Akura ASDVC141RS 14" CTV/VCR/DVD Combi Quick Start Guide

Akura ASDVC141RS 14" CTV/VCR/DVD Combi Quick Start Guide


Quick start guide.

Congratulations on purchasing this product. To enable you to enjoy the full features of this Combined Tv, Dvd and Vcr, you must read the full Customer user manual. However to enable you to discover the basic features, please follow the instructions of this guide.


Connect the 3 pin UK mains plug into a suitable power wall socket. Connect a suitable aerial “not supplied” to the aerial socket at the rear. If you are in a good reception area a set top aerial may be sufficient, however normally a larger external aerial will be necessary.

Remote control.

Remove the battery cover and fit the two “AAA” batteries inside the controller, observing the correct polarity of the batteries.

First time operation.

Switch the “Mains switch” at the rear of the set to “On”. A small “Led” indicator adjacent to the “Standby” switch will light red. Press the “Standby” switch once. The led will go out, and very shortly the Tv screen will light with a noisy snowy picture.

Tuning the set.

Ins Press the “Setup” button on the handset. A menu will appear. With the “CH V” down button, select “Installation”. Press the “Enter” button and a new menu will appear. Using the “CH V” button, select “Auto tallation”. Press “Enter” and the set will start to search for stations. A “Please wait” message will be displayed.

Clock set.

As soon as “Auto tuning” has been Completed, the set displays, “Clock set”. Set the “Time” first. Using the 0 – 9 buttons, Enter the Hours (24 hr) thus if is 6 am, enter 06, if the time is 6 pm enter 18. Set the minutes in the same way. Set the Date next. Using the 0 – 9 buttons enter the “Day”, i.e. 21. Next enter the “Month”, i.e 09, (Sept), and finally the “Year” i.e 04 (2004). When the time and date is set correctly, press “Enter”. Now press “Setup”, and the screen will now display the first station found.

Moving and Naming stations.

When “Auto tuning” has been performed, it is very unlikely that the stations will be in the correct place. Please refer to pages 19 and 20 of the User manual to move the stations to the correct locations.


With the set in Tv mode, insert a tape into the Vcr slot. To start playback, press either the ”Play” button on the handset or the “Play” button on the front of the Tv. To record a programme, insert a recordable tape and press the “REC” button on the handset or the “REC” on the Tv. A led will light to state recording is in progress. For more complex operations please refer to the User manual.


To play DVD’s, press the “Function” button on the Tv or the Tv+VCR/DVD button on the handset. If no disc is in the player, a floating logo will be seen on the screen. To insert a DVD disc, press the DVD “Open/Close” button on the Tv or the Eject “Open/Close” button on the handset. Place a suitable DVD disc facing upwards on the disc tray. Press the Open/Close button again and the tray will close. The DVD player will search the disc and display “DVD Loading” on the sc reen. Some discs will start to play immediately, some will show a “Menu” from which a selection is made. For more complex functions please refer to the User Manual.

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