S-1608 stage units along
advantages of this system. Simoni
with two M-400 consoles, one of
which serves as a backup unit. The
also points out the ease of use, and
added, Everything is just a button
reasons for installing this system
push away. The V-Mixing System is
were the ease of use and excellent
not intimidating and it invites you to
cost performance. Mark Simoni, the
put your hands on it.
◀Ford Field is the
home of the NFL
Detroit Lions
mixing engineer for Lions games,
admits to being an old analog
guy. After testing the M-400
The V-Mixing System was a
compelling choice that even
alongside other digital consoles,
he and the staff concluded that
convinced a self-confessed old
analog guy, with its ease of use.
they could operate the M-400 with
confidence. Improved sound quality
▶The stadium
hosts a variety of
events from sports
to concerts
and the power to control a variety
Polish National Opera
It also support REAC recording with
SONAR by Cakewalk. 24 microphones
are connected to the S-4000S-3208,
which is also used for output to the
speakers. The S-1608 is used for
wireless system input, and the analog
inputs and outputs of the M-400
are connected to a CD player and
external gear, etc.
We selected the V-Mixing System
because we wanted to consolidate
several different consoles into one
system. As a result, we were able
to install a high quality audio mixing
system at an affordable price.
Another advantage was REAC, which
enables high quality multi-track
recording with this system.
Krystian Kołakowski explained the
reasons for and benefits of installing
the system:
The high-quality sound of the
V-Mixing System made it the optimum
choice for the dignified stage of this
opera theater.
▲The National Theater of Poland Teatr Wielki features
two auditoriums and a museum
The 5th World Meeting of Families
this event. He told us why they chose
the V-Mixing System. We selected
this system for its flexibility, ease of
operation and system security. The
fact that the system is simple and
provides a high quality stable sound,
matched the fundamental philosophy
of our company.
Albert Naranjo, also with ApogeeTelecom, spoke highly of the Digital
Snake. Setup was very easy thanks
to the flexibility of the Digital Snake.
If we had used another system, it
would have been more complicated.
With such a large scale installation,
the advantage of using the Digital
Snake is unlimited. It completely
satisfied all of our requirements and
High quality sound is a must, but
having quick and flexible response
from setup to troubleshooting
is required to meet the needs of
any complex and large scale audio
system. The REAC concept is
both simple and powerful, and this
installation demonstrates how REAC
can meet these needs.
◀A picture of the
customized setup
using a rack
mounted S-4000S
I/O module
※T h e s a m e s y s t e m w a s u s e d f o r a
similar event held in Brazil.
System Configuration Examples
16x8 Digital Snake System
16 Inputs (Digital Snake)
8 Outputs (Digital Snake)
Inputs : 16 ch
Outputs : 8 ch
Analog Audio
puts : 8 ch
Outputs : 16 ch
Remote Control Software
Front of House
32x8 Digital Snake System
32 Inputs (Digital Snake)
8 Outputs (Digital Snake)
Analog Audio
Inputs : 32 ch
Outputs : 8 ch
Inputs : 8 ch
Outputs : 32 ch
Remote Control Software
Front of House
Standard V-Mixing System
42 Inputs : 32 ch (Digital Snake) + 10 ch (M-400)
26 Outputs : 16 ch (Digital Snake) + 10 ch (M-400)
Inputs : 32 ch
Outputs : 16 ch
Inputs : 10 ch
Outputs : 10 ch
Front of House
Expanded V-Mixing System
58 Inputs : 48 ch (Digital Snake) + 10 ch (M-400)
26 Outputs : 16 ch (Digital Snake) + 10 ch (M-400)
Inputs : 48 ch
Outputs : 16 ch
Inputs : 10 ch
Outputs : 10 ch
Front of House
Standard V-Mixing System with Personal Mixing
42 Inputs : 32 ch (Digital Snake) + 10 ch (M-400)
26 Outputs : 16 ch (Digital Snake) + 10 ch (M-400)
Personal Mixers : Up to 8 x M-48 per S-4000D (Connect multiple S-4000Ds inline to enable more M-48s)
Inputs : 32 ch
Outputs : 16 ch
Inputs : 10 ch
Outputs : 10 ch
Front of House
Standard V-Mixing System with REAC Recording
42 Inputs : 32 ch (Digital Snake) + 10 ch (M-400)
26 Outputs : 16 ch (Digital Snake) + 10 ch (M-400)
Record Split : 40 ch
Inputs : 10 ch
Outputs : 10 ch
Inputs : 32 ch
Outputs : 16 ch
Front of House
Optional Word Clock
PC with SONAR producer
VS-700 I/O
/O Cable
Recording & Post Production
Part 1 Why do you need a digital audio production system?
Part 2 RSS Digital Snake - Flexible Audio Transmission & High Sound Quality
Part 3 RSS M-400 V-Mixer - Live Digital Mixer
Part 4 RSS Personal Mixing System ‒ The Ideal Monitoring Solution
Part 5 Recording the Live Event
Part 6 Installation Report
BBC Radio Theatre
Concerts Unlimited
Ford Field
Polish National Opera
The 5th World Meeting of Families
Part7 System Configuration Examples
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