Toro 1100 Electric Trimmer User manual

Toro 1100 Electric Trimmer User manual
MODEL 51319-1000001 & UP UNITED KINGDOM FORM NO. 3320-303
1100 Heavy Duty
\ Weeder
e Fully-Automatic Line Feed
e Light Weight for Easy Handling
e Full One Year Warranty
e Both Trims and Edges
e Heavy Duty Motor
e TORO Quality
WELCOME to the TORO family of fine lawn care
equipment! Your TORO TRIMMER is a new kind
of lawn and garden tool and has advanced concepts
in engineering, design and safety. This Operator's
Manual has been designed to help you thoroughly
understand your new tool before using it. Please read
it completely before operating the Trimmer.
You will find that as your knowledge of the tool
increases, your proficiency with it will improve.
Further, you will learn more and more uses for'it,
making many of your lawn care chores quick
and easy.
Now, read through your Operator's Manual and then
enjoy the ease of trimming your TORO TRIMMER
brings you and your family.
The Toro Company — 1980
Safety Instructions
To assure optimum
performance, and to
gain knowledge of the
Trimmer, it isessential
that you or any other operator of
the Trimmer read and understand
the contents of this manual before
operating Trimmer. Pay particular
attention to the instructions high-
lighted by the black safety symbol.
Failure to comply with the safety
instructions may result in personal
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1. Read and understand Operator's
Manual before using Trimmer. Never
allow children to operate the Trimmer.
2. Dress properly — always wear safety
glasses, substantial footwear and long
pants. Do not wear loose clothing or
jewelry that can be caught in moving
3. To prevent shock hazards, use only
with an extension cord suitable for out-
door use that is properly connected with
the power cord set.
4. Keep area of operation clear of other
5. Do not use in the rain or operate in
wet or damp conditions.
6. Do not abuse cord — never yank cord
to disconnect from receptacle. Keep cord
away from heat, oil and sharp edges.
Replace damaged cord.
7. Do not put hands, feet, or face near
or under rotating parts. Never operate
without proper guards or other protective
devices in place.
8. Do not operate your Toro Trimmer
should it start to vibrate abnormally or
after it has been dropped or damaged.
Return it to your authorized service
dealer for inspection and repair.
9. Stop the motor and unplug the
supply cord whenever you leave the
Trimmer, before transporting, before
cleaning the housing and when inspecting
or making any repairs.
10. When not in use, store your Trimmer
in a dry place out of the reach of children.
11. When servicing, use only identical
replacement parts.
Assembly Instructions
1. Remove plastic shipping inserts from
both the upper and lower handle tubes.
2. Inspect wiring for shipping damage.
If damaged do not assemble.
Figure 1
Handle Lower Handle
3. Slide support handle over open
internal wiring and position on upper
handle tube (Fig. 1).
Figure 2
4. Fit carriage bolt through support
handle and secure to upper handle tube
by tightening black knob (Fig. 2).
upper and lower handle tubes
together. Extreme pressure may
damage wires.
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1. Align upper handle tube over lower
handle tube. Push together with a twist
or rotating motion (Fig. 3).
2. When both handle tubes are fully
together, align the assembly holes.
hi Assembly
Lower Handle
NOTE: Internal wiring may interferewith
installation of capscrew. Withbluntobject
such as a punch, carefully route internal
wiring away from aligned holes (Fig. 4).
Assembly Instructions (Continued)
3. Secure with capscrew and locknut
and tighten until all play between tubes
is eliminated (Fig. 5).
Figure 7
Figure 5
2. Tilt grass shield so that back side of
shield is under locking shelf,
s Su pport
Tube Handle
4, Support handle may now be adjusted ann
to desired operating positionby loosening
black knob, sliding handle to desired
height and retightening (Fig. 2).
Figure 6
3. Push front side of grass shield down
and align screw holes. Tightenwith screws.
CAUTION: Grass shield should be kept
on Trimmer to prevent foreign material
or debris from being thrown into operator
1. Place grass shield over Trimmer head NOTE: Cutting knife is sharp and care
assembly. should be taken when handling shield.
Before Operating
NOTE: The cutting line for your Trimmer
is a special monofilament line. Your
Trimmer comes complete with a 15m
supply of this line already wound onto
the spool.
1. (Figure 9) To avoid line tangle during
Figure 9
shipment, the tip of the monofilament
line has been taped to the head assembly.
The tape must be removed before
2. After each use, either retaping or
looping the line through the eyelet (see
figure 10) will prevent unraveling.
Figure 10
Operating Instructions
A CAUTION: Always wear safety
glasses or other suitable eye protection
and long pants while operating Trimmer.
1. Inspect area to be trimmed for any
wire, cord or string-like matter which
could become entangled in the rotating
2. Your Trimmer will cut grass and
small weeds in difficult and hard to reach
places. However, since this tool provides
totally new method of cutting, you
II most likely experience some line
breakage during your first few uses. As
you learn the trimming techniques, you
will be able to cut areas around trees,
shrubs, foundation walls, along fences,
sidewalks, patios, etc., with minimal line
fatigue or line breakage.
3. (Fig. 11) DO NOT FORCE THE
UNIT. Allow the very tip of the nylon
line to do the cutting (especially along
walls). Cutting with more than the tip
will reduce cutting efficiency and over-
load the motor.
Figure 11
4, Whenever possible cut to your left.
When cutting to the left, the unit'scutting
“ficiency is somewhat better since the
1e is contacting the grass as soon as it
leaves the guard, and the clippings are
moving away from the operator.
5. Slowly move unitintoandoutofarea
being cut, maintaining unit at desired
cutting height. This can be either a for-
ward-backward or side-to-side motion
(Figs. 12 8: 13).
Figure 12
Figure 13
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6. Grass in excess of 200mm tall or
small weeds should be cut by working
from the top to the bottom in small
increments to avoid premature line wear.
7. Trim only when grass and weeds are
8. The life of your cutting line is
dependent upon following the preceding
trimming techniques, as well as what is
being cut, and where the cutting is being
done. EXAMPLE: line will wear faster
Operating Instructions (Continued)
when run against a foundation wall as
compared to trimming around a tree.
Some line breakage will occur from
moving too fast, from entanglement with
foreign matter, from normal line fatigue,
and from attempting to cut thick, stalky
weeds in excess of unit's capability.
9. Lay out the extension cord so that
it won't be in your way and to prevent
kinking or tangling.
10. Never drag the Trimmer spool cap on
the ground while trimming. This causes
motor overload and spool cap wear.
11. Your Toro Trimmer is also an edger.
Edging is usually required to keep grass
from growing over sidewalks, driveways
and curbs. The old way to edge was to
dig a trench along the border. A quick
way to edge is with your Toro Trimmer.
Let your grass grow over the trench and
use the Trimmer to remove the grass off
the driveway by trimming along the top
of the pavement.
Figure 14
Lengthening Cutting Line
Your Trimmer is equipped with an automatic line feeding device so the line can be
lengthened WITHOUT STOPPING THE MOTOR. Simply tap the Trimmer once on
the ground WHILE THE MOTOR IS RUNNING and line will automatically lengthen
and be cut to the proper length.
1. (Fig 15) To lengthen line, firmly tap
spool on the ground while the motor
continues to run. The line will be fed
from the spool and cut off to the proper
length by the cutting knife attached to
the shield.
Figure 15
Remember to keep the Trimmer ‘on’
while lengthening the line. Just tap the
Trimmer on the ground; do not hold it
on the ground, After the tap and the line
has fed out, wait until you hear the line
being cut to the proper length before
continuing to trim,
NOTE: To prevent line tangle, never tap
more than once at a time.
2. Your Trimmer comes complete with
15m of cutting line wound onto a spool.
After you become familiar with the
~peration of your Trimmer, you will find
e line is easily manageable. Improper
use may cause the line to tangle, break,
or retract into the spool drum.
To properly advance new cutting line
there should be at least 38mm of line
extending out through the drum eyelet.
Do not attempt to advance line while
motor is running if extended line is
shorter than 38mm or if it has retracted
within the drum area.
IMPORTANT: If the line has worn too
A. A Unplug Trimmer from extension
B. Manually depress spool cap while
pulling line from eyelet. Approximately
13mm will release. Continue until more
than 38mm are extended.
C. Reconnect to power source and
continue trimming.
IMPORTANT: If line retracts into
y nou
A. Remove spool JA, Shaft
cap. LL
secure in notch,
C. Feed the end of
the line through the
drum eyelet,
D. Snap spool onto
core. Be suretoalign
core tabs with spool
window slots.
E. Pull line free
from notch.
Replacing Cutting Line
1. To replace cutting line when your
factory furnished supply runs out you
may purchase replacement line to rewind
theempty spool or prewound replacement
spools from your Toro Retailer.
A CAUTION: Always unplug Trimmer
from power source before inverting it.
Figure 16
2. (Fig. 16) To remove empty spool,
insert widest possible blade screwdriver
snugly into one of the two window slots.
With screwdriver pressed firmly into
window slot twist screw driver 1/4 turn.
Spool will snap off.
3. (Fig. 17) To rewind empty spool,
follow the steps below:
A. Hook one end of line into groove on
spool allowing no more than 3mm of
line to protrude. Wind line in direction
Figure 17
Figure 18
Figure 19
of arrows on spool in level rows between
spool flanges as shown.
B. Do not wind more than 15m of line
onto spool. Do not use line over 1.651mm
C. Keep line tight on spool by making
a hook in the line and secure in groove.
NOTE: Before reassembly, be sure to
thoroughly clean out drum area and
visually inspect for any damaged or worn
4. (Fig. 18) Thread end of line through
5. (Fig. 19) Place spool over core. Ali
the core tabs with spool window slo
Snap in place by pushing down on spool
until you hear it click.
General Maintenance
1. A Always be sure your Toro
Trimmer is unplugged before attempting
any maintenance.
2. To keep the exterior clean, just wipe
it off with a damp cloth — don’t ever
hose it down,
3. Wipe debris away from air intake
holes in housing.
4, Wipe or scrape clean the spool area
anytime there is an accumulation of dirt
or cuttings.
5. Check and tighten all fasteners. If
any part is damaged, repair or replace it.
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